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Advanced MP3 Players, located near Edinburgh, commenced trading in 2001 with the ethos of unparalleled customer service, an unrivalled product range and an unbelievably detailed website. The first edition of our website introduced the UK market to the, at the time revolutionary, NEX II MP3 player by Frontier Labs. From strong foundations our product range has rapidly expanded, being the first company to introduce new manufacturers and revolutionary products on countless occasions.

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iBasso DC05 Review
The best thing about iBasso's DC lineup is iBasso didn't try to experiment too much with its new models. Instead, they refined the design and sound from every aspect possible.
If anyone wants a perfectly sounding, MQA-capable DAC under £100, iBasso DC05 could be the only option out there.
Date added: 23 Oct 2022
FiiO K7 Review
When we look at the device’s features, material quality, and the components underlying its chassis, we can easily say that the K7 is a very competitive, price-performance-focused DAC & AMP. Especially the use of dual 4493SEQ DAC chips and dual THX 788+ amp modules is almost miraculous at this price point. I am confident that the K7 will further cement FiiO’s place in the desktop market. After making a big mark on the premium level with the K9 Pro ESS, FiiO ensured that they won’t be leaving the budget market for the taking.
If you need a solid, powerful DAC & AMP for your headphones and you are on a budget, the K7 can make you very happy.
Date added: 29 Nov 2022
FiiO M17 Review
The hurdles you need to clear are considerable – this is an expensive device, after all, and far from the most portable digital audio players around. But if you have the wherewithal (and a sturdy bag in which to carry it), the FiiO M17 has an awful lot to recommend it. In short, there is more than one brand that can lead you to part with a lot of money for an exquisite (portable-ish) digital audio experience.
Yes, it’s expensive and unwieldy – but the FiiO M17 is a great source of music, an excellent desktop DAC and amplifier and a straightforward pleasure to listen to in any circumstance.
Date added: 01 Dec 2022