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FiiO FD5 Hybrid In-Ear Monitors
Wednesday 26 July, 2023
Purchased Fiio FD5's paid extra for shipping which I can was very fast. I've been looking for these particular set of iem's for a while now and to see them heavily discounted because the box was open was a god send. They arrived perfectly packaged and what can I say, wow they sound brilliant. I'm a big fan of Fiio, the products are top notch but as for this particular set I'd say go for it especially if you considering the FD3's as I have found although similarly tuned, the FD3's do have a tendencies to distort at high volume when run through the BTR7, but having said that if your budget is tight you won't be disappointed with the FD3's.
Christopher Waite
FiiO K9 Desktop Headphone Amp/DAC - Standard Edition
Tuesday 13 June, 2023
So far it's great, sound is engaging and open, I've tried it with AKG K702 and sennheiser hd800s, it improved the sound quality across all the range and improved the clarity of audio over my previous dac/amp a Topping dx3 pro plus. The one minus I will mention is the Fiio control app is not great, it works but there is definitely room for improvement, overall providing I don't have any issues in the near future I'd say get this over the pro version it's a steal at this price.
claudio raso
iBasso AMP8 MKII S 4.4mm/3.5mm Amp Card for DX240
Saturday 20 May, 2023
The Dx240 is already an excellent DAP. I feel that the Amp8 Mk2S makes it truly great. The sound is more holographic, even more detailed and the notes carry more weight. Sounds slightly less bright. Not that the Amp1 Mk3 was bright sounding. Personally, I feel this is well worth buying if you are a DX240 owner. I am using it with a Campfire Audio Ara, so can't comment on increased power output. The only issue I have had is that since changing to the Amp8 Mk2S, occasionally when I switch on the DX240, there is no sound. Restarting fixes this. I suspect that this is a DAP rather than Amp module issue.
Benedict Farrow
FiiO KA5 USB DAC Headphone Amp with 3.5mm and 4.4mm Outputs
Monday 17 April, 2023
Good sound from this tiny unit; really good. Works with my windows pc and my pixel phone just fine. It gets quite warm on pc but stays much cooler from phone. impressed with it and might get one of its bigger brothers sometime
FiiO KA5 USB DAC Headphone Amp with 3.5mm and 4.4mm Outputs
Thursday 13 April, 2023
Very powerful, excellent sound with all iems and headphones I have tried.
David Hatt
FiiO FH5s Hybrid In-Ear Monitors
Tuesday 11 April, 2023
top quality iem type earphones imo. better than my focals or my oppos. only real complaint is i didnt get a mmcx clip with mine for some reason. love the 3 different gold plated jacks and secure way theey lock in. nice case too and lots of tips. a very good bit of kit overall, and very hard to better anywhere near the price. george thorogood sounds tops