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FiiO M17 Flagship Portable High-Resolution Digital Audio Player
Thursday 30 December, 2021
This M17 is the bomb, the quality of the music is very clean and clear. The bass is not elevated just clean. The screen quality is good and you can watch video's on the m17 and the battery life is long. I have'nt seen any english reviews but this machine have so many things inside which I don't understand, but it big and beautiful. I have DAC players and IEM headphones, but this have so much things inside it's amazing. Keep looking on youtube that's all I can say.
Mervyn Haynes
FiiO LC-RC High-Purity MMCX Cable with Modular Plugs
Wednesday 22 December, 2021
This is a mint product and lives up to the quality I come to expect from Fiio. Used with ER3XR,ER4SR (ETYMOTIC) using the 4.4 and 3.5mm jacks with a Fiio Q3 and a K5. That said I have cut the plastic sleeve on the mmcx side so they can be used with the ETYMOTIC type in-ear. I can not state Enough how happy I am with this cable.
Jonathan Engstrom
FiiO FH5s Hybrid In-Ear Monitors
Tuesday 28 September, 2021
To me these sound as close to perfect frequency response as is possible at this price point. They destroy my old "Mee MX4 Pro" in every single way apart from noise isolation. Very happy with them. Great service from AdvancedMP3Players! 10/10
Cowon Plenue D3 (PD3) Digital Audio Player with 2.5/3.5mm outputs and Bluetooth
Tuesday 09 February, 2021
Dealing with AMP3 was extremely pleasant and the preorder thing worked perfectly, even arrived early :) The actual player is a dream to use. its very lightweight, with a lovely form factor and design, buttons and volume wheel are great. And I'm astounded at the number of options at this price point. Balanced/unbalanced/Bluetooth. Unlimited good EQ presets with JetEffect. a setting for IEMs or Headphones. Speed options. various methods to sort and select music. Notable cons. For me the glass back is slightly problematic. Its less durable than the original Plenue D. I'm overcoming this by putting a screen protector on the rear glass also, which is a perfect fit :D. Also only having Bluetooth 3 does mean Bluetooth sound quality is poor, but its a nice option as a backup. Also don't recommend connecting a smartphone to the device as this has the annoying effect of pausing the music whenever it connects, and it really serves no function I can see. The sound quality is superb, especially with the high customisation available in JetEffect. Very low noise.If you are playing poor quality files you will notice though, which is arguable a pro and a con. I think all the cons I mention are far outweighed by the flawless battery and excellent sound quality. AMP3 PLEASE SELL ME A CASE FOR THIS! ONLY REASON I GIVE 4 STARS!
Alexander Godden
Cowon Plenue D3 (PD3) Digital Audio Player with 2.5/3.5mm outputs and Bluetooth
Friday 29 January, 2021
\"Just got the new Plenue D3 player. Not only does it have the balanced headphone socket, which is excellent - it also has a marvellous set of sound options, meaning I can actually get something which is seriously like real bass through earphones. This is fantastic. it shouldn\'t be called \'JetEffect\', it should be called \'magic\'...... Rated by me as better than some makes that regard themselves as really serious.\"
Dominic Stockford
Cowon Plenue D3 (PD3) Digital Audio Player with 2.5/3.5mm outputs and Bluetooth
Monday 25 January, 2021
As I type this I am jumping between M4a and MP3 files and between Gorillaz and Glen Campbell and also between wired and wireless earphones (both Bose Soundsport). What is really helpful for me is the ability to use the wireless earphones to control the player remotely. The sound is exceptional and quite a jump up from my Fiio X3 II. I am changing BBE settings to see what I prefer, and the earphones sound different with the same BBE so I have settled on BBE Headphones 3 for the wireless and Mach3Bass on the wired. They have different ear buds so it is understandable. Other reviews about the D 2 comment on the dated screen and interface. Yes it is dated and yes the screen is slightly laggy, but I bought it for the sound so this isn't a factor at all. The only PITA is the interface and getting used to how it works and the peculiar icons that are used. It isn't intuitive but after 10 minutes I have the basics figured out (tip - play one of the tracks that are already on it then hit the swirly star thing). For the sound I'd give it 5/5. The screen is an irrelevance for me. For the interface - 4/5 but like a lot of these things once you "get" it, it works. I'll be setting it once and that is pretty much it. I don't think a comment on the quality of a product should include a commentary on the service to buy it. That said, the order process was smooth and as simple as could be and given that it was a pre-order with a due date of 10th Feb I was happy to receive it 2 weeks early. Very happy.
Gwyn Andrews