FiiO KB1K Mechanical Keyboard

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  • Versatile USB Multimedia keypad
  • TTC Hot-Swappable Sockets
  • Kailh Box White Mechanical Switches
  • Fully Programmable Keys
  • Dynamic RGB backlighting
  • Dual USB Type-C connection ports
  • Works seamlessly with other FiiO Sources including K9 Pro, K7, M17, KA3, and more.

In the Box

  • FiiO KB1K Mechanical Keypad unit

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FiiO KB1K is a versatile USB keypad designed for custom Audio controls via a dedicated keypad. Simply connect the KB1K to your FiiO DAP, DAC/AMP, and control your music playback with its mechanical switches. The KB1K offers full customizability for the user with hot-swappable sockets, and easy programming via a dedicated software application.

The FiiO KB1K mechanical keypad is actually a multimedia control keypad. This small compact keypad is programmed with multimedia functions such as play/pause, and volume adjustment (with the knob). It allows for play/pause, fast-forward, and other media controls with the connected source device.

You won’t want to put it down once it is in your hand. The TTC hot-swap sockets and Kailh Box white switches give crisp feedback with a satisfying click, perfect for when you are either just relaxing to music or working on your next project.

Programmable keys and light effect

The keys and knobs are programmable, so they can not only be set up to control music but they can also be set up to act as Ctrl-C/V buttons or other key press macros for example when using Photoshop, press the button to switch brush/eraser and seamlessly adjust the brush size. The KB1 can be your loyal music companion or your helpful productivity tool.

The RGB light can either display pre-programmed or custom effects, letting you be in control of your own light show.

Download the exclusive FiiO keyboard driver on our website to self-define the function of each button and the light effect, exploring more possibilities and experiences.

Thoughtfully created down to every last detail

Every last detail of the KB1K has been thoughtfully considered to make it useful. Dual USB port means you can place the KB1K in whatever orientation you like, while the bottom-mounted anti-skid and shock-resistant EVA foam mat help to stabilize the KB1K.

Hot-swappable sockets and keycaps mean you can change the look and feel of the keypad to keep up with your changing preferences.

Note: The KB1K does not include a USB cable. When connecting it to a computer, please use a common USB-A to Type-C cable. When connecting it to a mobile phone, please use a Type-C to Type-C OTG cable, such as the FiiO LT-TC1.