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Capture Everything with Bloggie’s 360° Vision!   Date: Wednesday 21 April, 2010
News Summary:
A Fantastic new product addition to the AMP3 Range, the Sony Bloggie HD Camcorder captures everything!

News Content:

Recording and taking pictures in HD just became easy…and a whole lot of fun!  The Sony Bloggie HD Camcorder is a nifty little gadget, it’s unique features are simply mouth watering. 

Its swivelling 270° head makes taking pictures or videos of you and your mates a breeze.  There’s no fuss with moving the device to different angles, simply move the rotating head to the desired position and your set to take pic or clip comfortably!  Loads of fun to be had here! 

A simply stunning feature is the 360° video capability! Pickup your Bloggie, plug in the 360° lens and record everything around you!  All the software you need to watch and convert the recording is included!

- Check out the other features on the product page here at AMP3 -

- Sony MHS-PM5K Bloggie HD Camcorder -

MHSPM5KL CE7 main small.jpg

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Capture Everything with Bloggie’s 360° Vision!
Capture Everything with Bloggie’s 360° Vision!

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