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Deal of the Day Cowon E2   Date: Wednesday 14 April, 2010
News Summary:
Buy a 2GB Cowon E2 today and receive 20% off! (£39.99 down to £29.99)

News Content:

This excellent little gadget (2GB model) is available now for only £29.99 that’s a great 20% off. 
If you’re unsure about this gadget…don’t be! It holds superior sound quality to other competition in its market and this has earned its place in T3’s top 100 gadgets!

The E2 is also 2010 Red Dot Design winning product, a prestigious award that different many other Cowon models such as the V5, S9 and I9 also managed to pick up.

At only £29.99 you could have a high quality MP3 player, the 2GB Cowon E2.

Check out the product page (E2-2GB)  where you can find all the information you need as well as pictures and publications by T3.

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Deal of the Day Cowon E2
Deal of the Day Cowon E2
Deal of the Day Cowon E2

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