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Low Cost Media Streaming - Xtreamer arrives at AMP3!   Date: Wednesday 07 April, 2010
News Summary:
Looking for a cost effective way to play and stream HD media? The Xtreamer media Player and Streamer is the answer!

News Content:

Tranquil PC Xtreamer is a new product addition to AMP3 with a jam packed features list as long as your arm!

The Xtreamer provides crystal clear HD video and audio across your home network.  Supporting a diverse range of formats the Xtreamer can fulfil all your home media streaming needs.

This feature packed, state-of-the-art device is currently being offered with a free wireless antenna. 

Check out the product page (Xtreamer Product Page), you could be on your way to home media streaming for under £100.

“A low price, an amazing range of capabilities and a basic but effective menu system make the Xtreamer a winner.”

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Low Cost Media Streaming - Xtreamer arrives at AMP3!
Low Cost Media Streaming - Xtreamer arrives at AMP3!

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