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Fantastic New Information on ‘Healthy Heat’   Date: Wednesday 07 April, 2010
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The EXO2 products have been proven to produce FIR ‘Healthy Heat’ to ward off and manage a wide range of conditions. Check out this article and take a look at the referenced document validating this innovative technology.

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The innovative technology used in the EXO2 products allows you to enjoy your outdoor activities while keeping warm and dry!  The use of FIR, which is Far Infrared energy, means that the heat produced by the EXO2 garments provides a much deeper penetration of heat.  This is extremely beneficial as this means the garment is not only keeping us warm the use of FIR has many benefits that can be seen and felt, such as the following:

  • Expands Blood Vessels to Improve Blood Flow & Circulation
  • Can Encourage the Formation of New Blood Vessels and improves White Bl01ood Cell function, strengthening immune response
  • Accelerates Toxin release from the body
  • Accelerates Healing of the Skin and Muscle Tissue
  • Provides Pain Relief for a range of conditions including Arthritis, Raynauds Syndrome, Period Pains and certain forms of Cancer
  • Reduces Inflammation and Oedema
  • Improves Immune Response
  • Decreases Joint Stiffness
  • Accelerates calorie burn-off as part of a weight reduction plan

The EXO2 products ensure that heat is distributed evenly over the product, meaning no hotspots, by using a lightweight polymer called FabRoc® which emits 90% of its heat within the FIR band. 

These products are ideal for those who participate in outdoor activities such as walking, fishing or winter sports.

Check out the referenced document:

EXO2 and the Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy (Click Here).

Here at AMP3 we offer the following EXO2 products, check them out by clicking on them.




EXO2 StormWalker 2 Heated Jacket (used by Special Forces)

EXO2 StormWalker 2 Heated Vest (used by Special Forces)

EXO2 SnowStorm Heated Gloves (Ladies)




EXO2 HeatBand Heated Neck Warmer

EXO2 HeatMitt Heated Mittens with Thinsulate & FabRoc

EXO2 SnowStorm Heated Gloves (Mens)


EXO2 HeatSole Heated Insole System

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Fantastic New Information on ‘Healthy Heat’
Fantastic New Information on ‘Healthy Heat’
Fantastic New Information on ‘Healthy Heat’

Fantastic New Information on ‘Healthy Heat’ Comments
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