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New Innovative way of waking up!   Date: Wednesday 17 March, 2010
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Donít wake up in the mornings feeling grumpy or struggle to get going. Wake up easily with fascinating new technology from aXbo in the form of the SleepPhase Alarmclock.

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Waking up in the morning just got easy!† The Sleepphase Alarm clock from aXbo analyses how your sleeping allowing it to wake you up at the optimum time to ensure you feel refreshed for the day ahead.

This great device analyses your movements by a soft sensor that you wear on your wrist while sleeping before giving you the signal to rise and shine!† The varying movements and sleep patterns can then be uploaded and analysed on your home computer.

Have a look at this captivating product for more information, its design and functionality are sure to impress.

Click here for the aXbo SleepPhase Alarmclock product page, itís a brand new addition to the site and available now!

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New Innovative way of waking up!
New Innovative way of waking up!

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