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Comply bring us a new design, the TX series.   Date: Wednesday 10 March, 2010
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New increased functionality, from the original T series, ensures the highest quality of music at all times.

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Comply gave us an excellent product with their T-series foam tips.  Now however they have taken it to the next level…Introducing the Comply TX-series.  This uniquely designed product incorporates all features from the T-series and introduces a new Integrated Wax-Guard meaning no loss in sound quality due to damage caused by Wax or Debris.

Available in either a 3 pack or a 5 pack the TX-series transforms your earbuds from standard to specialised.  Check the compatibility with your earbuds now and immerse yourself in music.

Click here to check which Comply Foam Tips will work with your earphones.

TX-series Available:
TX-100: (3 pack) (5 Pack)
TX-200: (3 pack) (5 Pack)
TX-400: (3 pack) (5 Pack)
TX-500: (3 pack) (5 Pack)

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Comply bring us a new design, the TX series.
Comply bring us a new design, the TX series.

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