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FiiO M17 Flagship Portable High-Resolution Digital Audio Player
Thursday 30 December, 2021
This M17 is the bomb, the quality of the music is very clean and clear. The bass is not elevated just clean. The screen quality is good and you can watch video's on the m17 and the battery life is long. I have'nt seen any english reviews but this machine have so many things inside which I don't understand, but it big and beautiful. I have DAC players and IEM headphones, but this have so much things inside it's amazing. Keep looking on youtube that's all I can say.
Mervyn Haynes
FiiO FH5s Hybrid In-Ear Monitors
Tuesday 28 September, 2021
To me these sound as close to perfect frequency response as is possible at this price point. They destroy my old "Mee MX4 Pro" in every single way apart from noise isolation. Very happy with them. Great service from AdvancedMP3Players! 10/10
Dunu DK-4001 Hi-Res 5 Driver Hybrid Earphones
Thursday 09 April, 2020
Well-balanced iems, with superb, deep and highly resolving lows and mids and bright treble. Quality cable, a super feature in allowing for 4 different clip-in interconnecting jacks (incl. a 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced TRRS) and a glut of quality tips and other accessories. Iems may sound flat at first, but when you have found the right isolating tips for your ear cavity, it's a wow feeling! Bought as "new, but opened box", therefore at quite a bargain price, compared to RPP, but condition and accessories were as advertised. Purchase and delivery from Advanced MP3 Players was smooth and fast.
George Christodoulatos
UMpro30 Universal 3-Way In-ear Monitor V2 with replaceable cable
Thursday 10 May, 2018
Very please, similar to the UM3X these replace, but a huge improement. twister6 on Headfi gave a good review of these in the Westone UM PRO Series Thread and I think the review is very accurate.
Mike Goodwin
UMpro30 Universal 3-Way In-ear Monitor V2 with replaceable cable
Tuesday 05 December, 2017
I own the W60 (very good) and W30 (for backup, Westone iems fit me so well I hardly notice they're in) and wanted to try the Um Pro series having read so many good things about them. After a few weeks use I've written this short review after listening in awe to a Rose Royce album, which is very well mastered, and I use mainly for reference purposes ( I normally listen to heavy rock), maybe in part it was my new player reaching 100 hours (?) but I much prefer listening with these UM Pro 30's V2. I'm not exagerating when I say I had tears in my eyes the music sounded so good. Of course this is how I perceive them but the fact I'm leaving a review hopefully speaks volumes. Also thanks to Chris for helping me beyond what I expected regarding another purchase, and answering my many general questions on different products very quickly.
AudioQuest Dragonfly BLACK USB DAC
Tuesday 27 June, 2017
Have just opened a Record shop selling predominantly Vinyl , as i don't have the time to play vinyl when busy , needed something to enhance the sound from laptop this certainly has made a difference , customers love the sound quality , well recommended.
Heathen Chemistry Records