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Cowon Plenue D (PD) High Resolution 32GB Music Player with microSD Expansion Slot
Thursday 17 May, 2018
I brought the Plenue D to replace an older Cowon mp3 player that had always served me well and i loved the sound of. I'm very pleased with the Plenue and it sounds as good or maybe better than my old player. It's dead simple to use and like the other Cowon players allows you to select a non EU option on first setup so so silly EU volume cap. A great player at a good price.
Marc Jennings
Fiio D03K Digital to Analog Audio Decoder/Converter - Optical / Coaxial - 3.5 / Component
Wednesday 16 May, 2018
Incredibly good value, Really lifts the sound So much better than an anologue connection 😀
Rich GW
UMpro30 Universal 3-Way In-ear Monitor V2 with replaceable cable
Thursday 10 May, 2018
Very please, similar to the UM3X these replace, but a huge improement. twister6 on Headfi gave a good review of these in the Westone UM PRO Series Thread and I think the review is very accurate.
Mike Goodwin
Cowon Plenue D (PD) High Resolution 32GB Music Player with microSD Expansion Slot
Thursday 19 April, 2018
Bought this audio player so that I could utilise my high end headphones to their full capacity while I was on the move and on holiday. Very pleased with the performance, definitely a big step up in sound quality from my fruit based mobile phone! It's always a surprise listening to well known pieces of music and hearing details that weren't previously perceivable. I've never tried any of the super expensive (£ thousand +) high def audio players but I really can't see that they would be much better than the Plenue D. It's certainly good enough for me, I've downloaded a couple of high def albums (Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool and Daft Punk's Random Access Memories) and in a side by side comparison, they do sound 'better' to me than standard CD quality. I don't want to start using words like 'Deeper', 'Richer", 'Fuller' etc. as music reproduction is completely subjective, but give it a go if you get the chance. Of course if you're on the tube or walking along a busy road the difference won't be noticeable. The equaliser takes a bit of setting up to get exactly the sound you want but as well as the many pre-sets there are four "user" settings for different types of music and listening environments so it's worth spending some time to get what you want. Build quality seems very good and the battery lasts and lasts, I've only charged it once and have been playing with it lots! Cons: No biggies, the database updates every time you turn it on but this only takes a few seconds. Happy days!
Paul Brumby
Cowon Plenue J 64GB Hi Res DAP 2
Wednesday 18 April, 2018
I’m very happy with this MP3 player which does the things I want. I’ve loaded c.34Gb of music tracks, with more to come. Doing so was pretty easy. I have it playing 24/7 mostly through external speakers. Sometimes I take it elsewhere - either playing through my car's audio system or through headphones. There are about 5 tracks of the 7200+ it won’t play and when it reaches one of them it pauses. Getting it going again is pretty simple. With so few unplayable tracks I can’t be bothered to find and remove them. The sound quality is excellent. I’m very happy to recommend it to others whose needs match mine.
Tony Kesten
Audio Technica LP3 Advanced Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable
Tuesday 27 February, 2018
Recently discovered all my old LPs in the garage (loads of them) and thought I would dig out my old Dual turntable - couldnt find it assume it must have gone down the tip years ago (serves me right they are getting good prices on ebay!). Wife wanted to buy something for my birthday so I suggested a new turntable BUT didnt want her to choose which one. Spent ages looking at various options and the various features and reviews and narrowed down the choice to 2 or 3. The AT-LP3 got good reviews from WHAT HI FI and it was an award winner in 2017. I liked the fact that it had automatic arm operation as many dont. Would have preferred an elip stylus but hey can always change that in the future if i want to. Not fussed about the pre amp or the option of moving coil cartridge so wouldnt have bothered me if it didnt have them. Came across AMP3 who had one as an open box and the price was excellent, so I placed an order. It arrived promptly and was a breeze to set up (Youtube also has video showing you how to do it). Then came the problem - when you hit the auto start the tonearm puts the stylus down about 5 mm into the first track. Couldnt see anyway of adjusting it so emailed AT. After a few exchanges of emails they agreed that it needed an adjustment BUT it would have to be done by a service centre. Contacted AMP3 and without any issues they agreed to replace and arranged a FEDEX collection. I am still waiting for a replacement. I did use the turntable for about a week before I returned it, absolutely delighted with it- sounded great, much better than I remember but that was of course with different amp and speakers. It was a joy to did out and play the old LPs - think we will have an LP party and get people to bring an LP with them!!
Andy Hogbourne