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iBasso DC Elite Flagship Portable DAC - A DX320 in your pocket!
Monday 05 February, 2024
The ultimate dac/amp; great build quality, all the accessories you would need and superb sound. A DAP killer. Highly recommended!
Jonathan Lister
FiiO FD3 In Ear Monitors - BLACK (Damaged packaging)
Friday 02 February, 2024
I read several reviews and they can highly be recommended and I must admit they are very good. Initially I was worried about their fit, as my ears are on the small side, it was bad enough that my upmarket shures hurt me and never set right, these just fit perfectly and do not hurt my ears even after hour-long listening. They sound well balanced, a bit on the warm side, just how I like it. The midbass is very punchy and well presented, the mids are forward, male and female voices are depicted greatly and the highs are not painful at all to listen to. The soundstage is great, I am getting addicted to them, they punch well above their price position, and these a serious audiophile iems. They seem easily driven by my laptop, on my iPod I need to go to 80% levels for my daily listening, they are a bit underpowered, the FD3s benefit clearly from my external DAC, so I can highly recommend them for daily use or commute, the sound isolation is nearly as good as with closed iems, although these are semi-open.
Josip Lovric
FiiO R7 Desktop Streaming Player and DAC/Amp
Friday 05 January, 2024
Great bit of kit. Connected straight into my HiFi amp using RCA outputs. I've put all my digital music on a external SSD plugged into the back of the R7. It's android and has a LAN input and wireless so I'm going to try streaming Bandcamp or the radio throught it straight to my HiFi(it also has google play store so I could try Tidal or Qobuz). Plus I can just listen to music with Headphones throught it without going throught my HiFi. Like other Fiio Products I have, the Build quality is exellent.
Neil Mckay
AMP3's Lucky dip bag!
Wednesday 29 November, 2023
I tried one of these thinking 'what the hell', I'm glad I did. I chose the £30 bag and was very happy with what I got (I' m going to try a £40 one next. Don't tell the wife).
Graham Goodey
FiiO FD5 Hybrid In-Ear Monitors
Wednesday 26 July, 2023
Purchased Fiio FD5's paid extra for shipping which I can was very fast. I've been looking for these particular set of iem's for a while now and to see them heavily discounted because the box was open was a god send. They arrived perfectly packaged and what can I say, wow they sound brilliant. I'm a big fan of Fiio, the products are top notch but as for this particular set I'd say go for it especially if you considering the FD3's as I have found although similarly tuned, the FD3's do have a tendencies to distort at high volume when run through the BTR7, but having said that if your budget is tight you won't be disappointed with the FD3's.
Christopher Waite
FiiO K9 Desktop Headphone Amp/DAC - Standard Edition
Tuesday 13 June, 2023
So far it's great, sound is engaging and open, I've tried it with AKG K702 and sennheiser hd800s, it improved the sound quality across all the range and improved the clarity of audio over my previous dac/amp a Topping dx3 pro plus. The one minus I will mention is the Fiio control app is not great, it works but there is definitely room for improvement, overall providing I don't have any issues in the near future I'd say get this over the pro version it's a steal at this price.
claudio raso