iBasso AMP8 MKII S 4.4mm/3.5mm Amp Card for DX240

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  • +/-8V high voltage swing significantly improves dynamics and headroom for a more accurate sound
  • Dedicated DX240 solution featuring both high voltage and current output
  • Uses low VCE transistors sorted and paired for better consistency and linearity
  • 2000mA output rated transistors (same as AMP11 MK2) for easier headphone and IEM driving
  • Pentaconn 4.4mm balanced output
  • Average Play time 9.5 hours

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  • iBasso AMP8 MKII S 4.4mm/3.5mm Amp Card for DX240

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+/-8V high voltage swing. This significantly improves dynamics and headroom, resulting in a more accurate sound that is true to the recording.

AMP8 MK2 is dedicated to DX240 and features both a high voltage and current output. High current output is very useful for low-impedance multi drivers in-ear monitors.

Low VCE transistors are utilized and are manually sorted and paired, providing better consistency and linearity. The low VCE also expands the linearity range.

The transistors used on the buffer stage have a 2000mA output current rating, which are the same as the AMP11 MK2’s transistors, which allowed the AMP8 MK2 to drive IEMs and headphones that require high current, with ease.

A Pentaconn 4.4mm balanced output port is used and with the large contact area of this socket, resistance is lowered achieving better current transmission, equating to better resulting sound.

The AMP8 MK2 Special edition (AMP8MK8S) is based on the AMP8 MK2. It is tuned with a Sprague axial capacitor, a WIMA film capacitor, and ELNA Silmic2 electrolytic capacitors.