FiiO K19 Studio-Grade Flagship DAC and Headphone Amplifier

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  • Dual ESS 8-channel ES9039SPRO DAC chips
  • Innovative 31-band high-precision lossless PEQ
  • 8-Channel THX AAA 788+ High-Power Amp Section
  • Up to 8W Per Channel Output
  • High-Performance Ultra-Low Phase Noise Femtosecond Crystal Oscillators
  • Global Clock Management
  • Ultra-thin Die-Cast Unbody Shock-Proof Chassis
  • Separated and Shielded Digital and Analog Circuits
  • Supports Multiple Inputs Including HDMI, ARC, Bluetooth, USB, etc.
  • Four Analogue Outputs + Two Digital Outputs
  • 1.3” Colourful Display Screen with Horizontal or Vertical Orientation Support
  • 12V Bi-directional Trigger
  • Dual Indicator Lights on Volume Knob
  • Supports FiiO Control Application
  • Custom Infrared Remote Control Included


In the Box

  • FiiO K19 DAC and Headphone Amplifier
  • AC power cord
  • Type-C to USB-A adapter
  • 6.35mm adapter
  • Stand (colour matching the unit)
  • Vertical headphone stand support
  • Feet stand for horizontal use
  • Screwdriver and screws
  • USB 2.0 data cable
  • Dual Type-C data cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • Quick Start Guide


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FiiO K19 is the brand’s latest flagship studio-grade DAC/AMP. Designed with top-quality components, the K19 packs an industry-leading performance. Featuring two latest 8-channel ES9039SPro flagship DAC Chips and a solid THX AAA 88+ amp section, FiiO promises clear, crisp output with a strong amp section. FiiO K19 supports a 31-band highly precise PEQ that allows you to precisely adjust the output. The strong amp section on the K19 produces a powerful 8W per channel output. FiiO K19 is here to bring the best all-in-one desktop device to you.

Innovative 31-Band High-Precision lossless PEQ

The FiiO K19 features DEL (Dual-Engine Limiter) technology, along with some proprietary algorithms, the K19 get access to various audio effects such as DRC (Dynamic Range Compression), and DRE (Dynamic Range Enhancement). It also has 31-band highly precise lossless PEQ that allows for adjustment between 44.1kHz to 192kHz audio signals without interfering with the sampling rate conversion (SRC). For each band, users can adjust the gain between +12 to -24dB, allowing for the output to be fully adjusted to preference.

And the PEQ curves don’t have to be used only by you – PEQ presets on the K19 can be shared between users, being able to import and export PEQ presets opens up a whole new dimension to sound adjustment.

Latest-Gen Flagship Dual DAC Chipset

FiiO has equipped the latest K19 with two latest-generation 8-channel DAC chips from ESS Technologies. The device houses two ES9039SPro, one for each channel on the K19. These chips benefit from 4th generation 32bit Hyperstream architecture, they are capable of delivering true high-resolution audio signal processing with ultra-high dynamic range and ultra-low distortion in the output signal.

High-Power 8-Channel THX Amp Section

At the heart of FiiO K19, we have a high-power 8-channel THX AAA 88+ Amp chipset. The THX amp chips are connected in parallel with each other, creating a fully balanced 4-channel design architecture for the headphones.  It is a powerful analogue amp section that promises a strong output of up to 8W per channel. With this much power down its sleeve, you can easily drive even the most demanding headphones on the planet and still have a lot of headroom left.

Pure High-Res Sound Processing With Ultra-Precise Audio Clocks

FiiO K19 houses dual industry-leading ACCUSILICON AS318-B ultra-low phase noise Accusilicon Femtosecond crystal oscillators. They are pre-screened before being selected for the K19 to ensure pure sound signal restoration during processing and result in clearer, more accurate sound signal reproduction at different sampling rates.

Shock-Proof Diecast Chassis and shielded circuit boards

FiiO K19 has a completely seamless design crafted with die-cast aluminium alloy material. The body is carefully polished using a multi-axis CNC machining process for a rich and premium finish. The device has a unibody design and a shock-proof internal chassis for a stable operation.

The digital and analogue audio circuits of the K19 lie on separate boards for full isolation and greatly reduced interference. There are metal shields for the DSP board, DAC board and the THX head-phone amplifier board, as a result of the digital board and module board adopting a compartmentalized aluminium alloy isolation design. These measures all help to minimize crosstalk to ensure signal purity.

Multiple Input Supporting HDMI/ARC

FiiO K19 supports a bunch of input options for the sound signal. From traditional USB to wireless Bluetooth, and now we also have support for HDMI and ARC capabilities. The K19 is the first DAC/AMP in FiiO’s lineup to support HDMI and ARC input options. The HDMI input supports 192kHz/24-bit sampling rate audio and the HDMI ARC supports 44.1/48kHz bitrates. Other options include USB, Optical, Coaxial, and Bluetooth connections.

Carefully Design Power Supply

FiiO K19 features a 40W low-noise industrial-grade power supply. It operates on a wide range of input voltage and can work at different operating temperatures as well. It has separate and shielded analogue and digital circuits for consistent performance. The industrial-grade power supply here ensures we get a clean and accurate performance and efficient supply to the different sections of the audio circuitry.

Additionally, the K19 is equipped with an external DC power interface for use with higher-performance linear power supplies, allowing for different sound performances.

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