FiiO SP3 BT High Fidelity Active Desktop Speakers with Bluetooth

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  • 3.5-inch carbon fibre midwoofer with 1-inch silk tweeter
  • Asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuits
  • Soft sound-absorbing treble dome design
  • Directional acoustic waveguides
  • Double-diffused S-shaped porting tube
  • TI power amplifier
  • Output power: 30x2 (bass) + 10Wx2 (treble)
  • Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth chip
  • Supports high-res Bluetooth codecs including LDAC/aptX Adaptive
  • Pressure die-cast liquid metal cabinet with LED lighting effects
  • Exclusive stand with 7-degree elevation
  • High-quality exclusive cables
  • Speaker crossover type: 2-way
  • Frequency response: 65Hz-20kHz (±2dB)
  • Impedance: 8Ω
  • Sensitivity: 85dB (1Vrms)@1 kHz


In the Box

  • FiiO SP3 BT High-Fidelity Active Desktop Speakers
  • Power adapter
  • AC power cable
  • RCA to 3.5mm audio input cable
  • XLR speaker connection cable
  • Two sets of stands made with silicon (0° and 7°)
  • Instruction manual


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3.5-inch carbon fibre woofer

Small desktop speakers can be made to produce a grand sound, to achieve a better sound-to-space ratio. The SP3 series employs a 3.5-inch carbon fibre woofer, larger than typical products in its class. These larger woofers have an inherent advantage over smaller woofers in dynamics, projecting a larger soundstage and other sonic attributes. Whether watching movies or listening to music, this woofer is truly capable of expressing the grandness of the audio even at louder volumes.

Carbon fibre is extremely strong and highly rigid yet lightweight – the ideal properties for a speaker driver. The light weight of carbon fibre allows the woofer to have a rapid transient response, while carbon fibre’s high strength and rigidity reduce non-linear distortion by minimising unwanted secondary vibrations when the driver is moving while producing sound. Altogether the carbon fibre material of the woofer helps reduce sound faithfully and lets you be more immersed in your high-fidelity listening.

Each fibre of carbon in the SP3 series is only 0.007mm think 0, the thickness of a single hair. These fibres are braided together, which helps to enhance sound quality by ensuring a wrinkle-free diaphragm as well as making the diaphragm stronger and more resistant to cracks after extended driver movement and usage.

Silk Tweeter for Unparalleled Treble Resolution

In an active desktop speaker, the tweeter frequently plays a crucial role in reproducing fine musical details, instrumental overtones, and overall treble resolution. The SP3 series, unlike many other active desktop speakers, employs a 1" tweeter capable of reproducing frequencies up to 35kHz.

The tweeter’s KSV copper-clad aluminium voice coil that even at high volume, ultra-high frequencies remain uncompressed – the result being better tribble reproduction even in off-axis listening as well as highly resolving treble with natural timbre. With the SP3 series, you will be able to hear even the most subtle of vibrations generated by instruments.

Powerful Asymmetrical Magnetic Circuits

In order to allow the 3.5" woofer to really produce potent bass and let the SP3 series perform to its maximum potential, the development team created an asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuit system. An auxiliary magnet was added to the centre of the SP3 series internals to form an inner and outer magnetic circuit, which improves the strength of the magnetic field created – allowing for a magnetic flux of up to 1.2 Tesla. This is the powerful driving force behind the driver that gives the SP3 series its dynamic sound. In addition, the asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuit system also helps to reduce non-linear distortion across all frequencies.

Soft tweeter dome wave-absorbing structure

The softness of the internal part of the silk tweeter also acts as a soundwave absorbent, effectively absorbing unwanted sound waves behind the driver and further enhancing the sound output by the tweeter.

Low resonance frequency and high current carrying capacity have always been the goals of those designing high-fidelity audio products.  The SP3 series features a large cavity rear of the tweeter magnet, allowing the tweeter to play frequencies as low as an astonishing 800Hz. Even when the tweeter is playing frequencies above 20kHz, the rear cavity and overall design of the tweeter allow for unwanted soundwaves to escape and reduce resonance generated by tweeter movement. The result is silky smooth yet well-extended treble.

Double-diffused S-shaped Porting Tube

The innovative double-diffused S-shaped porting tube enhances bass extension and control, resulting in fast bass transients and superior bass quality. This design allows the SP3 to remain compact, maximizes airflow and reduces turbulence to reproduce deep, punchy bass.

Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth chip

The SP3 BT utilizes the Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth chip, which thanks to its dual DSP and dual-core design is able to capably handle high bitrate audio stably and consistently.

The FiiO SP3 BT supports multiple high-resolution Bluetooth codecs such as LDAC / aptX Adaptive / AAC, giving you freedom and flexibility to choose how you listen. When using LDAC, you can experiment high bitrate audio up to 990kbs, fully letting you hear every last detail in your music.

New Type-C / Coax / Optical digital inputs

The FiiO SP3 BT features new Type-C / Coax / Optical digital inputs, allowing you to easily get a “simple one line of communication” between your source and he speakers. Play your music easily and instantly, no matter if you use the modern USB Type-C connector or the proven COAX and OPTICAL inputs.

10-band parametric EQ

To further enhance your SP3 BT listening experience, the speakers have been designed to fully work with the FiiO control APP / FiiO Music mobile apps. When you successfully connect via Bluetooth, the mobile apps allow you to fine-tune your sound, such as customizing the device name and specifying with the app is the 10-band parametric EQ, allowing you for each band to adjust the Q value, gain and other parameters.

Supports standby wake-up function

The SP3 BT has a standby wake-up function, i.e. if no signal input is detected within 20 minutes, the SP3 BT will automatically enter the standby mode, if there is signal input detected, the SP3 BT will automatically enter the playback mode. An automatic “play/pause” makes the speaker more intuitive to your needs.

RGB status lights

In order to make it easier to tell what the speakers are doing, the development team set up to RGB lighting system to clearly display their current status. Additionally, there are also various RGB lighting effects you can adjust at will to further enhance the atmosphere when listening.

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