FiiO LC-RC MMCX Cable with Modular Plugs - 2024 Edition

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  • High-purity Furukawa monocrystalline copper wires
  • Secondary refining process
  • Expanded MMCX connectors
  • 4 strands totalling 480 wires
  • Coaxal braiding structure
  • 3.5mm single-ended / 4.4mm balanced swappable plugs


In the Box

  • FiiO LC-RC 2024 version cable
  • 3.5mm single-ended plug
  • 4.4mm balanced plug


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Advantages of Furukawa monocrystalline copper headphone cable

A high-end headphone cable should be high-quality in all aspects. Compared to the typical headphone cable, the LC-RC 2024 ensured that this cable not only contains high-quality materials, but also has gone through careful design considerations regarding material processing, build quality, and ergonomics informed by our seventeen years of acoustic design experience – to fully unleash the potential of your headphones.


LC-RC 2024 sound characteristics

The FiiO LC-RC 2024 uses high-purity Furukawa monocrystalline copper wires, which enhances the sound of the headphone

Genuine Furukawa wires, Imported from Japan

Behind excellent-sounding products are high-quality materials. The inner wires of the LC-RC 2024 cable are sourced from Furukawa Denki Industrial Co., Ltd in Japan, with official certification. You can be assured of the cable’s pleasant sound thanks to its genuine quality materials.

Secondary-refined monocrystalline copper

The copper wires in the LC-RC 2024 undergo extensive treatment in order to ensure excellent signal transmission performance through the wires. After undergoing the treatment pores, impurities and grain boundaries in the copper are minimized – allowing signals to travel more unimpeded through the wires, giving the LC-RC 2024 excellent audio performance.

High-standard wire drawing

The high-purity monocrystalline copper wires through more than 70 steps of wire drawing, forging, and other processes to transform oxygen-free copper with high number of impurities to a high-purity monocrystalline copper wires with diameters of only 0.05mm, for the highest audio performance.

4 strands totalling 480 wires

For earphone cables, a greater number of wires means a larger cross-sectional area, which in turn leads to lower resistance and better conductivity. The FIIO LC-RC 2024 not only uses 1000.05mm diameter Furukawa single-crystal copper wire for each major strand but also employs 20 wires of silver-plated monocrystalline copper wire at the centre of each major strand. There are a total of 480 wires across the 4 major strands, with the cross-sectional area totalling 22AWG. Cables are rarely made with such a large amount of high-end materials, making the FIIO LC-RC 2024 an excellent choice as an upgrade to your existing earphones.

Translucent German TPU outer sheath

What makes the FIIO LC-RC 2024 so great to use with excellent durability is its outer sheath, which is made from lustrous translucent German TPU material. The TPU material is also resistant against yellowing after long-term use and against stiffening when in low-temperature environments.

Widely compatible with expanded MMCX connectors and swappable plugs

The quality FiiO LC-RC2024 cable utilizes expanded MMCX connectors, making it compatible with many IMEs. The connector provides stable connections and is easy to attach and detach.

The FiiO LC-RC 2024 comes standard with swappable 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced plugs, allowing you to quickly and conveniently switch plugs to match the source device.

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