Shanling EM7 Flagship Lossless Desktop Player with ES9038Pro ESS DAC

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  • DAC: ESS ES9038Pro
  • System: Based on Android 10, Closed and Customized
  • Hi-Res Support: Up to PCM 32bit / 768 kHz & DSD512
  • Bluetooth: Version 5.0, serving as both Receiver and transmitter
  • BT codec support:  Receiver LDAC & SBC // Transmitter LDAC, aptX-HD, aptX, SBC
  • Wi-Fi: Dual-band 2.4G & 5G
  • Analog Section: OPA1611 based I/V conversion, OPA2211 based LPF, OPA2211+BD139+BD140 based Amplifier
  • Analogue outputs: 4.4mm & XLR balanced, 3.5mm & 6.35mm Single-ended, with pair of RCA and XLR
  • Digital outputs: SPDIF Coaxial & Optical, USB Audio Output
  • Digital inputs: USB-B, Coaxial SPDIF & Optical, 2x USB port for USB drives, MicroSD card slot
  • Output power Single Ended: Up to 8.5V / 2.3W @ 32 Ohm // 9V / 270mW @ 300 Ohm
  • Output power Balanced: Up to 15V / 7W @ 32 Ohm // 18V / 1W @ 300 Ohm
  • Output Impedance: 1.2 Ohm SE // 2.4 Ohm BAL
  • Balanced THD+N: 0.0003%
  • Balanced Dynamic Range: 125 dB
  • Balanced SNR: 125 dB
  • Balanced Channel separation: 104dB


In the Box

  • Shanling EM7 Flagship Desktop Player
  • Power cable
  • QuickStart Guide


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Shanling EM7 is a flagship desktop all-in-one Streamer and DAC/AMP. With Sabre’s flagship ES9038Pro 8-channel 32-Bit DAC, the EM7 packs top-quality performance under the hood. It features Shanling’s in-house developed OP+BUF analogue amplifier architecture that produces a whooping 7W of clean output power at 32Ω of load. EM7 is an ideal flagship device that serves as a single device for an entire audio chain. You get customized Android 10 OS pre-installed on the EM7 that allows you access to multiple streaming applications.

Flagship-Grade Chipsets For Flagship-Performance

Shanling has featured the flagship ES9038Pro Desktop-grade 8-channel DAC on the EM7. This 32-Bit DAC feeds a fully balanced amplifier section built on Shanling’s trusted OP+BUF architecture. On one hand the ES9038Pro provides crisp signal decoding with ultra-low distortion and high dynamic range, on the other hand, the specially designed amplifier section provides powerful amplification to the signal. The end result is an authentic Hi-Res audio experience with ultimate clarity and details.

Drive Any Headphone With Ease

EM7 is a very powerful device. It houses multiple headphone output ports including 3.5mm+6.35mm single-ended outputs and 4.4mm+4-pin XLR balanced outputs. With their trusted OP+BUF analogue section, the Em7 offers up to 7W of clean power at 32Ω of impedance load. EM7 holds ultimate power, it can easily drive most headphones on the market. At the same time, EM7 also has low output impedance, making it suitable for sensitive IEMs and HPs too.

Based on Android 10 OS

Shanling EM7 comes loaded with a closed and customized system based on the Android 10 OS. It gives users access to a range of different streaming services including Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, etc. EM7 also supports local playback from MicroSD card, USB Drivers, DLNA, Airplay, NAS, and even Bluetooth streaming(two-way Bluetooth support). The device features Shanling’s AGLO(Android Global Lossless Output) system, assuring true high-resolution audio performance across different inputs and applications.

Big 5.8” Full HD Tiltable Display

For ease of use and easy viewing from different angles, Shanling EM7 houses a big 5.8” full HD tiltable display. Users can easily adjust the angle of the screen to get a clear view.

Independent Power Supply For Best Performance

In order to keep the output clean, the DAC and AMP sections are isolated from the Android section. The EM7 adopts an independent power supply with a low-noise toroidal transformer for the analogue section and a high-quality switching power supply for the Android section.

Versatile Device

EM7 is a truly versatile device, smoothly switching between its role as a high-end source for headphones, to a pure DAC with an optional pre-amplifier, to a digital source for your DACs with Coaxial, Optical or USB inputs. If you wish, you can even use it as a source for your Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

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