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SONOS PLAY:3 Wireless HiFi System

RegHardware (RATED: 90%)
RegHardware 'Sonos has at last built a wireless music box for the less well-off - and built a rather good one too. The Play:3 is physically small enough to be easily sited in any lounge, office or bedroom but produces a big enough sound to act as a primary stereo.' RegHardwareFull Review
Date Added: Thursday 29 September, 2011
RATED: 90%

SONOS PLAY:3 Wireless HiFi System

PluggedIn 'The great thing about the Sonos PLAY:3 is that you’re in control. You can add more of them when your finances can cope and mix and match these into different rooms with no hassle at all. They’re very lightweight and plugging it into an electric socket gets it working in seconds.' PluggedInFull Review
Date Added: Wednesday 28 September, 2011

Brainwavz B2 Dual Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones

Tech made Easy (RATED: 8/10)
Tech made Easy 'I know it sounds strange, you would think that more wires would mean more tangling, but the clever weave means that the leads are incredibly flexible while somehow managing not to tie themselves in knots.'Full Review
Date Added: Friday 23 September, 2011
RATED: 8/10

Brainwavz B2 Dual Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones

Gizmodo 'Brainwavz has clearly played the supplied accessories and a pair of foam tips extremely comfortable and highly insulating. This accessory is ideal for isolation from outside noise and fully experience music.'Full Review
Date Added: Monday 19 September, 2011

Popcorn Hour PopBox 3D - Digital Home Entertainment Media Player

Tech Made Easy (RATED: 7.5/10)
Tech Made Easy 'The great thing about this is that you no longer need to sit in front of the computer to watch a video on the Internet, you can sit in front of your TV and access it with a few clicks of the remote.'Full Review
Date Added: Friday 12 August, 2011
RATED: 7.5/10

SONOS PLAY:3 Wireless HiFi System

Trusted Reviews (RATED: 9/10)
Trusted Reviews 'For years now, Sonos has been known as an expensive, high-quality streaming solution. But now that it has dropped the expensive bit, is the quality going to drop off too? Not in the slightest.'Full Review
Date Added: Tuesday 09 August, 2011
RATED: 9/10

SONOS PLAY:3 Wireless HiFi System

Engadget Review (RATED: 7/10)
Engadget Review 'The Play:3 is more than adequate for casual listening. It's clear, loud, and punchy enough to start up a small dance party if need be. And, unless the units unpacked themselves, sprouted legs, and walked to where we wanted them, setting them up couldn't have been any easier.'Full Review
Date Added: Tuesday 02 August, 2011
RATED: 7/10

Brainwavz B2 Dual Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones

Registered Hardware Review (RATED: 85%)
Registered Hardware Review 'The B2s have a stand-out personality. As you can see from the picture, they're far from subtle in design with a twisted-pair colour cable giving a flamboyant zebra-skin feel that should appeal to every man's inner pimp. The style of cabling makes it less susceptible to knots too and when it does tangle, it's easy to fix.'Full Review
Date Added: Friday 29 July, 2011
RATED: 85%

SoundMagic E10 In-Ear Earphones

Macworld Review (RATED: 4/5)
Macworld Review

In terms of audio quality, the E10 has fairly strong bass and, for those upgrading from Apple's earphones, sound in a whole other league; especially considering the price.

If you’re thinking about buying a new set of earphones to replace the standard issue iPod ones, SoundMAGIC’s E10 is definitely worth considering.

Full Review
Date Added: Friday 29 July, 2011
RATED: 4/5

SoundMagic E10 In-Ear Earphones

Head-Fi "Bass reaches down deep to sub-bass and hit with good impact, almost to a point of being bass dominant but lacks really good texture to be a monster of its own. Mid is only a tad recessed, still relatively sweet and clear but not a strong point in the overall presentation. Treble extends very well, not particular analytical but not lacking either. It has enough highlight to draw out the ‘sss’ in the vocal when called for, but not enough to sound bad with permanent sibilance. Soundstage is average due to the forwardness of presentation. In many ways the E10 shares a lot portion of its sound with ECCI PR300. While E10 has a deeper bass and slightly warmer tone, PR300 has more sparkle and hotter on the treble. This is quite different to that of PL50, which is smooth and mid focus though I still consider to be the same sound quality level as E10 and PR300."Full Review
Date Added: Tuesday 12 July, 2011

SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi

TechWorld "While not quite an audiophile’s dream, these stylish little speakers do an excellent job. If you’re moving on up from the integrated speakers in your laptop, you’ll be more than satisfied with the SoundScience QSBs. On the other hand, if you love your bass-heavy tunes or require absolute precision in your sound reproduction, perhaps they aren’t for you. The QSBs are selling for around £90, and at that price are an extremely tempting proposition if you can’t stretch to a fully featured home audio system, or absolutely have to retain portability."Full Review
Date Added: Tuesday 05 July, 2011

SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi

MacUser (print only) (RATED: 5/5)
MacUser (print only) "The QSB speakers are a considerable improvement on the general run of portable speakers for the desktop. While they're more in-your-suitcase than in-your-pocket, they deliver good-quality sound from nothing other than a single USB lead. If you want music or a movie in your hotel room or holiday let without having to plug in earphones, these speakers are a decent solution."
Date Added: Tuesday 05 July, 2011
RATED: 5/5

SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi

The Scotsman Review
The Scotsman Review "The design is clean and simple – all that was required was a union with my laptop's USB port. Recognised immediately by Windows – the QSB sprang into life with a balanced, powerful rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, while the edgy tones of Glasvegas echoed with the sonic sharpness of shattered glass. The treble was shrill, the bass powerful – with a width of soundstage that such small speakers have no right to produce."Full Review
Date Added: Tuesday 14 June, 2011

SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi

Trusted Reviews Review (RATED: 9/10)
Trusted Reviews Review "The Soundscience QSB USB-powered speakers may seem pricey, but their great sound and build quality justify the outlay if you frequently work on a laptop and are not chained to your desk. Cool and convenient, they're probably the most desirable USB speakers around."Full Review
Date Added: Tuesday 24 May, 2011
RATED: 9/10

SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi

Gadgets and Technology News Review
Gadgets and Technology News Review

We literally could not believe how powerful the sound was, considering the small amount of power being delivered into the device. Many of us have got used to the idea that if something is not powered externally, then it just will not be very loud. But QSB's are a real engineering masterpiece, quashing those preconceptions.

And at 85mm square they are small enough to fit in any suitcase and to find room on any desk. Simply perfect.

Top marks on all accounts.

Full Review
Date Added: Monday 16 May, 2011

SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi

Computer Active Review (RATED: 3/5)
Computer Active Review "The £90 price tag might seem high for a pair of small speakers but this kit frees the user from the mains power point, making it a great choice for people who need good sound on the road."Full Review
Date Added: Monday 16 May, 2011
RATED: 3/5

SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi

Tech Made Easy Review (RATED: 8.5/10)
Tech Made Easy Review

We've given the QSB speakers a bit more of a test than you might expect for a simple set of speakers. We felt it important to test them in a variety of different circumstances and in different types of location. Not once did we find them to be of less use than the speakers or headset that they were replacing, and moving them from place to place was an absolute breeze. It's a bit of a shame that they won't work with other devices such as Android tablets, but then this is down to a lack of support within Android, not any fault of the speakers themselves.

They are definitely more impressive at higher volumes than you might expect. Speakers of this physical size often struggle when pushed too far but if anything these speakers improve the higher you set the volume. They're not going to fill Wembley stadium, but for medium to large sized rooms you shouldn't experience any problems whatsoever.

In terms of price, the QSB's are on sale at AdvancedMP3Players for just under £90, which is a lot for a set of portable speakers. But these simply blow every other set of portable speakers that we've used out of the water, both in terms of performance and style. If you're in the market for a set of portable speakers then you could certainly do a lot worse in this area of the market, these chomp at the heels of speakers that cost two or three times as much while offering comparable levels of performance.

Full Review
Date Added: Monday 16 May, 2011
RATED: 8.5/10

SoundMagic PL11 In-Ear Super Bass Earphones

Stuff TV Review (Rated 5/5)
Stuff TV Review "If you have a few quid left over after buying your PMP and you want to know what it’s capable of, these will help you find out"Full Review
Date Added: Thursday 21 October, 2010
Rated 5/5

MEElectronics M6 Stylish Sound Isolating Sports Headphones Review (RATED: 4.5/5) Review "At $30 for the first generation M6s, they are an absolute steal and you wouldn’t be remiss in buying the more expensive versions for the improvements to the build quality either. Despite apparently sharing the same drivers as the M9s, they are definitely superior in every way besides airiness. The M6s deliver one of the most entertaining sound signatures I’ve heard in a while and are easily the most competent performers that I’ve heard in the sub $50 price range and even outside of that range, these perform well enough to be worth a look."Full Review
Date Added: Thursday 02 September, 2010
RATED: 4.5/5

SoundMagic PL30 In-Ear Sound Isolating Earphones

Good Gear Guide Review (RATED: 4.5/5)
Good Gear Guide Review "Sub-$100 in-ear headphones are often of poor quality but SoundMAGIC bucks the trend with the PL30 "professional earphones": a pair of comfortable canalphones that provide excellent sound quality at a bargain price."Full Review
Date Added: Monday 09 August, 2010
RATED: 4.5/5
Displaying 61 to 80 (of 92 reviews) Result Pages: < Prev   1  2  3  4  5  Next > 
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Hoodie Buddie, Turns up the style, seamlessly!


Hoodie Buddie Womens Zip Front with Built In Earphones, HB3 Technology.

Style and functionality

Are you sick of headphone cable tangles, sick of every time you pull your headphones from your pocket they take minutes to straighten out, then run the cables where you want then and finally plug them into your player?

The answer is very simple and comes in the form of the Hoodie Buddie! The Hoodie Buddie is hooded zip front top with earphones built into the ends of drawstrings and is fully machine washable, Genius! Just pop your player into the pocket, plug it in and get jiggy to your favourite tunes.


Hoodie Buddie is here to help!

Using patent-pending HB3Technology the HoodieBuddie contains a standard headphone jack in the front pocket that plugs into any headphone compatible device, like an mp3 player, iPod or iPhone, or other mobile device.

Once plugged into the device of your choice, the audio travels through embedded cables within the HoodieBuddie to the headphones, which are built in to the ends of the drawstrings. The HoodieBuddie's drawstring earphones are always available, free of tangles and sound great with a rich, full sound.

Plug in to your HoodieBuddie wherever you go—at the gym, on your way to work or on the plane. Your headphones are always ready to rock and tangle-free because they're built in.

Best of all, the entire Hoodie is machine washable (even the headphones).


A stylish hoodie with built-in headphones, simply plug your mp3 player into the hidden headphone jack in the pocket and listen through the earbud headphones in the drawstrings, simples!

Hoodie Buddie logo


  • Functional, stylish hoodie
  • Incorporating headphones in the draw cords
  • Full length zipper
  • Machine washable (including the headphones)

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