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Monitor Audio AirStream 10 Internet & DAB Radio

Monitor Audio AirStream 10 Internet & DAB Radio
  • Monitor Audio AirStream 10 Internet & DAB Radio
  • Monitor Audio AirStream 10 Internet & DAB Radio
  • Monitor Audio AirStream 10 Internet & DAB Radio
  • Monitor Audio AirStream 10 Internet & DAB Radio
  • Monitor Audio AirStream 10 Internet & DAB Radio
  • Monitor Audio AirStream 10 Internet & DAB Radio
  • Monitor Audio AirStream 10 Internet & DAB Radio

Monitor Audio AirStream 10 Internet & DAB Radio

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-Monitor Audio AirStream 10 Internet Radio-

With an Uncomplicated user interface and luxury design, AirStream 10 lets you experience internet, DAB and FM radio stations. It even lets you plug in your MP3 player and hi-fi system...

-Your Radio-

AIRSTREAM10_ADDITIONAL1.jpgMonitor Audio’s AirStream 10 is an entirely new way to enjoy radio. By combining the power of the Internet with an easy user interface and luxury design, AirStream 10 lets you experience over 15,000 Internet radio stations, global music services and every music file on your home network. It even reaches into analogue to give you FM with RDS and full digital DAB, and also offers a way to plug in your MP3 player and hi-fi system.

The design of AirStream 10 is not just for looks. Its unique shape enables you to utilise two different rotational options, optimising its versatility around your home: stand it on a shelf or lay it flat on a bedside table: it’s up to you! What’s more, the use of high quality materials like real wood veneer and aluminium casework greatly improve the sound quality and durability of AirStream 10, as well as providing the style and tactile quality that will sit perfectly in any traditional or contemporary interior.

Choose a way to listen to your music

AIRSTREAM10_ADDITIONAL3.jpgAirStream 10 can connect with any Wi-Fi network, at home or in an office. As soon as it's turned on it will automatically find the network, allowing you to access thousands of internet radio stations and podcasts from anywhere in the World. If you keep your music on a hard drive or storage device, AirStream 10 will connect to it via Wi-Fi - it'll even update whether your computer is on of off: as long as there's power to the router, the Airstream 10 is finding music for you. Easy.

Let AirStream 10 bring a diversity of music from anywhere in the world, right into your home or office...


AIRSTREAM10_ADDITIONAL5.jpgUltra Low-Resonance Aluminum Shell

Rather than a cheap plastic shell, we have constructed an all aluminium shell to house the workings and drive unit of the AirStream10. This provides an extremely rigid environment for the drive unit, increasing performance and reducing unwanted vibrations and air-leakage

Real Wood Veneer

Utilising real wood was a natural material choice; it’s a material that fitted naturally with the low-resonance aluminium shell making the physical design of the AirStream10 a tactile and highly versatile product, which will fit effortlessly within traditional or modern interiors.

AIRSTREAM10_ADDITIONAL6.jpgCentral Navigation Control

The Hub for navigation of the AirStream10, it provides an intuitive way of navigating menus, skipping stations back and forth, pause and play functions and the volume.

Display & Presets

With a display created via a 6-line LCD rear back light producing clear white details on a black background, the display menu options and station information couldn’t be easier to see or read. The 4 touch sensitive preset buttons are found around the screen and provide presets for 4 stations in DAB, internet or FM Modes.

Mode Functions

6 touch sensitive function including EQ settings (Optimum, voice, classical, pop. Rock, dynamic) Alarm, info, menu, mode and sleep/snooze provide further intuitive navigation making the AirStream10 easy to setup just how you want it.


AirStream 10 brings with it over 37 years of audio expertise, concentrating the virtues of our loudspeaker ranges into a small, highly versatile and unique design.



The AirStream 10 uses Wi-Fi technology to automatically and wirelessly stream radio stations and music files from your computer or hard drive. No more unslightly wires - take AirStream 10 to any room and enjoy access to all your music when you’re in range of a wireless router (an Ethernet cable is supplied with Airstream10 for connection to a standard router).


Internet radio accumulates all the radio stations being broadcast over the Word Wide Web. The wonderful thing about Internet radio is its variety: you can find major national stations, regional stations or even tiny stations that only broadcast over the Internet - there's so much choice! AirStream 10 allows you to search by name, location or genre, so finding what you want is quick and easy.



The difference between DAB and a conventional AM/FM radio broadcast is that DAB is transmitted digitally and can deliver higher quality sound* without hiss, fading or crackles. In DAB mode, AirStream 10 will automatically scan and find all the available stations for you, displaying all the broadcast information on screen. For a list of stations available in you area please click here

Note: the sound quality is dependant on a strong signal strength, Signal strength can vary from area to area.


The AirStream 10 may be packed full of advanced technical features but its clean layout and ergonomic functionality make it quick and easy to use. Browse the menus via the central control dial and touch sensitive buttons and view it all on the clear black and white LED display.



Developed with the high quality materials and meticulous care that we lavish on the design of our more advanced hi fi speakers, AirStream 10 embodies the spirit of Monitor Audio. With its strong, ultra low-resonance aluminium shell, touch sensitive menu buttons, ergonomic central control dial and innovative, tactile shape, Airstream 10 exceeds every parameter we've set and redefines the meaning of 'compact radio'.


The goal for AirStream 10 was to offer as much versatility from a radio as possible. Not only is this evident in the design, where form and function are intrinsically combined, but also from the driver, developed from decades of audio expertise and advanced audio simulation to pull every last detail available from the incoming audio.

AIRSTREAM10_SPEAKER.jpgFind True Expression

Monitor Audio’s Platinum loudspeakers are engineered to achieve the most natural sound possible. Every component part is produced to exacting standards and each speaker is carefully hand-built by our small team of technicians. The Platinum Series represents the epitome of British design and quality, demonstrating Monitor Audio’s devotion to music and film sound reproduction. It is these exacting high standards of quality design, build and performance that can be found in the AirStream 10 and across our range of loudspeakers.


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