Shanling ET3 CD Transport

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  • Compact Design with CNC-machined metal body
  • Developed as a pure digital transport
  • CT7302CL Upsampling chip
  • All-to-DSD or All-to-PCM Upsampling function
  • I2S / Optical / Coaxial / AES EBU / USB Digital Outputs
  • Philips SAA7824 CD Drive | Sanyo HD850 Laser
  • Playback from USB Drive
  • 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi with DLNA/Airplay support
  • Bluetooth 5.0 input  with LDAC, AAC and SBC support
  • MQA CD Support
  • Can act as NAS server with USB drives
  • Based on Ingenic X2000 Platform
  • Companion App and Remote Control included


In the Box

  • Shanling ET3
  • Disc cover
  • Power cable
  • Remote control
  • User Guide


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Compact CD Player

With compact dimensions ideal for use in desktop rigs, on smaller bedroom tables or in any narrow Hi-Fi racks. CNC machined from a single piece of aluminium for extremely rigid construction. With a top-loading CD drive and transparent cover, to fully enjoy the charm of spinning discs. Available in two colours, for easy matching with most H-Fi setups.

MQA-CD Support – Full MQA Unfolding

With the added support for the MQA-CD, ET3 can act as an MQA Full Decoder, offering the full quality of MQA files. And when connected to an MQA-capable DAC, ET3 can act as an MQA Core Decoder, outputting through I2S to the DAC.

High-End Class Connectivity

ET3 offers a range of standard digital outputs, but its main strength can be found in I2S output and in special USB Data output, which is very unique feature for a CD Player.

USB and Wireless Playback

With support for USB Drive Playback (up to 2TB drives), ET3 adds full compatibility for High-resolution files, up to PCM 32bit/768kHz and DSD512. Offering an extremely easy way how to play all the digital files in a Hi-Fi rig. And thanks to the companion Eddict app, the files can be nicely browsed through directly on the phone or tablet.

ET3 is ready for the wireless streaming era, with Wi-Fi support for DLNA and Airplay and Bluetooth 5.0. Providing access to music streaming apps on phones, tablets or computers.

Advanced Sound Processing – Upsampling and All-to-DSD

Transform all the CDs. USB files or Wireless streaming into Hi-Res digital data, upsampling PCM files up to 768kHz or turning all the files into DSD. Just one simple setting, for a perfect match with any High-End DAC.

I²S output: up to PCM768, DSD 512

Coaxial / optical / AES output: up to PCM192, DSD 64

High-Quality Bluetooth Input – Ultimate Convenience

Shanling ET3 can connect to any phone, tablet or computer, as easily and quickly as any Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Instantly getting access to all the streaming apps, movies or YouTube. And the High-fidelity sound is assured thanks to the LDAC support, alongside AAC support for iOS users.

Top-Loading CD Drive – Philips SAA7824 & Sanyo HD850

Shanling ET3 combines a Philips CD drive system with a classic Sanyo optical head, alongside a top-loaded design for stable and reliable CD playback. Matching the performance of our legacy CD players we manufactured for over 30 years.