ONIX Miracle Next Gen Streaming Centre with Player, Amp and Power Supply

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  • Snapdragon 665 CPU & Open Android 10 OS
  • 6-inch Touchscreen & Hardware Buttons
  • AKM AK4493SEQ DAC & Ricore RT6863 Amplifiers
  • FPGA Technology + KDS Crystal Oscillators
  • Highly Adjustable Gain For Wide Range Of Headphones
  • Streamer, Digital Inputs, Wireless Connectivity
  • Smooth Transition From On-The-Go To Desktop Use
  • Further Tuning Through Power Supply Voltage


In the Box

  • Onix XM10 - Independent Digital Audio Player / Streamer
  • Onix XP10 - High-End Hi-Fi DAC & Powerful Headphone Amp
  • Onix XPS10 - Highly Specialized Adjustable Power Supply
  • 4.4mm Jack to 3.5mm Jack adapter
  • USB-C to USB-A cable


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Designed by ONIX //// Made by Shanling

With the Onix Miracle pack, Shanling offers a combination of products capable of providing for any situation, allowing you to always enjoy your music at its best. An Onix XM10 acts as a streamer and portable player for on-the-go use, while an Onix XP10 and Onix XPS10 act as a DAC/headphone amplifier and hi-fi power supply for sedentary use. Each of these products has been designed to work together to give you the best in the most versatile way possible.

Onix XM10 – Portable Player / Streamer Platform

XM10 brings the never-ending possibilities of an open Android 10 system, with a fast Snapdragon 665 CPU and 6-inch 2K IPS touch screen. Its main role is as a streamer platform, providing the Onix stack with familiar Android UI and easy access to all streaming services and popular music apps. Just insert the XM10 into the docking port on top of the Onix DAC/AMP, where optimized USB output with accurate clocking and reduced jitter assures the ideal performance of digital transport.

And when you have to leave your home, the music doesn’t have to stop, simply take XM10 with you. Offering a simpler audio circuit with AKM AK4493S DAC and dual Ricore RT6863 amplifiers, with an option of balanced output through the provided 4.4mm adapter.

Onix XP10 – High-End DAC / Headphone Amplifier

Featuring flagship 8-channel ESS ES9039PRO DAC, with in-house developed I/V conversion stage based on OPA1611, OPA2211 Low-pass filter and pair of PGA2311 for precise 254-step volume control. Paired with an advanced transistor headphone amplifier, utilizing a fully balanced audio design and offering up to 5.6W @ 32 Ohm // 0.85W @ 300 Ohm.

Additional features are available thanks to the Ingenic X2000 platform and compact 3.2-inch touch screen. Adding Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility with LDAC support for easy music streaming and even allowing the XP10 to act as a completely independent music rig, thanks to the support of playback from USB drives.

All fitting into compact CNC machined chassis, with gold-plated volume wheel resembling the origins of the Onix brand.

Onix XPS10 – Specialized Power Supply

Designed as a companion for the XP10 DAC, utilizing a pair of Noratel 30W transformers and offering unique 12 – 24 V output with macro and micro-adjustments.

XPS10 is not just about providing clean power for the DAC, it opens a brand-new world of adjustability thanks to its variable output. From mellow sound of 12V, to highly dynamic 24V, users can adjust their sound in multiple steps, including micro adjustments at 0.1V levels. Providing more control over the overall sound, for ideal matching with any pair of headphones or speakers.

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