IKKO ITX01 HiFi Docking Station

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  • Powerful Ten in One USB Hub
  • DAC chip SNC8600
  • USB 3.2 transmission protocol, 10Gpbs
  • HDMI port with 4K 60Hz display support
  • MicroSD and SD card slots
  • Dual headphone outputs, 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced
  • SNR: 100dB | THD: 0.01% | Max output: 64mW
  • Decoding ability: PCM 192Khz
  • Fully compatible with Apple M1 chip
  • Compatible with multiple systems: Android, IOS, Mac OS, Win10, PS5, Switch
  • Logo touchpad to switch colour-coded audio mode
  • 100W Fast PD Charging

In the Box

  • IKKO ITX01 HiFi Docking Station   
  • Storage Bag
  • Manual

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Meet the all-new IKKO ITX01, the world's first 10 in 1 USB Hub to feature dedicated DAC and AMP chipsets for Hi-Res audio support. Designed with beautiful magnesium-aluminium alloy material, the ITX01 offers a robust build and a complete plethora of ports for connectivity. It has dual Headphone output ports, one 3.5mm single-ended and another 4.4mm balanced port. As a USB Hub, it is loaded with all advanced technologies including HDMI 2.0 port for 4K 60Hz video output, USB3.2 ports for ultra-fast data transmission, advanced core chip for cool operation, and many more features.

World's First USB Hub To Support Hi-Res Audio

In this era of innovations, IKKO ITX01 innovates the way we have USB Hubs in the industry. IKKO ITX01 is the world's first USB Hub to support Hi-Res Audio. It is designed with a custom DAC & AMP chipset and received the Hi-Res Audio certification from JAS. The hub houses dual headphone output ports, supporting both single-ended(3.5mm) as well as balanced connections(4.4mm). Be prepared to take your music to new heights with the new ITX01.

Mirror Your Screen With Outstanding 4K Visuals

Who doesn't want 4K? With the IKKO ITX01, we have got HDMI 2.0 output port. With 4K monitors, get stunning visuals with clean and smooth 4K 60Hz output. You can connect it to projectors, TV's, and monitors with HDMI input options. Enjoy your media and movies with all-new clarity in 4K.

Ultra-Fast Data Transfer Rate With Multiple USB3.2 Ports

IKKO has designed the ITX01 with the latest generation USB3.2 ports. They support blazing-fast data transfer with up to 10Gbps speed. Transfer your media in minutes with super-fast transfer speeds.

Supports 100W PD Charging

To all the devices that support Type-C charging ports, the IKKO ITX01 will provide them with super-fast 100W PD charging option. Instantly charge your MacBook without worrying about damaging the Hub or your connected system at all.

New Core Chip For Silent & Cool Operation

The biggest concern with other USB Hub's in the market is their heating issue. They heat up especially when charging up the connected devices. But you don't have to worry anything about heating issues with the ITX01. IKKO has designed it with a new core chip, that makes it run super cool even under heavy loads.

Simultaneously Working Dual Card Slots

IKKO ITX01 houses two different memory card slots, one micro SD and one standard SD card slot, both of which supports simultaneously operation allowing the user to connect two cards at the same time.

Exquisite Build With Premium Anodized Finish

IKKO has designed the ITX01 with 6 series aviation-grade magnesium and aluminium alloy material. The outer chassis is made by anodizing process with anti-oxidation coating for longer durability. It has a rich and premium in-hand feel.


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