iBasso IT05 Audiophile In-Ear Monitors

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  • Chrome-plated 11mm dynamic driver
  • 1.6T strong Tesla unit
  • Dual Helmholtz resonator
  • Brass + stainless steel horn cavity
  • CNC metal shell MMCX interface
  • Patent Stainless Steel plugs
  • Two cables: 4-wire OFC 3.5 mm + 8-wire OCC 4.4 mm balanced
  • 3 pairs of tuning filters for fine-tuning the sound character
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz - 40 kHz
  • Impedance: 16 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 119 dB
  • THD+N: less than 1% (@ 1 kHz/1 mW)
  • Cable length: 1.2 m


In the Box

  • iBasso IT05 headphones
  • Three replaceable filters
  • High-purity oxygen-free copper cable with a 3.5mm plug (single-ended)
  • Hybrid cable with copper in black insulation and silver-plated copper in transparent insulation with a 4.4 mm plug (balanced)
  • A large number of eartips in various designs and sizes
  • Classic metal storage case

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iBasso IT05

In-ear headphones from the "In Tune" line based on an original dynamic transducer that guarantees excellent sound quality.

The model is also distinguished by metal housings with elegant front panels and two high-quality cables with 3.5 mm (single-ended) and 4.4 mm (balanced) plugs with characteristic housings, which are available in the set.

Proprietary 11 mm dynamic driver

The iBasso R&D team has developed a new dynamic transducer for the IT05 model, which is a unique solution. It is characterized by an 11 mm diameter membrane made of nanomaterial, which is covered with chrome. This material is characterized by extremely high stiffness, which translates into well-extended and detailed high tones.

The use of an advanced sputtering process made it possible to obtain a coating of only 0.007 mm. Thanks to this, the membrane is characterized by good flexibility, which guarantees low-reaching, powerful bass and full sound. The appropriate shape of the dome allows for better control of the movement of the diaphragm, and a special metal ring dampens split vibrations, which improves the purity of the sound.

Great quality of workmanship and stylish appearance

iBasso IT05 have housings made of resistant but light metal using a precision machine cutting process (CNC). The domes are also ergonomically shaped, so they rest comfortably in your ears and you can listen to them for many hours. IT05 also attracts attention with its characteristic front panels, which add charm to them.

Dual Helmholtz resonator for IT05

The new diaphragm is not the only element that guarantees the great sound quality of the IT05. iBasso used a double Helmholtz resonator, a special acoustic structure that guarantees better texture and extension of low tones, and at the same time absorbs high-frequency standing waves, making the sound smooth and natural.

The transducer housing is additionally made of two materials - brass and stainless steel. The first one has a higher density, which translates into lower resonance and reduced distortion. Stainless steel has great acoustic properties, which guarantees detailed and airy high tones. The combination of both materials allows you to achieve a natural, but technically excellent sound.

Magnetic system with a force of 1.6 T in IT05

iBasso IT05 have a magnet with a magnetic field of up to 1.6 T. This guarantees excellent control of the movement of the stiff and thin diaphragm, which translates into a clear impact of low tones, fantastic dynamics and fast transients.

Two headphone cables included

iBasso IT05 is not only a unique transducer. The company adds not one, but two headphone cables to the set:

-   4-wire high-purity oxygen-free copper with a 3.5 mm plug (single-ended) that has an elegant black braid;

-   8-core, hybrid with 4 cores of OCC copper with a purity of up to 6N in black insulation and 4 wires of silver-plated OCC 6N copper in transparent insulation with a 4.4 mm plug (balanced).

Both cables have characteristic plug covers. This is an original solution by iBasso and is made of stainless steel.

Also included are iBasso's replaceable filters to further customize the sound signature:

Silver - Reference  |  Black - Balance  |  Gold - Bass



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