iBasso AMP14 Amplifier Card

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  • Uses improved 6th Gen KORG Triode Vacuum Tube for rich overtones
  • Cathode Input for lower impedance and less interference
  • 4.4mm Balanced PO + 4.4mm Balanced LO outputs
  • Advanced circuit design for improved noise floor and noise reduction
  • Amplifier module for iBasso DX300 / DX320

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  • iBasso AMP14 Amplifier Card

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This iBasso AMP14 amplifier module is specifically designed to accompany the brand's DX320 and DX300 DAPs. Each module is hand tested and calibrated at the factory to provide the best possible performance. As a result, the AMP14 delivers optimal sonic performance, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and detailed music experience.

Korg Nutube Amplifier Stage

The amplification stage of the AMP14 is equipped with a 6th generation Nutube module, developed by Korg and Noritake. This module works like a classic triode tube and allows to take advantage of the roundness of this type of amplification. The Nutube adds to this an energy saving, a reduced form factor and improved performance compared to a conventional tube.

A perfectly optimized circuit

The AMP14 circuitry is meticulously designed and optimized to provide the best possible sonic performance, not to mention the typical Korg Nutube sound.

  • Use of the Toshiba 2SK209 field effect transistor as an output buffer for the Nutube module.
  • Separate signal and shielding grounds to avoid interference and noise.
  • The negative feedback of the amplifier circuit effectively reduces distortion while providing frequency band extension.
  • The addition of a dedicated JRC ultra-low noise volume controller provides noise reduction at low volumes, while improving sonic transparency.

A high-precision power supply stage

The AMP14 uses two DC-DC converters from Linear Technology for its power supply stage, for a total of 4 DC-DC power supplies. The first two supply 3.6V and 14V to the Nutube module, while the last two supply +8V and -8V to the AOP.

Dual balanced outputs

The AMP14 has the particularity to have two balanced outputs, one being a headphone output and the other a line output. It is therefore versatile and can be used with headphones as well as to provide an audio signal to another device.

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