How to Transfer BBC iPlayer files to the Cowon J3 and S9.

This guide will show you a quick an easy way to transfer BBC iPlayer files to your Cowon J3 or S9 through Windows Media Player.

1. First of all navigate to and find a video which you’d like to play on your Cowon J3 or S9. Once you’ve found a video click on it to load up the play screen on the iPlayer website.

Locating a Video:


BBC iPlayer play screen:


2. Now click the ‘More downloads’ box and select ‘Portable devices’.


3. When ‘Portable devices’ is selected a box will appear on your screen with a list of players. Simply click the ‘Download’ button and tell your internet browser where to save the video file (normally saving to the Desktop is the best place).


4. Once the video file finishes downloading to your PC open Windows Media Player and click on the downward pointing arrow below ‘Library’. From here you can click on ‘Video’; which will allow you to select your Windows Media Player video library.


5. Now click and drag the video file from your desktop to Windows Media Player. This will add the video to your video library and it will appear along with whatever other videos you have saved.



6. You will now need to play the video in Windows Media Player for a few seconds to retrieve the media usage rights. Normally after 5-10 seconds you’ll be able to stop the video.

7. Now plug in your Cowon J3 or S9 and click the ‘Sync’ tab along the top of Windows Media Player.


8. When the ‘Sync’ tab loads you can drag the iPlayer video file to the ‘Sync List’ on the right hand side.


9. When the file appears in the Sync List you can click on the ‘Start Sync’ button and Windows Media Player will begin to copy the video to you player.



10. When Windows Media Player finishes copying the video on to your player you can select the video option from the player menu and enjoy your BBC iPlayer video.