FiiO JH5 1 Dynamic & 4 BA Driver Hybrid In Ear Earphones

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  • 1 dynamic 4 BA three-way design
  • 10mm carbon-based dynamic driver
  • Four custom BA drivers per ear
  • Three independent driver chambers
  • High-precision 3D printed construction
  • Zinc alloy faceplate
  • Negative feedback bass enhancement
  • 0.78 2pin detachable cable
  • Included 392 wire silver-plated copper cable
  • Hi-Res Audio certified


In the Box

  • FiiO JH5 1 Dynamic & 4 BA Driver Hybrid In Ear Earphones
  • 0.78mm 2pin silver-plated copper cable
  • Balanced ear tips S/M/L
  • Bass ear tips S/M/L (M pre-installed)
  • HB11 transparent storage case
  • Quick Guide


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High performance at a lower cost

The FIIO and Jade Audio series of products have always been known for their high performance-to-cost ratio as well as their high build quality, providing audiophiles with affordable yet high-quality devices to listen with. The all-new JH5 is the latest result of FIIO and Jade Audio’s years of audio experience. The high-precision 3D printed construction and the exquisite zinc alloy faceplate are a display of the high-end craftsmanship poured into the JH5 which gives it a luxurious feel you will immediately notice when picking it up.

The acoustic design of the JH5 borrows elements from the design of high-end IEMs such as the FH9 and FH7 with the goal of presenting music from genres as diverse as classical to pop all in a high-fidelity manner. At the heart of the JH5 is a 10mm carbon-based dynamic driver which is seamlessly connected to the custom balanced armature drivers covering medium to ultra-high frequencies thanks to the drivers being separated into three independent chambers.

The FIIO JH5 is truly an affordable IEM with a highly precise sound that truly lets you experience how good dynamic-BA hybrids can get.

10mm carbon-based dynamic driver

The quality of the dynamic driver is especially important in hybrid IEMs as it is the foundation of its sound. The JH5’s 10mm carbon-based dynamic driver is similar to those used in the popular FIIO “Little Conch” series of headphones. However, this driver has been further tweaked, making it a second-generation model that has been designed to work well with the rest of the acoustic design. The carbon-based driver can move quickly resulting in excellent transient performance; all with minimal driver breakup resulting in reduced non-linear distortion.

Dual cavity dynamic driver

In order to go beyond the typical sound found in its class, the development team placed special attention on optimizing and tuning the JH5’s dynamic driver. The JH5’s dynamic driver features a unique dual-layer cavity, allowing for damping control systems in both the inner and outer chambers to precisely control airflow – resulting in reduced distortion and allowing the diaphragm to move more freely without breakup. The result is extended yet quick bass that is truly “dynamic driver”-like.

Asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuits

To ensure that the driver has enough energy to convey even the most robust dynamics in audio, the FIIO JH5 is equipped with a second-generation asymmetric internal and external magnetic circuits design. Compared to the traditional design of a single internal magnet or a single external magnet, the magnetic circuits in the JH5 greatly increase the magnetic field density around the voice coil – leading to more power for a more robust sound as well as improved transient response.

The JH5 uses strong N52 neodymium magnets with 1.5T magnetic flux. Stronger magnets ensure a more uniform magnetic field across a wider area, leading to lower distortion even when playing back highly dynamic audio signals – leading to a liquid sound unconstrained.

Custom medium and high-frequency BA drivers

To ensure the dynamic driver worked well with the balanced armature drivers, the development team borrowed design ideas from high-end hybrid IEMs like the FH9 and FH7. Two custom BA drivers handle the mid and high frequencies. These two BA drivers were specially designed along with the dynamic driver to have a resonance peak at 2.8kHz, which also happens to be a resonance frequency formed by the shape of the human ear. The result is not only a smooth transition between the dynamic and balanced armature driver but also ensures that the transition between different drivers is also well-suited for the shape of the human ear – resulting in a more natural soundstage and overall a smoother sound.

Custom ultra-high frequency BA driver

To achieve sound quality targets, the development team also saw fit to equip the JH5 with two custom ultra-high frequency (UHF) BA drivers. These two UHF drivers were placed closer to the sound nozzle – which itself was made to have a thicker inner part, be shorter in length, and have a small curvature. The result of this design allows the FIIO JH5 to be well-extended in the treble, being able to capably produce ultra-high frequencies. It will let you feel every pluck of instrument strings, bringing you that much closer to the music performance.

High-precision 3D printed construction

If it is comfortable, you are more likely to keep it for a long time. If it sounds good, you are more willing to listen to it. To achieve better sound and superior comfort, the shell is made from medical-grade resin that has gone through high-precision DLP 3D printing, with a printing process down to 0.05mm ensuring even complex acoustic designs are consistently made between all units. And medical-grade resin helps the JH5 to be tough and impact-resistant, ensuring they last for a long time.

Three independent driver chambers

In order to achieve maximum performance and to produce natural sound at all frequencies, the development team decided to take advantage of highly precise 3D printing by making three independent chambers, each housing a set of drivers that handle a specific set of frequencies to reduce interference between the different driver and thus lowering distortion.

Thanks to the self-developed acoustic pipe, the JH5’s frequency response curve is smooth, free of distortion and sibilance caused by frequency response spikes.

Liquid die-cast zinc alloy faceplate

The JH5 was designed as a relatively affordable IEM that not only sounds great but also exhibits build quality excellence. The robust yet light magnesium alloy cover that undergoes several processes such as liquid die-casting, mirror electroplating and hand polishing results in an IEM that simply exudes quality. Your fingers will immediately know when they touch the JH5.

Included 392 wires of silver-plated copper headphone cable

The FIIO JH5 comes standard with a cable made of high-purity silver-plated copper wires. Every 14 wires are twisted into a small strand, and 7 small strands make up one large strand. With a total of 4 large strands, the JH5’s cable boasts a total of 392 wires. The wires are each independently insulated and Litz braided, which increases the conductive area and improves high-frequency detail.

The JH5 features a 0.78 2-pin detachable cable that allows ample opportunities for future upgrades. The 0.78 2pin connectors are elbow-shaped and the cable ergonomically wraps around your ear for a more comfortable listening experience.


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