FiiO FH11 Carbon Based Diaphragm In Ear Monitors

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  • 10mm carbon-based diaphragm
  • Custom-balanced armature driver
  • Liquid die-cast zinc alloy earphone shell
  • Three-chamber cavity acoustic design
  • Fine-tuned frequency response curve
  • 0.78 2-PIN detachable cable   
  • C-shaped acoustic flute
  • Triangular ergonomic design
  • Hi-Res Audio Certification


In the Box

  • FiiO FH11 In Ear Monitors
  • 3.5mm to 0.78/2-pin headphone cable
  • Balanced eartips S/M/L
  • Bass eartips S/M/L (M pre-installed)
  • Quick Guide

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FiiO's engineering team has created the FD11 and FH11 as part of the new "Bionic Conch" product range, which aims to exceed its price class in terms of both aesthetics and sound. High-end technologies have been used to create the unique flow feel that exudes from the FD11 and FH11's looks, while innovative features such as a C-shaped acoustic channel take sound quality to the next level for a truly cohesive, unified sound.

Sound Styles:

FD11: Focuses on the dynamic timbre of the pickup, with a focus on vocals, it is suitable for vocal tracks, folk, ACG and other styles of music.

FH11: Focuses on detailed bass with particular emphasis on its high quality that will immerse you in music, it is suitable for rock, pop and other music styles.

10mm dynamic carbon-based dynamic driver

In an effort to create a perfect-sounding dynamic driver, our engineers decided to use the same materials found in high-end IEMs such as the FH15 and FF5, resulting in a carbon-based diaphragm dynamic driver. The material of the diaphragm is critical to the sound of a dynamic driver, and the carbon-based material is ideal for the diaphragm – being lighter than aluminium, beryllium and other material while having a tensile strength nine times that of steel. The carbon-based diaphragm results in a highly-responsive and detailed driver that can easily handle quick transients with minimal distortion thanks to break up during driver movement.

Every detail faithfully reproduced – Custom balanced armature driver

Handling the treble is a highly resolving, custom-balanced armature driver specially chosen to complement the sound traits of the carbon-based dynamic driver. Not only does this custom-balanced armature driver provide clear sound, it also features just the right amount of warmth to give it a powerful sound, making it easy for you to appreciate your music.

Three-chamber acoustic design

Well-designed hybrid IEMs harmoniously combine different transducers and allow you to fully extract the advantages of each of them. To achieve this, the rear of each FH11 unit is divided into three chambers, with a damping control system to ensure that changes in air pressure between the chambers do not interfere with each other. This reduces the distortion of each driver and allows each driver to work more freely, resulting in better bass extension and better responsiveness.

Craftsmanship visible at first glance - Die-cast zinc alloy construction

A new generation of sound goes hand in hand with a new look. Zinc alloy is the material of choice for the construction of the FH11 to give it a unique fluid look. The alloy is die-cast into shape, then polished and electro-plated for an exclusive look and feel rarely seen in this class.

C-shaped acoustic channel

In addition to the new shell-like shape, the FH11's C-shaped acoustic channel also serves to significantly improve sound quality - this feature focuses specifically on the bass. As air flows through the internals of the FH11, a C-shaped acoustic channel helps increase the viscosity of that air and reduces the resonant frequency, which helps to improve the quality of both the midrange and lower end. This means you can now clearly feel the coherence and power behind the sound of the drum beat.

Finely tuned frequency response

Some may be concerned about the consistency between the balanced armature and the dynamic driver in the FH11. However, FiiO's engineering team has gone to great lengths to ensure that the drivers work together to produce a smooth, easy-to-listen sound. The carbon-based dynamic driver delivers powerful bass that gives your music an immersive atmosphere. High frequencies are handled by a specially optimized armature driver with specially tuned accents at specific points such as 14kHz and 18kHz, allowing you to clearly experience the brilliance of instruments such as flutes, xylophones and cymbals.

Triangular ergonomic shape

We may start with presence, but ultimately we focus on the small details. For the FH11, we continue our sincere efforts to innovate in both its appearance and how it feels to wear. The shape of the earcup of FH11 has been specifically designed to optimize the contact area between the receiver and the human ear, creating a triangular support structure so that the headphones stay securely in the ear no matter the situation.

Detachable 0.78mm 2-pin cable

The FH11 uses a 0.78mm double-pin cable, allowing it to be easily replaced if required. The headphone jack has also been specially curved to make it both easier to use and more comfortable to wear.




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