FiiO FA19 New Flagship 10 Knowles BA Driver IEMs

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  • 10 Balanced Knowles BA Driver Design
  • Custom Knowles – enhanced bass BA drivers
  • Rubycon audiophile-grade film capacitors crossover
  • Negative feedback bass enhancement system
  • HiFi Mid-frequency notch filter
  • Monitor/HiFi mode switch
  • DLP 3D printed shell
  • S.Turbo patented acoustic design
  • 8 strands of 224 wire pure silver cable
  • Hi-Res Audio certified


In the Box

  • FiiO FA19 10 Knowles BA Driver IEMs
  • Sterling silver cable with swappable plugs
  • 3.5mm standard and 4.4mm balanced plugs
  • Magnetic core clip
  • Cleaning brush and MMCX quick-release tool
  • Foam eartips (2 x M), SpinFit eartips (S/M/L)
  • Bass eartips (S/M/L), balanced eartips (S/M/L)
  • HS18 eartips pack with S/M/L sizes
  • FiiO HB5 leather storage case
  • Quick Start Guide


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Custom Knowles · enhanced bass BA drivers

FiiOs goal was to create a truly monumental multi-BA driver IEM. They aimed to shake up the current market of flagship multi-BA driver IEMs and spent three years on refining it to do so. For the ten balanced armature drivers FA19, they collaborated deeply with Knowles. Together they built a custom enhanced bass balanced armature driver specifically for the FA19 to provide the listener with a deep low-frequency experience uncommon in multi-BA driver IEMs. Additionally, FiiO also worked closely with Knowles to optimize the mid and high-frequency drivers so tht they not only sound highly detailed but also pleasantly smooth. With the FA19 we carefully tuned all parts of the frequency response curve for a truly coherent and resolving sound. Welcome to a new world for multi-BA IEMs, and the FiiO FA19 will be your guide.

10 Knowles BA Design

The FiiO FA19 was designed based on both science and actual listening tests. FiiO settled for using 4 custom Knowles bass BA drivers, 2 Knowles ED mid-BA drivers and 4 Knowles SWFK treble BA drivers per ear monitor.

Having more drivers in an IEM does provide certain advantages. It significantly increases the energy density within a given frequency range, resulting in more detail reproduced. This is especially apparent during dynamic audio passages, where more drivers are better able to handle the nuances present, ensuring that the resulting sound is not compromised. Thus, the IEM is better able to faithfully reproduce the original sound.

When tuning IEMs, it is important that there are ample energy reserves from the drivers so that the engineers have enough to work with to achieve their sound goals. This may simply not be possible with fewer drivers. Thus the FA19 employs the outstanding BA drivers. And the physical + electronic three-way crossover accurately segments different drivers working on different frequency ranges, resulting in a clear, reference monitor-like sound quality.

The FA19 is an IEM that reaches the height of sound quality with a thunderous impact, being able to faithfully reproduce every last single audio detail.

Negative feedback bass enhancement system

With four custom-enhanced bass-balanced armature drivers per channel developed by FIIO in collaboration with Knowles, the FA19 boasts ample bass. Engineers creatively made use of the precise DLP 3D printing technology to create a shell that helps to guide this low-frequency energy into the earphone’s rear cavity, effectively lowering the resonant frequency there – essentially a negative feedback bass enhancement system. The result is a bass that reaches extremely deep, uncommon among IEMs of its class.

Mid-frequency notch filter

A smooth mid-frequency curve not only stems from the core unit’s quality but also results from meticulous tuning by professional acousticians. The FA19 employs two classic Knowles ED mid-BA drivers, known for their high resolution and favoured by demanding listeners. However, if not implemented properly they can sometimes exhibit sibilance which negatively affects the overall listening experience. To address this, engineers have specially designed a mid-frequency notch filter at the bottom of these two mid-BA drivers.

Rubycon audiophile-grade crossover capacitors

Truly be immersed with each striking musical note thanks to a precise crossover. The FA19 employs audiophile-grade film capacitors as its electronic crossover components, which boast exceptional precision. While typical resistors used for crossovers have an error tolerance of around 1%, the FA19’s resistors have an impressively low error tolerance of 0.1%. Thus, compared to ordinary ceramic capacitors, the FA19 not only attains more accurate crossover points but also features enhanced high-frequency resolution without sacrificing tonal finesse.

Broken down into figures, this means that the new FiiO FA10 with its total of ten drivers can reproduce a frequency range between 20 Hz and 40 kHz, with an impedance of just 10 ohms and a sensitivity of 106 dB.

S.Turbo patented acoustic design

The FA19 incorporates FiiO’s patented S.Turbo acoustic turbine-shaped design. By extending the tube that guides low frequencies, it serves as a filtering device that effectively eliminates high-frequency sound waves emanating from the bass BA drivers. This ensures a smooth transition between low and mid frequencies. This also leads to a cleaner split between the low and mid frequencies, resulting in purer sound that better reflects the original sound of music.

Monitor/HiFi mode switch

Choose between two carefully crafted listening modes, by easily flipping a switch on the fly on the back of the IEMs. Use the FA19 as an audio production tool anytime, anywhere.

High-end cable for stunning sound

The FA19 comes standard with a high-purity pure silver cable, consisting 8 strands of 28 wires each for a total of 224 wires. Each individual wire is independently insulated, and the cable is twisted using a Litz structure. The cable sheath is made from imported transparent eco-friendly TPU, enhancing the cable’s appearance with a bright and clear appearance. Additionally, this TPU material effectively prevents yellowing due to prolonged use and stiffening of the cable due to use in low-temperature environments.

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