Cayin N8ii Flagship Digital Audio Player (Manufacture Refurbished)

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  • Dual ROHM BD34301EKV, TOTL mono mode current output DAC
  • Balanced tube amplification with matched paired KORG Nutube 6P1
  • Dual Amplification Mode (Choice of Class A/Class AB)
  • Adjustable gain on two levels (P or P+ mode)
  • Premium grade resistor ladder electronic volume control
  • High Quality “unamplified” single-ended and balanced Line Out
  • Snapdragon 660 CPU, 6G DDR4 RAM
  • 128 GB internal storage expandable by microSD card up to 1TB
  • Android 9 with Google Player preinstalled, streaming ready
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (LDAC and UAT support)
  • DTA bypass Android SRC, Hi-Res playback to all applications

In the Box

  • Cayin N8ii Flagship Digital Audio Player
  • 4.4mm to 2.5mm balanced adapter
  • 3.5mm to 2.5mm balanced adapter
  • Leather Protective Case (slighlty marked, see image)

*This refub unit do not come with the original USB-C charging cable or original outer packaging, however it will come with full manufactures warranty*


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Cayin’s new flagship player N8ii is an exceptional model equipped with a double amplification giving the user the choice between tube or transistor operation. It can operate in pure class A or class AB to adjust its sound and adapt to your preferences. The conversion stage of the Cayin N8ii player is an exception with the ROHM BD34301EKV chips compatible with 32 bits/768 kHz and DSD512. Thanks to the Android 9 system, the Cayin N8ii player can access many streaming services, in addition to music shared on the network or on a micro SD card. Finally, the double balanced and unbalanced output associated with a strong power of 1200 mW under 16 ohms ensures perfect support for any headphones or earphones.

Tubes or transistors

The Cayin N8ii player is made in a pure audiophile approach. Its amplification is even more ambitious than the Cayin N8 first generation. It can work in different ways, with the choice between tube amplification and transistor amplification. The tube stage now adopts a fully symmetrical configuration, with the implementation of two Korg Nutube 6P1 tubes. This section is ideal for enjoying a warm, soft, natural and very rich reproduction. For even more dynamic and powerful listening, the Cayin N8ii player can switch to transistor mode, with the possibility of operating in class A or class AB. Thus, you can easily adjust the sound of the Cayin N8ii player according to your needs, preferences or the music you listen to.

32 bit / 768 kHz and DSD

The conversion stage of the Cayin N8ii portable audio player uses a double  ROHM BD34301EKV DAC. This very confidential chip was designed by ROHM with the close collaboration of Cayin so that it ideally adapts to the specifications of the Cayin N8ii player. Combined with a circuit developed to reduce jitter and ensure the correct data rate, the ROHM BD34301EKV double DAC is able to provide optimal conversion of PCM streams up to a very high resolution of 32 bits / 768 kHz. DSD file support is also provided up to DSD512. To accommodate these large files, the Cayin N8ii audiophile player has an internal memory of 128 GB with support of up to 1TB via an external TF card.

Streaming Services

The Cayin N8ii DAP runs on a version of Android 9.0 specifically optimized for direct transmission of audio streams to the DAC, without any digital modification. Thanks to the integration of the Google Play Store, it is possible to download countless applications, including those of streaming services such as Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, etc. Access to music shared on the local network is also possible.

Balanced and unbalanced output

The Cayin N8ii DAP offers three different outputs: a balanced 4.4 mm jack output (fixed or variable level), an unbalanced 3.5 mm mini-jack output (variable level) and a line-level 3.5 mm mini-jack output. The power is 1200 mW into 16 ohms balanced and 720 mW into 16 ohms for the unbalanced output. The Cayin N8ii player is thus able to power most headphones and earphones on the market without the slightest difficulty. In addition, the line output allows you to combine the Cayin N8ii with an external amplifier or pre-amp to enjoy its great musicality on your hi-fi system.

Bluetooth LDAC and UAT

In addition to WiFi, the Cayin N8ii audiophile player also benefits from a Bluetooth controller to facilitate the distribution of music to headphones or a pair of wireless headphones. This controller supports HD LDAC and UAT (Ultra Audio Transmission) codecs. Thanks to the latter, transmission is possible up to 192 kHz, guaranteeing very high precision listening. Naturally, SBC and AAC codecs are also in place to ensure a perfect pairing of any headset or pair of earphones. Practical, the Bluetooth controller of the Cayin N8ii player is bidirectional, which also allows you to stream all your music wirelessly on this Cayin player from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

1 hour of battery life

To power its various components, the  Cayin N8ii player incorporates a 3.8 V lithium-ion polymer battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. The latter offers up to 11 hours of battery life with unbalanced output and transistor amplification. With the balanced output and tube amplification, the autonomy is approximately 8 hours, allowing you to enjoy very high-quality listening all day long.

Touch screen

The  Cayin N8ii player incorporates a Snapdragon 660 processor combined with 6 GB RAM to guarantee smooth and user-friendly navigation through the various applications. Navigation is facilitated by the integration of a large 5-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. In addition to this, the Cayin N8ii player also incorporates controls on its flanks to control the music, while its volume potentiometer works passively to maximize transparency and precision of the restitution. Finally, the chassis of the Cayin N8ii player is designed from aerospace-grade magnesium and aluminium alloy to ensure optimal thermal dispersion so that the internal components operate in the best possible conditions.

Efficient and versatile, the Cayin N8ii audiophile player is a first choice solution for fully enjoying HD music up to 32 bits / 768 kHz and DSD512 with great ease of use and superb musicality. Its class A or AB tube or transistor amplification allows you to adjust its sound according to your preferences or the associated headphones.

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