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NEW Cowon J3 EXCLUSIVE in Five's Gadget Show   Date: Monday 12 April, 2010
News Summary:
Tonight (Mon 12 April) on Five in the UK, you can get an exclusive sneak preview of the NEW Cowon J3

News Content:

Launched exclusively by AMP3 in the UK at the Gadget Show Live last week, the Cowon J3 has been chosen as one of the Top 5 new products of the show by The Gadget Show and we had Jon Bentley film the J3 on our stand at the show.† You can see this exclusive sneak peak on tonight's Gadget Show on Five in the UK.† Tune in at 8:00pm to see the highlights from the show with the J3 featured.

It's a stunning player - with an AMOLED screen and expandable memory, it's got a barely believeable 64 hour battery life and builds on the incredible reputation Cowon has for building the ultimate portable players anywhere!†

You can also pre-order the product now - check out the page on the AMP3 site to be guaranteed one of the first stock in the UK.† It's due inside the next six weeks and we'll update you on an exact date as soon as we get one.

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NEW Cowon J3 EXCLUSIVE in Five's Gadget Show
NEW Cowon J3 EXCLUSIVE in Five's Gadget Show

NEW Cowon J3 EXCLUSIVE in Five's Gadget Show Comments
No. Author Rating Read Date Added
01. Daniel Edwards 3 of 5 Stars! 834 16/04/2010
02. thomas poole 5 of 5 Stars! 909 16/04/2010
03. Chris White 4 of 5 Stars! 971 15/04/2010
04. David Ellis 3 of 5 Stars! 957 13/04/2010

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