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iRiver Clix 2 4GB MP3 Player

iRiver Clix 2 4GB MP3 Player
  • iRiver Clix 2 4GB MP3 Player
  • iRiver Clix 2 4GB MP3 Player
  • iRiver Clix 2 4GB MP3 Player
  • iRiver Clix 2 4GB MP3 Player
  • iRiver Clix 2 4GB MP3 Player
  • iRiver Clix 2 4GB MP3 Player

iRiver Clix 2 4GB MP3 Player

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amp3tvaward.jpgThe Stunning iRiver Clix 2 redefines the portable media player!

The Clix 2 is a further refinement of iRiver’s excellent U10 player. It’s the device which debuted the 'Direct Click' functionality, which re-wrote the rules on how you interact with a media player. It’s so intuitive that even the least technically able will pick up the player and start using straight away.

Clix 2 expands on the U10 in every direction, but most AMOLEDmini.jpgnotably in it’s use of AMOLED technology for the player display. AMOLED is a new technology, which does away with the usual backlight of an LCD display. With AMOLED, the pixels themselves emit light, as opposed to LCD which has a colour mask over a backlight. What this means is incredible brightness with a huge viewing angle. The screen on the Clix 2 measures 2.2 inches and displays 320 X 240 pixels – making it pin-sharp as well.

Intuitive iriver D-click System
It also ensures comfortable usage with ‘iriver D-Click System,’ which is operated by clicking the screen in four directions, and UI (User Interface) that is intuitive and easy to control. The D-Click system is exclusive to iriver.


Multiplayer Clix
Clix 2 really is a media player, not just an MP3 player. It’ll play your audio, along with full speed 30fps video, photographs and it has an FM radio. There are a host of other options, like the game mode as well.

Speedy Flash UI and Theme Skin
One of the real usability hits of the Clix 2 is the fact it’s so quick to respond. There’s no lag at all between pressing the screen and the operation happening – this means you can quickly get used to speeding through the menus and using it becomes second nature. Also, the skins are totally customisable. We have dozens already on our Forum, which means you can personalise the player to your taste.


1. Music
The Clix 2 is probably the best sounding MP3 player on the market today. That’s a big claim to make, but we’re confident that you’ll agree when you hear it. It’ll play a wide variety of file formats (including OGG and DRM protected WMA) and has SRS WOW sound effects to further customise the aural experience.

2. Flash Contents
The Clix 2 supports Flash Lite 2.1. What this means is that there’s a massive amount of usable content on the internet for you to download and use on your Clix. Things like a vast array of games, alongside productivity tools and gadgets. The Clix has the power to handle most things.

3. FM radio reservation recordingclixvid.jpg
The timer record function allows you to record your favourite radio programs and play them back when it suits you.

4. Multimedia Album
Seems a shame to waste the stunning screen while you listen to your music… Well, the Clix 2 lets you run a slideshow of your favourite images along to your music – you truly have to see the screen to appreciate the quality it offers!

5. Text Viewer
Simple thing to include, but even with this, iRiver have polished it to perfection. The screen uses TrueType fonts, for superb clarity – and you can rotate the screen to read in landscape or portrait format.


6. Moving Picture
Clix with QVGA (320 X 240) resolution supports MPEG-4 SP and WMV9 SP at 30 frames per second. It’s simplicity itself to convert movie files on your computer using the included plus3 software. 

7. Smart Key
A simple button that you can set up to use how you wish. Another way to personalise the player – most use it to return to the main menu, but you can go to file lists, EQ options – anything you want!

8. Vast EQ and Codec support.
The Clix 2 has 7 standard EQs, User EQ, and SRS WOW HD sound, it’ll let you use a wide variety of codecs, including OGG up to Q10 without any re-encoding. There’s simply not a player in it’s class that has the sound that the Clix 2 can provide.

9. USB 2.0 High-speed data transmission
Clix can transmit large-capacity data including music files at super speed, supporting USB 2.0 at up to 480Mbps.

Audible_Button.gif10. iriverplus3 & Album Art
Using Iriverplus3, which enables to search music information (ID3 Tag) and to extract music from CDs through Gracenote®, you can even set radio tuner and use the automatic firmware upgrade function as well as manage and transmit files. In particular, you can use the perfect album art through the music tag information provided through iriverplus3. Select the proper music and then select the item, which is the result of the query for the music tag information.

11. Supporting PodCast and AudioBook
One click the PodCast icon on iriverplus 3, and enjoy PodCasts on your Clix. It’ll also support Audible files to let you use their audio book service.

* PodCast function is available only in MSC(UMS) mode
* Audible function is available only in MTP mode.

12. Attractive Design focusing on curves and slimness.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but we’ve never met anyone who thought the Clix 2 was anything but stunning. Slim, light and minimalist, it is about the size of a credit card and only 13mm thick at it’s widest point. It also tapers at the edges to seem even thinner than it is.


13. Special accessories
There’s a variety of accessories available for your Clix. From the brilliantly designed cradle to custom cases and Lanyard headphones – this player can be personalised at every step!


• Easy access with intuitive Direct Click interface
• 2.2” Bright QVGA AMOLED
• Plays up to 24 hours(Music), 5 hours(Video)
• Supports music file such as MP3, WMA and OGG Q10
• Displays album information of the song currently playing
• FM radio and FM recording reservation
• Voice recording / Text Viewer
• Photo album + Slide show
• Movie player / FLASH player + Game
• UCI (User Create Interface) Function
• Alarm with real-time clock
• PodCasting and Audiobook Support
• USB 2.0, Ultra fast data transfer
• Firmware Upgradeable
• MSC/MTP conversion support, PFD support


cnetuklogo.jpgCNET.co.uk Review (Rated 8.6/10): "Quite simply the finest flash-based MP3 player you can buy at the moment - the second-generation Clix is feature-packed, easy to use, stunning aesthetics and it won't break the bank. There's almost nothing we would change or try to improve. If you're looking for an iPod nano killer, look no further..." Click here for the full review.


itreviews.jpgIT Reviews: "...You can pick up the 4GB version for just £139, around the same price as the equivalent iPod Nano. We challenge even the most dedicated Apple addict to use a Clix 2 for 10 minutes and not agree that it's a far better all-round player, and there aren't many out there that can make such a claim." Click here for the full review.

pocketables Review: "...the iriver clix 2 makes quick and dirty work of it and any other flash player from any other company out there. In fact, its most formidable rival is actually its cousin, the X20, which has a removable battery, microSD card expansion slot, and line-in function that would've made the clix 2 the most amazing and flash DAP to date. Even without those features, the clix 2 is still the sweetest player around. Outstanding battery life, a gorgeous AMOLED display, an unprecedented user-customizable Flash UI, excellent sound quality and video playback, and an impressive assortment of extra features make the iriver clix 2 a mouth-watering treat too delicious to resist..." Click here for the full review.

awardrecommended.gifTrustedReviews (Rated 9/10): "iRiver has produced a superb portable music/media player in the shape of the clix 2. It’s beautifully styled, easy to use, has a truly stunning screen and incredible sound quality. The clix is very well featured, while the ability to drag and drop music and the use of a standard mini-USB connection will please a great many consumers. If there’s one thing that lets the clix down it’s the bundled software. While the hardware is intuitive and easy to get to grips with, the iRiverPlus 3 software is obtuse and near impossible to fathom – at least initially. But the substandard software can’t diminish the fact that the clix is now my favourite MP3 player, and I will be very, very sad when I have to return it..." Click here for the full review.

StuffTVReviewIcon2.jpgStuff TV Review (Rated 4/5 and Awarded Stuff Hot Buy): "...The Clix 2’s versatility makes it the perfect choice for anyone who uses both PCs and Macs, and likes video with their music. It can’t match the Nano’s premium feel or iTunes experience, but there's no better all-rounder on the market.." Click here for the full review.


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