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iBasso DX80 High Resolution Digital Audio Player with Dual CS4398 DAC and Native DSD

iBasso DX80 High Resolution Digital Audio Player with Dual CS4398 DAC and Native DSD
  • iBasso DX80 High Resolution Digital Audio Player with Dual CS4398 DAC and Native DSD

iBasso DX80 High Resolution Digital Audio Player with Dual CS4398 DAC and Native DSD

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Carl E. Pope
Date Added: Wednesday 26 September, 2018
3 of 5 Stars!
Sound is fine but ease of loading songs, scanning and battery life leave a lot to be desired.

Possibly due to large number of songs, currently 39500, each time I add a file the process of scanning still seems to take as long as when
first loading...Read more a micro SD card and of late when you add a new album various other albums vanish, the only way that everything appears on
the player is to unmount both cards and swap ports and scan again fully.

The other problem is probably due to the amount of files but for the first 10 minutes it will only play the first song selected, if it is a short
song you get the same some 3-4 times, after the initial ten minutes the player is fine.

As I said I do have a large amount of files but if the size capability is advertised at 2 x 200gb it should be able to cope with those cards full.

Battery use is fine during normal use but the last scan I did took two and a half hours and 75% of battery life.

If files were able to added as easily as to my ipod classic I could easily ignore the slow loading period when the player is first turned on.

I have raised this issue with ibasso direct and to my surprise they replied within minutes and offered various fixes, none of which made any
difference, but I was very impressed with their customer service.
3 of 5 Stars!
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Pawel Luty
Date Added: Friday 24 March, 2017
5 of 5 Stars!
Very good player. Sound is crystal clear, with solid body, layered and strong. If you do not need streaming services, it will be excellent choice.
IMO DX200 is too big and to expensive, so if you want small but powerful player, buy DX80. Do not for...Read moreget to burn in with special cable from accesories.
5 of 5 Stars!
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Alex Matheson
Date Added: Tuesday 29 November, 2016
5 of 5 Stars!
Bought myself one of these as an upgrade from my trusty old 1st generation FiiO X3. The main selling point was the dual micro SD slots as I needed more space for a growing library of hi-res music files (in FLAC format) but reviews also suggested that...Read more the iBasso DX80 would offer a significant improvement in sound quality.

Now that I've been using the iBasso for a number of weeks I'm well chuffed with the result. It sounds superb (great detail set in a wide soundstage) paired with my Shure SE215s and is very simple to use. It's pretty much a case of insert your micro SD card(s), fire up the player, scan your music files and you're ready to go. The interface is very straight-forward and easy to navigate with just a few swipes, a bit of scrolling and a tap here and there. You also have nice big buttons on the front making it simple to play/pause or skip back and forward whilst the player sits in your pocket. Combine all these and you have a player that leaves you to focus on enjoying your music.

My unit came preloaded with version 1.5.8 of the firmware which features an equalizer, gapless playback, L/R balance, low/high gain and various other options with which to enhance your musical enjoyment. You can browse your music by Artist, Album, and Genre, create playlists (not something I've bothered with as I'm a whole album guy), or directly browse the files and folders on your micro SD cards. This release of the firmware is clearly very stable as I've had no glitches or other issues with it.

Overall, this is an excellent player which has exceeded my expectations. I'm very happy with it and feel this purchase was money very well spent. Although I haven't used the DX80 as a DAC yet I'm pretty confident it will do that job brilliantly as well making it even better value for money. Highly recommended!
5 of 5 Stars!
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J. Hawkins
Date Added: Tuesday 22 November, 2016
5 of 5 Stars!
Bought the DX80 to replace my aging iPod - what a difference! Sound quality is already much better than my iPod and i hear it only gets better with additional burn in time (about 400 hours so I understand).

Easy enough to use with the big buttons ...Read moreon the front and touch screen. Sound has more detail and depth than my old player and I'm hearing deatils in my favourite tracks I never noticed before.
On top of this fast delivery and easy checkout make this one happy customer! Thanks AMP3!
5 of 5 Stars!
3 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
Peter Low
Date Added: Thursday 02 June, 2016
5 of 5 Stars!
Only had this for a few weeks so have not fully burned in as recommended, however, the sound is already amazing. Sound is full and rich with a large soundstage and natural bass. Product itself is very robust as it has a machined aluminium body and is...Read more supplied with accessories that would normally have to be purchased as extras. If you want a smartphone that plays music this is not for you as it cannot stream or download directly from the internet. If you want a DAP that is simple to use and navigate with awesome sound and won't make your credit card melt this is well worth considering. Only problem I have experienced is with creating Playlists which seems common with most DAPs but was easily solved by using Playlist Creator (free) and then editing with Notepad which only takes a few minutes.
5 of 5 Stars!
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Dave Thomas
Date Added: Monday 02 May, 2016
4 of 5 Stars!
The ibasso dx80 is an excellent device, beautiful built and a pleasure to use. The user interface is very simple to follow and seems quite stable unless you go to fast when it seems to crash and revert back to the first place you came to when you tur...Read morened it on, i.e. The last music you were listening to.

The firmware updates are easy to do and you only need to do the last update as this encompasses all previous updates.

Now the important bit, the sound. The ibasso has a well balanced sound signature, it retrieves lots of detail with a good bass response, sweet midst and good top end without being overly agressive in its presentation. The sound stage is wide and 3 dimensionAl and overall I would describe the device as very musical and a good device for most music genres.

Partner the ibasso with good headphones to get the most out of it, avoid overly bass heavy headphones as the ibasso has what I would describe as a warm sound signature.

For £289.00 I feel it is a bit of a bargin, just wish it were in another colour other than charcoal grey as it is a bit of a finger print magnet hence my 4 star rating.
4 of 5 Stars!
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Adrian Vass
Date Added: Saturday 16 April, 2016
5 of 5 Stars!
I have never really invested in hi-res portable devices before. My own listening stuff is quite hi-end with valve amplifiers and martin logan speakers etc. I use a Vortexbox unit with its software so all my music is FLAC based now with the remainder ...Read morebeing vinyl. I had a few FLAC music files on my iPhone 5 and it took up most of the 16gb memory. My job changed so spending lengthy times on trains and planes! I read some A&K reviews in HiFi Choice and HiFi World. I started to look at various forums. and came up with a few alternatives. I wanted advice so made the decision to buy from a knowledgeable supplier like AMP3 and not the renowned online book supplier. I had a budget and Ross from AMP3 gave me a couple of alternatives, I had heard about iBass DX 50 from What Hifi and reading a number of reviews in Head-Fi Forum on iBasso DX 80 I chose that. I realised that my earphones MF EBB-33 were not up to the foot onto Ross and he suggested the Titans 3 or 5. The latter had an emphasis on a deeper sound so chose that. The iBasso DX 80 is a brilliant sounding player with a good touch interface that only needs a few swipe gestures to access all the features. The firmware is the 1.3.3. and is now already rock solid and was pre-loaded on the unit. I use high quality MicroSD cards such as Sandisk for excellent, reliable performance, supporting two cards at once currently to 128GB each. I had an elderly card that I took from my Samsung Half Tablet and it wouldnít work so replaced it with a new unit. This player is all about high quality music with ease of use, doing one job superbly. I have ignored the benefits of WiFi or Bluetooth, this is a music player and that's what I wanted. The soundscape, balance, depth and musicality are marvellous, it feels natural and organic rather than too analytical or digital. I am trying to burn it in and Ross suggested 400hrs. So far I am up to 200hrs and the sound is getting better and better. I havenít been able to get it to run int my car yet. I wonder if the problem is that my files are all FLAC and not MP£. I will have to try and understand the problem. So far my buying decision has worked; as I found a good knowledgeable retailer and really spent my money relying on their advice. The experience has been worthwhile!
5 of 5 Stars!
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mike Redman
Date Added: Monday 21 March, 2016
5 of 5 Stars!
I've reviewed the recent firmware updates available.


Improvements with this firmware:
1. Improved SDXC card support.
2. Lock function is added. (long press the play button to lock, and slide the screen to unlock.)

The lock function i...Read mores something that doesn't appear in the online manual, but it's a very useful function. I've no idea what the SDXC issues were, but I can confirm that both SD slots work.


Improvements with this firmware:
1. Updated drop down menu.
2. Fixed the popping sound bug that happens at the end of some songs.

The drop down menu is clearer, but doesn't seem to add any new functionality. I do hear the odd pop, but nothing that causes any annoyance.

I'm looking forward to seeing some more helpful firmware updates.
5 of 5 Stars!
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Mike Redman
Date Added: Sunday 20 March, 2016
5 of 5 Stars!
I don't often buy new pieces of equipment for my stereo system, but the nagging feeling was "Is DSF and DSD audio worth the effort and will it sound any different to the high quality audio files that I am used to? ". I'm also reluctant to s...Read morepend money on something that I won't use so much. My previous mp3 player was 16Gb, but the screen was unusable except when taking the time to remember how the menus worked. I still find it frustrating and I've had it for years. Thankfully my car now is able to use this player as a usb stick and index files in a clear and usable manner. Small mp3 player gets chucked in car. (In Cumbria we have many areas with no radio, FM or DAB.

So two issues, usability, so it must have a decent screen and menus that are clear and secondly it must have flexibility so it gets used.

After the simple decision to use AMP3 again, the choices were a Fiio or an IBasso DX80. The DX80 appeared to have excellent specifications so I decided to wait until it was back in stock. With two microSD sockets I can enjoy many flac files.

The device comes in the usual smart box with a protective cover for the chassis and the screen, a burn in cable and little in the way of detailed instructions. Still it does have a quick start guide and thge internet provides a copy of the full manual. Check the firmware, damn it needs an upgrade. I find the upgrade very easy and quick giving me confidence that the IBasso has a reasonably fast processor.

Firstly I plug a microSD card into my computer and throw some files onto the machine. A few issues here as the device seems to struggle to index the files. I discover that it's best to use the artist/album/file structure.

Finally the device is playing files. The menus are good, no very good. Simple to use, but sufficient to get the best out of the player. One swipe for the index of files and the other swipe gives settings. I can't remember which is which either left or right, but going the wrong way is no problem as you can get to the correct screen easily. Intuitive and fool proof for this fool. I decide a purpose designed music player is worth the funds as it just works and you are not constantly filling your phone up with music files. There's a button for on and a quick but not annoying screen saver, Volume buttons that fall straight to your thumb and pause, back and forward on the front panel. I put some DSF files in and the sound is excellent, clear and involving, but not sharp. I realise I need some new headphones for extended listening.

Next I try using the DX80 as a DAC. Turn it on_ settings_ USB settings_DAC and that's it. As soon a s I plug it into my Windows 10 machine it is picked up as the appropriate sound card and it plays really well. This is now my preferred headphone USB DAC. (Driver needs installing, but it is very easy to do) It works straight out of the box into linux with a tweak of phonon. I can't report use with an Apple product.This is a revelation. Great sound and volume control on the DAC with no obvious problems with sound quality. I use Foobar2000 as a player, which is stable and free of gimmicks, but has a comprehensive interface if required.

The only issues are the lack of DSD256 playback. But after listening I won't be going there as the file size is huge and the benefits small in my opinion. The second issue is a strange reluctance to play 24/96 WMA files downloaded from Qubuz. This music is Steven Wilson's excellent remastered Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick. I discover that Ian Anderson's voice has a subtlety that comes through clearly and enjoyably. I play the music several times as I battle with the WMA issue, Finally I sort if by changing the files to flac with foobar2000. That takes seconds and it works a treat. The odd thing is that I am still enjoying the Jethro Tull even though I've had a few issues.

In conclusion I can thoroughly recommend the DX80. It is offering several new ways to get into my music collection, so it will be used again and again. Imho mp3 players still have a life even with the smart phone trying to hog the limelight.
5 of 5 Stars!
4 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
Neville Wright
Date Added: Friday 11 March, 2016
5 of 5 Stars!
Bought this in Amp3's Christmas sale at a good price. Intended to use it mainly in the car from its line out and it is great for this but so impressed I am using it with full systems around the house.
It drives all my headphones,Beyer t90's,AKG 701'...Read mores,NAD visio hp5's,RHA t20's etc without ever needing high gain mode and sounds different with all of them which is a sign of a neutral low colouration product.
The consistent feature is good stereo separation and high detail resolution.
Build quality is high with a milled from solid metal feel and battery life is decent.
Can't wait for the dx 200!
5 of 5 Stars!
2 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
Mark Coyle
Date Added: Wednesday 10 February, 2016
5 of 5 Stars!
A brilliant sounding player with a good touch interface that only needs a few swipe gestures to access all features. The firmware evolves quickly due to the hard work by iBasso and is now already rock solid at version 1.3.3 available on the website. ...Read moreUse high quality MicroSD cards such as Sandisk or Kingston for excellent, reliable performance, supporting two cards at once currently uo to 200GB each. This player is all about high quality music with ease of use, doing one job superbly. Don't look for WiFi or Bluetooth here, this is a music player and that's what I wanted. The soundscape, balance, depth and musicality are marvellous, it feels natural and organic rather than too analytical or digital. This is my second iBasso device after the earlier DX50 which I retain and I would only buy this device on the basis of a good experience.
5 of 5 Stars!
8 of 11 people found the following review helpful:
Kevin Gilroy
Date Added: Wednesday 03 February, 2016
5 of 5 Stars!
Recently purchased the Ibasso DX80 from AMP3 Players and very happy with it so far. I've been using a DX50 for about 18 months every day at work and at home. I am a painter and decorator, also use airless paint sprayers so I am usually covered in pai...Read morent or dust and the Ibasso DX50 just keeps on going all day every day. Considering the cost and reliability of the DX50, I thought I would stick with Ibasso. The DX50 is the first DAP I have used and thought it sounded great, now enter the DX80 WOW!!! This thing sounds so much better in every way. Grado,fostex,sound magic and my hifi through Harbeth HL Compact 7 ES-3s. If I close my eyes the band is right in front of me. The only reason I discovered DAPs is because I was sick and tired of my iPhones memory filling up, I listen to my music so much more now that it sounds so much better. If your thinking of buying the DX80, you won't be disappointed. When I ordered my DX80, I forgot to enter the discount code. Emailed AMP3 players and got a reply within half an hour to say they would apply the discount and I received regular emails about my order and delivery status. Customer service with AMP3 Players is outstanding, I have read about their customer service/care and now I have experienced it first hand. Great product, great website. Thanks AMP3 Players
5 of 5 Stars!
6 of 9 people found the following review helpful:

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