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Sony NWZ-B162 2GB Clip MP3 Player

Sony NWZ-B162 2GB Clip MP3 Player
  • Sony NWZ-B162 2GB Clip MP3 Player
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Sony NWZ-B162 2GB Clip MP3 Player

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Sony NWZ-B162 2GB Clip MP3 Player

Sony NWZ-B162 2GB Clip MP3 Player

Sony have stuck it to Apples shuffle with their new MP3 Player, the B-Series Walkman. Compact, portable, stunning sound reproduction and it's jam packed with the latest Sony Tech!

Bass boost, Zappin, Quick charge...and it's all in a neat 'Clip-like' design!

What's On Offer with the Sony B-Series

Bass Boost - Ah bass boost, it's always a great feature to have on your MP3 Player. Some players lose bass at lower volumes but not your Sony B-Series! Click the bass boost button and really get stuck into some incredible bass at any volume.

Unbelievable quick charge - Forget to charge your MP3 Player? With your Sony B-Series all you need is an unbelievably short 3 Minutes charging time for audio playback of up to 90 Minutes.

Portable Clip Design - Walking to work, going for a jog in the park on sitting on a bus, the Sony B-Series is suited to every situation. The lightweight player simply clips to your shirt or jacket and gives you full, and easy, access to all the controls. The 'shuttle like' design features what Sony call a large jog dial button which makes controlling the player a breeze when you are out and about.

Sony NWZ-B162 2GB Clip MP3 Player
Sony NWZ-B162 2GB Clip MP3 Player

Zappin Music System - Sonys Zappin system makes finding your perfect song simple. When skipping tracks you can use the Zappin feature to take you to the chorus of the track playing, this makes identifying and picking your favourite tracks a easy.

Easy File Transfer - No more scuffing around with various software's or music upload systems. The unique design of this player means that you can plug the player directly into your USB drive and drag and drop music straight to the folder on your Sony Player.

Customise your audio - The inclusion of EQ adjustment is a major pull factor for anyone who likes to customise their audio experience and thankfully Sony have included this feature. The selection is nothing like that on Jet Effect system on the Cowon J3, however you do get 4 preset adjustments and 1 customisable.

Bringing it all together...

The Sony B-Series is a fantastic option for any 'on-the-go' music lovers who want a simple, compact and reliable player. The neat clip design makes this perfect for regular joggers and as the player only weighs 28g you won't even feel any extra weight. Simple file transfer system and neat design with a sound to match, Sony are onto a winner with this, take that Shuffle!

Sony NWZ-B162 2GB Clip MP3 Player

* Only Black, Blue or Red Available


  • BASS boost - Shortcut key gives you thumping low-end sounds and full, natural tones, even at low volumes
  • Quick Charge - Plug in your Walkman® for 3 minutes and get 90 minutes playback. A full charge gives you up to 18 hours listening time
  • Style up clip - Show off your colourful B Series Walkman® - attach to clothes, a bag or your pocket
  • Power illuminator - Colour matched LEDs flash in time with the music
  • Drag and drop - Easy, direct transfer of all your MP3 music via Windows Media® Player 11 and 12 or by simple Drag and Drop from any PC
  • Direct USB - Simply connect to a PC or audio system to share music content
  • USB Rec - Capture voice recordings to store, share and playback
  • ZAPPIN™ - Dedicated ZAP button searches your music library for the perfect song
  • Built-in Equaliser - Set your desired sound mode according to music genre, with 4 presets and 1 custom setting
  • Jog dial - Larger, shiny shuttle design makes controlling your playlist easy when you're out and about
  • Compact design - Perfect for even the smallest pocket, weighing a tiny 28 g (1.0 oz) and 90.9 mm (3 5/8 inches) long
  • 2GB memory - Stores approximately 500 tracks (35 to 45 albums)