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Fiio X3 8GB Audiophile Digital Music Player

Fiio X3 8GB Audiophile Digital Music Player
  • Fiio X3 8GB Audiophile Digital Music Player
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Fiio X3 8GB Audiophile Digital Music Player

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The Journal
Date Added: Monday 14 October, 2013
'All things considered, the FiiO X3 [...] for music enthusiasts, it's the cream of the crop.' The Journal


Fiio X3 8GB Digital Music Player

The powerful FiiO X3 is a multi functional lossless music device. This mini device stores and plays sound in high quality loss-less files. It has been designed from avant-garde technology to store the sounds in more refined quality without losing its original oomph.

Enjoy loss free Sound

The FiiO X3 supports APE, WAV, FLAC, WMA and Apple Lossless formats. All these formats are used in music industry, so any music fanatic need not worry about format compatibility issues. The best part is, this miniature can easily decode the song into Apple compatible files. The Fiio X3 plays the music in crystal clear quality at the rate of 192KHz/24Bit.

Fully integrated with forefront technology, this mini device is coupled with a professional DAC chip, the WM8740 engineered by Wolfson and an additional dynamic output amplifier, the AD8397 for boosting up the output of the product. These chips dramatically improve the sound quality without effecting the basic notes and pitches of the sound.

Handy and Portable

The tiny 55 x 109 x 16mm dimensions and 122g weight make the X3 really portable it also features an easy to grip housing. Due to its small and compact design you can carry it with easy and slip it into a pocket when not in use.

To run any powerful device, you need a durable battery. The X3 has been powered with a built-in lithium polymer battery that offers hassle-free recording during travelling expeditions. Once it is fully charged you can record different sound and audio up to 10 hours. It comes with a USB adapter that allows you to charge it via PCs or laptops.

Dynamic Amplifier to Boost the Output Sound

Coupled with the dynamic AD8397 high current output power chip, the X3 will completely transform the definition of your music listening experience. This mini chip is equipped with A-class amplifier and warm tone that offers flexible and boomier bass effects.

High Quality DAC Chip for More Refined Output

The X3 is equipped with a high quality DAC chip, which has been designed and engineered by the skilled engineers at the Wolfson Electronics company. This mini chip is generally used in top-class CD players for audiophiles, the X3 has been launched with this chip to offer higher performance and quality sound. The device features both standard line out as well as Coaxial line out to allow you to plug into your high end stereo system.

Bass and Treble Controls for Customized Listening

The device features DSP technology based analogous circuit that allows you to customize the bass and treble of your music to your requirement and taste. Moreover, you can also set the frequency of sound and noise distortion level with the single to and fro slide buttons on the front panel.

24-bit/192kHz Asynchronous DAC funtionality

With the new firmware – FW2.05 – installed, this superb little pocket music player will not only play high-resolution files stored in its internal memory or on a microSD card, but can now connect to a computer and operate as an external DAC.

Users need only select 'DAC' as the USB mode before connecting the cable between computer and player, and on connection will then be presented with a new screen offering a choice of DAC settings, including volume, a choice of gain settings, and bass/treble/balance adjustments. Audio can then be played out through the headphone or line outputs, while users of Fiio's external DACs, such as the E17, will be able to use the player's digital output to feed out an upsampled 24-bit/192kHz digital signal.

Windows users will need to download drivers from Fiio's website to enable their computers to work with the DAC function, but Mac computers will just recognise the X3 as an external USB sound device.


Fortunately, after a long period of research and development, FiiO have succeeded in making a high quality portable music player which can support the five main lossless music formats and original master copy at 192K/24BIT, aiming to help music lovers to find the ever lost sound. The Apple Lossless support ensures that you can also use files downloaded from the iTunes library.


  • Enjoy loss free sound
  • Supports the main music formats - MP3, AAC, ALAC, WMA, OGG as well as the lossless formats - APE, WAV, FLAC, WMA Lossless and Apple Lossless
  • Long-lasting Battery
  • Dynamic Amplifier to boost the output sound
  • High Quality DAC chip for more refined recording
  • Bass and Treble controls for customized recording

Firmware update for the FiiO X3 avaliable here.

Check out the detailed review of the Fiio X3 as featured in the 'Five Horsemen of the Audiophile Apocalypse' article, click here

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