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Cowon i10 32GB MP3 Player

Cowon i10 32GB MP3 Player
  • Cowon i10 32GB MP3 Player
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Cowon i10 32GB MP3 Player

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4 of 5 Stars! (12 customer reviews)

Date Added: Thursday 23 October, 2014
4 of 5 Stars!
Good quality sound with plenty of adjustments available. Touch panel good and once again adjustable. Sound quality good but not outstandind. Took me ages to work out the menu system with poor instructions, once mastered however, pretty simple. Batter...Read morey life could be better.
Altogether, a good MP3 Player spoilt by the menu system but showing a bit of quality.
4 of 5 Stars!
Richard Austin
Date Added: Friday 21 March, 2014
5 of 5 Stars!
Sound quality - as you would expect from Cowon. top class. Pair it with some Shure SE315s or equivalent.

Looks - a lot larger than my i-audio 7 it replaces, but it fits nicely into both my hand and coat pocket. Good quality screen, but the bracket...Read mores around the folder names are not needed.

Functionality - as almost everyone says, the first few days it seems fiddly, but once you get used to it, no problem.

Overall. Yup, I'd recommend it. Totally. 9/10. (it didn't get a 10 because of the needless colour schemes).
5 of 5 Stars!
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andy forrest
Date Added: Sunday 16 February, 2014
5 of 5 Stars!
I agree with everyone else - this is a fabulous mp3 player, the sound is as good as it gets. The interface is not as intuitive as Apple, but despite that you get a much more flexible player (total drag-and-drop control of content), and even if the me...Read morenus aren't obvious, well you can't do any damage! And personally i don't want to buy into the whole Apple/iTunes business. AND it seems the price is dropping - bargain!!
5 of 5 Stars!
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Ms Gerald
Date Added: Sunday 27 January, 2013
1 of 5 Stars!
I bought the Cowon i10 32gb mp3 player around the end of August 2012, I use it occasionally in the house only, It is not compatible with my windows vista main computer but works ok sometimes with windows 7 (my laptop) it is now January 2013 and the m...Read morep3 player has frozen. I have only used it about eight times. I spent most of the day yesterday putting music on it and just really to relax and listen to the music and the device would not work. My daughter has a cheap sony mp3 player, she uses it constantly, puts music on take it off goes out with it and it works fine, and is compatible with any computer. I would not recommend the Cowon I10 to anyone. I would really like to have my money back.

Hi Judith, thank you for the feedback. It states on the i10 product page that the player is not compatible with Windows 64 bit systems. If that is the system you are using it will explain the poor performance. If you are not however, our Cowon Returns/Repairs department will be happy to help you and are available by email: colinp@amp3.co.uk and phone: 0131 443 6699.
Best wishes,
The Amp3 Team
1 of 5 Stars!
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Deirdre O'Donnell
Date Added: Thursday 13 December, 2012
4 of 5 Stars!
I was so frustrated with this player in the first few days that I almost sent it back. I read the manual (both the short paper one and the online one, which is also on the machine itself) but still found it quite difficult to work out how to use the ...Read moreplayer. I don't like synching and haven't used it in past players but thought I'd give it a go with this one. Didn't like the way it turned out so wiped it and started again, I have my own organisation I'm used to.

The buttons are very sensitive (though can be adjusted) and took me a while to work them out. I found a video of a user on YouTube showing how to navigate the player using buttons I didn't know were even there, which was really helpful, after that I felt much better about it. The only thing I can't figure out is how to make the wallpaper stay on when I've set it. It just doesn't display.

The sound quality is excellent, even with my old Sony phones, and I love the look and feel of the player. The Color Therapy thing is a bit silly (why would you be staring at it long enough for the colours to make any difference?) though the menu is very visually appealing if you use the icon option and it certainly doesn't hurt.

Would recommend on its technical attributes and value for money, but maybe best for folk who know someone who has one and can give them a hand with it in the beginning (or YouTube it of course).
4 of 5 Stars!
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Benjamin Wileman
Date Added: Wednesday 25 July, 2012
5 of 5 Stars!
I've had a 16GB Cowon i9 for the last few years and I have always loved it but I was getting to a point that I needed more storage space...then I dropped it and it broke (still works as a hard drive though) so it was time for a new one... I was reall...Read morey happy to find that there was a new Cowon player with twice the capacity. The i10 is fantastic. The sound is amazing (paired with Shure SE425 headphones) and that is the key factor, eh? I have no use for the radio / movie player etc so I can't comment but for playing mp3s this machine is so damn good. The controls do take a bit of getting used to and annoyingly it lacks the play/stop button on the side which the i9 had but this still comes highly recommended by me on the strength of the sound alone.
5 of 5 Stars!
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Fahim Dhalla
Date Added: Monday 25 June, 2012
5 of 5 Stars!
This mp3 player really is like nothing else on the market.

As other reviews have said this mp3 player takes some getting used to. When you set up make sure you set it to non-europe so you can turn the volume up and change the EQ settings to BBE. I...Read moret is really easy to install music as it is just drag and drop like a memory stick. Getting used to the controls is a little confusing at first and what each button does changes for each menu. Stick with it and it becomes natural in a few days.

When you start playing music (with some good headphones, not those provided) it sounds absolutely brilliant. Miles above apple idevices, PCs and any smart phone I've heard. You get defined but not overpowering bass, incredible detail and clarity without any harshness, a sweet sound. It lacks the power and weight you get from a proper headphone amplifier but without using one I doubt you could get a better experience.

Get one.
5 of 5 Stars!
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Mark Leviton
Date Added: Friday 01 June, 2012
5 of 5 Stars!
I've been after a decent easy-to-use mp3 player with good sound, good storage and at a good price for a long time. After much research I decided on the Cowon i10 32GB player. The reviews talk about the interface taking a bit of time to learn and yes,...Read more it does have its own way of working, but it is easy to pick up and didn't cause me any problems at all. Scrolling through a list with lots of albums is quick and easy too, with no delay. Sound quality is excellent - much better than ipods and equivalent to Philips' Fullsound which itself is fantastic. Lots of different settings to choose from to suit your tastes. And one can select Non-EU on the initial setup to avoid the dreaded EU volume cap that seems to cripple Sony players in particular. I play my i10 in my car and the volume is more than adequate, even when driving on motorways when wind and road noise is loud. It took a long time to copy my music across (via drag ond drop in Windows Explorer) but I did fill the player up and it is a one-off thing to do.

So overall I am very happy with it - a full-featured player that is easy to use and does what one would expect of an mp3 player.
5 of 5 Stars!
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steven wilson
Date Added: Wednesday 16 May, 2012
5 of 5 Stars!
I needed to upgrade to a 32gb mp3 player and had narrowed it down to either the cowon i10 or sony nwz 866 after speaking to a member of staff at advanced mp3 players it became apparent that if i wanted a simple easy to use interface with a restricted...Read more volume then the sony was the one or if i wanted a player with a greater sound quality but with a more challenging interface then the cowon was the one.Now i have no desire to listen to my music at a painful volume anymore but i want the option to play it louder than the heavily capped volume that the sony offered after following the EU guidelines on noise,as it happens on the cowon their is a sneaky way round the settings so that you can set the player to non EU settings and enjoy the kind of ear splitting volume that the rest of the world are trusted with.The volume actually goes from 1 -40 and i do not need to go above 25.The sound reproduction is amazing ,with 39 different settings on the graphic any possible sound reproduction is possible ,the cowon brings a depth to the files that has not been possible before .Although the user interface is not to clear to use first time round and as for the instructions well for the help they provide they really should not bother with an English translation version at all .However after a short while it all becomes very clear how to navigate around the player and how to get the best out of this product.It truly is an incredible mp3 player at a fantastic price i shall be sad when i manage to fill it up.
5 of 5 Stars!
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Date Added: Friday 02 March, 2012
5 of 5 Stars!
Brilliant sounding machine puts Sony and apple in the shade and it has to go something to be the x series. Some reviews say the UI is not intuitive I'm in my late 50s and I figured it out without recourse to the manual
so all in all out of the 10 or...Read more so different players I have had this is the best and the nearest to audiophile I have had.
5 of 5 Stars!
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brian lackmaker
Date Added: Friday 30 December, 2011
3 of 5 Stars!
The playlist facility seems impossible to use.Video does not support avi although its meant to.The favourites folders are temperamental.Despite these drawbacks it overall looks,feels and performs very well.Its certainly value for money for a 32gb pla...Read moreyer.
3 of 5 Stars!
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Eji Osigwe
Date Added: Saturday 17 December, 2011
4 of 5 Stars!
It's a very good, quality MP3 player considering the price. Has all the features you would need and much more and sound quality is excellent.

The interface takes a little bit of getting used to but not in a way that should daunt anyone (unless you...Read more're a technophobe). Once you fully adjust to the interface - a few days of regular use tops - navigation is generally quite slick, although inferior to competitor brands like iPod Nano and Sony Walkman. This is evident in such niggles as having to find an album through the album option rather than artist. This is because an album found in the artist search won't have tracks where the artist is listed as 'Artist A ft. Artist B'.

The touchpad is decent. For navigating long list, you can simply drag your finger from the top of the pad to the bottom repeatedly to scroll quickly, and tap up and down to scroll one-by-one. This is also applicable to playback: to fast forward or rewind, drag your finger across in the relevant direction. One thing to note is that by holding your finger on the touchpad will allow more control, while sliding it across will allow more of free scroll. All in all, intuitive stuff.

The sound quality of the player is decent even without making your own configurations. And if you do intend on sorting out your own EQ then you are allotted 4 slots for saving it all in. However, for those who aren't audiophiles there are plenty of pre-configured EQ settings to enhance the experience of pretty much any type of music you throw it.
The headphones provided are pretty basic and I would advise purchasing a higher quality set if you don't already have some.

There's also the facility to change the colour scheme*, which is a surprisingly nice touch and one I've found very welcome.

The radio is as a radio should be with 24 spaces for preset channels and it would appear deleting those presets isn't actually possible, although that may just be me. Even still, you can overwrite them so it's not really a major issue. I should point out that radio station names don't show, and you can't rename presets.

Works well with PC, and provides the option for MTP and MSC modes for USB connection (MTP for syncing with media players, MSC for drag and drop use - option needs to be chosen before you attach USB)

I don't use any of the other feature so I can't comment on them.

To summarise:-

Provides a great deal of storage space, plays music well, playback is non-stop - no gap between tracks, customisable color schemes, looks great

interface takes some getting used to, the album thing mentioned above

Very much worth buying considering the price.

*this was actually advertised as a revolutionary facility called 'Mood Therapy' but to be honest it doesn't really work. Still nice to have different colour themes, though.
4 of 5 Stars!
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