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Cowon X7 160GB Portable Media Player

Cowon X7 160GB Portable Media Player
  • Cowon X7 160GB Portable Media Player
  • Cowon X7 160GB Portable Media Player
  • Cowon X7 160GB Portable Media Player
  • Cowon X7 160GB Portable Media Player
  • Cowon X7 160GB Portable Media Player

Cowon X7 160GB Portable Media Player

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Trusted Reviews
Date Added: Thursday 28 April, 2011
"The size of the Cowon X7 will prove too much of a turn-off for some, but its storage, sound quality and all-round versatility more than justify the burden for those with big-enough hands and pockets."
Register Hardware Review
Date Added: Thursday 06 January, 2011
"the X7 beat an iPod Classic convincingly in the sound quality stakes. Played on the X7, 256Kbps MP3 files had altogether more life, detail and composure, and felt generally less confined. Flac files sounded even better, but of course iPods don't pla...Read morey them."
Trusted Reviews Awards
Date Added: Wednesday 07 December, 2011
'A large screen, good battery life and superb sound quality also help to make this a real contender.' Trusted Reviews Awards Panel
MSN Tech Review
Date Added: Friday 11 February, 2011
"Cowon X7 a musical equivalence of a champagne Jacuzzi on a private jet"

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"...probably the best Music Player in the world!"
Jon Bently, Gadget Show. Full Review Here

Everything you will ever need – all in one place!


  • 4.3" Wide Touchscreen
  • Max 160GB HDD
  • Playback Time – 103 Hours Music, 10 Hours Video
  • JetEffect 3.0 and BBE+
  • Smart Widget UI
  • Retro Modern Design
  • Music Playback
  • Video Playback
  • FM Radio
  • Recorder
  • Picture Viewer
  • Document Viewer
  • Flash
  • Wordup
  • Utilities
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Bluetooth
  • TV-Out

Vast Amounts of Memory and Powerful Playback

With the X7 comes a huge 160GB of HDD memory alongside 1GB of Flash Memory. Store music, movies, books – in essence store your entire digital entertainment collection in one place and enjoy it on the go wherever you want it. With the X7 comes some fierce and powerful playback power. Sit back and enjoy your music as the X7 captures you in its lively, lifelike reproduction of your audio. You will feel part of the music as the X7 let you not only hear but feel every note. X7_SIDE7.jpg

As always with Cowon, the sound reproduction is marketing leading – like the superb sounding Cowon J3 the X7 is powered by JetEffect BBE+ which boosts the sound quality, even from low quality sources, and enhances it to quality that the audiophile in you will adore. The 35 pre-set sound settings and different sound effects will enable you to find you optimum listening preference – play around and experience the different settings until you find your favourite, you wont regret it.

Register Hardware Loved the astonishing sound quality of the Cowon X7:

"the X7 beat an iPod Classic convincingly in the sound quality stakes. Played on the X7, 256Kbps MP3 files had altogether more life, detail and composure, and felt generally less confined..." (Register Hardware)

With a Playback time of up to an astonishing 103 Hours of music and 10 Hours of video the X7 won't let you down – it will go longer and further than you ever thought a possible from portable media player.


The Display

You won't have to strain or rub your eyes when looking at this fascinating 4.3 Inch Wide TFT LCD screen. Bursting with 16 Million colours and a resolution of 480x272 the touch screen will capture and hold your attention for full feature length films and more after that. Your travels will never be boring again, all you need is pick up your Cowon X7 to make that boredom disappear.


The Smart Widget User Interface allows you to easily access and work your way round the X7 – Keep it simple and keep it fun, the X7 has you covered. Access any of your applications with a tap of the Touch Sensitive screen. Jump to your radio, calculator, audio control or back to video with ease. The X7s Retro Modern Design is attractive and demands attention – you can grab yours in Black today!


So many features you can't count them on your fingers!

The X7 is Bluetooth compatible so connect up to your Bluetooth headset like the Jaybird SportsBand and enjoy your music wirelessly on the go. Even when you are not on the go, you can sit back and enjoy your music from the built-in speaker.

Even with 160GB of music and video you may feel like a change from your own music collection – The X7 comes with an integrated FM tuner which allows you to break the trend and listen to alternative tunes from the radio station of your choice.


More great features include:


Picture Viewer

Capture every moment
Never forget a moment - store every memorable picture on your Cowon X7. use zoom, rotation and gesture movement functions for easy viewing. The awesome slideshow function makes viewing simple! Organsie and store your memories in digital albums on your Cowon X7 and view them whenever and where ever you want!



Read Read Read
If your busy schedule hasn't allowed you a moment to pick up a book and enjoy the delights of reading - don't worry! Grab your X7 and read till your heart contents. The player fits snugly into the palm of your hand so you can ready at the optimum viewing distance. The X7 has great features like bookmarks, colour adjustments to background and font as well as automatic scroll. Reading is made easy with the X7


Flash Player

Fun Flash Games and Refreshing Flash Movies
You can enjoy Flash games and flash videos with the flash player. Try changing your mood by playing fun flash games and watching refreshing content

File Browser

Organise, Store and View
Manage all your files. Keep them arranged in specific folders for easy and convienient access. Use great functions like favourites and search help to quickly locate your files.

Virtual Keyboard

Quickly and easily take note of any memory using the handy virtual keyboard. All your memories can be inputed and stored in convientient locations on your X7.


Draw or write using the tip of your finger! Have fun and draw some great pictures - you can select various pens and backgrounds to work with.

X7_SIDE9_1.jpgOther features include:

  • Calculator
  • Stopwatch
  • TV Out
  • In Built Speaker

The X7 is the dream device for anyone with a large digital entertainment collection, don't be bored pick up the X7 and take everything with you.

Love what you just read!?

Jon Bently Loved what he heard when he plugged in his Cowon X7!

Check out his fantastic review of the Cowon X7 on the Gadget Shows Web TV 112! Check it out.


OS Compatibility

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