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Cowon J3 16GB MP3 Player

Cowon J3 16GB MP3 Player
  • Cowon J3 16GB MP3 Player
  • Cowon J3 16GB MP3 Player
  • Cowon J3 16GB MP3 Player
  • Cowon J3 16GB MP3 Player
  • Cowon J3 16GB MP3 Player
  • Cowon J3 16GB MP3 Player
  • Cowon J3 16GB MP3 Player

Cowon J3 16GB MP3 Player

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.Net (print only)
Date Added: Tuesday 05 July, 2011
"The music player interface takes a bit of getting used to, but the sound quality and screen won’t disappoint."
Which? Best Buy Review
Date Added: Thursday 27 January, 2011
"A large 3.3-inch touchscreen and a clear menu system make the Cowon J3 easy to use. Films and photos look great and a decent range of features includes recordable FM radio and a memory card slot. The outstanding battery gives up to 63.5 hours of mus...Read moreic and 10 hours of video after a three-hour charge."
iGIZMO Review
Date Added: Monday 07 February, 2011
"It doesn’t reach iPod-like levels of smoothness, but with 11 hours of video playback and 64 hours of battery life for music, the J3 is a gorgeous little player with a stunning OLED screen."
Anythignbutipod.com Review
Date Added: Wednesday 19 January, 2011
Cowon’s S9 made the list at #3 in 2009 for its amazing sound quality and its fantastic looking AMOLED screen. The J3 builds and improves on the S9’s firmware, features, design, and UI- so much so that we felt that it needed to be at the number one sp...Read moreot for 2010. Cowon stays true to its audiophile roots with some of the most comprehensive sound tweaks including BBE sound enhancements, and a very robust EQ. Despite lacking some codec and container support video playback looks great on the AMOLED screen.



-J3 16GB MP3 Player-

Could this be the best sounding MP3 Player EVER!?

For those of you out there that have been following Cowons J3s journey, from the moment of its announcement to the date of its release…you will be pleased to know, it was worth the wait! Here at AMP3 we couldn’t wait to get a hold of this product and put it through its paces and it was most definitely clear from the off, that the Cowon J3 MP3 Player is as feature packed as they come!

Give your eyes a treat with the stunning capacitive ‘touch screen’ AMOLED user interface....


The stunning 3.3" AMOLED screen produces over 16 Million Colours with a 480 x 272 resolution to give you the most accurate and vivid display you can get. The capacitive user interface will understand, recognise and respond to your every touch making controlling the J3 effortless. The J3 takes a leaf out of the S9’s book and J3_Image7.jpgmakes full use of a great feature, the Zoom UI, just one of the browsing benefits the J3 offers.

Pick up the J3, swivel it to the side and watch the fascinating G-Sensor technology kick in! Your J3 display has automatically been turned on its side by the J3’s use of G-Sensor technology. The J3 understands which way its being held and reformats the display for your benefit giving you a choice of how you browse your MP3 player.

The easy access and responsive controls on the side of the player all add to this player’s ease of use and control.


You know what your getting with UI on the J3, nothing but quality with its intuitive 'Touch Screen' interface, but what are you getting when it comes to audio performance? Those of you who know Cowon will be thinking thats a silly question...and it is!


With Cowon comes an audio performance of the highest calibre.

We are all aware that Cowon have a reputation for providing the highest quality of audio reproduction in their players, the J3 again doesn’t disappoint! If you haven’t heard the difference in the audio quality in a Cowon player compared to any other portable player, you must give it a try – you won’t regret it!

The J3 comes with Cowon’s BBE+ audio architecture, range of sound processes that give incredible reproduction of good quality sources and can boost the quality of low-quality sources beyond comparison. It includes features such as Mach3Bass, 3D surround and MP enhance. By using JetEffect 3.0 the J3 also has other special audio effects such as ‘Stereo Enhance’, Reverb and a 5 Band Equalizer (EQ Filter).

As if all this wasn’t enough to blow you away, there are over 35 Presets available for use to give you your optimum audio experience. Tweek it, hear the differences, Cowon’s audio performance is a whole new experience, one that you wont want to end!

Codec support for the J3 is of the usual Cowon standard, with the ability to play a whole range of formats: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV and APE. The astonishing thing is, you can listen to your J3’s music collection for up to 64 hours from just one charge!

Cowon have really pulled out all the stops during the creation of the J3, to understand our excitement and enthusiasm for this product, you need to give it a listen, but hold on because you will be blown away!


J3’s Stunning Video capabilities

J3_Image_1.jpgCowon put a lot of effort into giving you the ultimate audio experience, they certainly have combined it well with a simply stunning video player!

The crystal clear 3.3” AMOLED display screen delivers super sharp and defined moving images! The use of AMOLED means there is no backlight making the pixels change colour, which can cause a muddy or lagged image. The AMOLED’s individual pixels produce light themselves making the image change quicker and more fluently than an LCD would.

When we saw the way that the J3 displayed movies, we were knocked off our feet. Its phenomenal ability to produce movies at high quality with no ghosting or blur is out of this world. Here at AMP3 we could quite happily watch full feature length movies on this right through, the J3 didn’t cause us any strain on our eyes in fact it held attention and left us wanting to see more!

The 11 hours of playback time on movies is more than enough meaning even when you are finished the J3 wants to keep going.

TV Out Functionality

The J3 has the ability (with the separately available TV-Out cables) to display the contents on a full size TV! Imagine, you've gone round to a mates house with your favourite movies saved on your J3 in DVD quality. Simply plug the cables into the back of the TV to show those movies in the original quality on the full-size TV display! It also works with photos, so you can show holiday or family photos when you go to friends for dinner.


Expandable Capacities

That’s right, it’s the moment you have been waiting for. Cowon have responded to user feedback an the J3 includes and expandable Standard MicroSD Card slot.

No longer are you restricted to your 8GB or 16GB portable player, memory now is not an issue. Enjoy your entire media collection on your J3 through the expandable memory slot.

Other Features

There are so many different features included in the J3 that when you pick up your J3 you wil be spoilt for choice! From swapping files or viewing your pictures to playing games or watching videos, even catch up on your favourite BBC TV shows with iPlayer support...you really wont know what you want to do next. Not only do you have all the features already packed on this player but Cowon will update and issue firmware upgrades for free long after launch, an added bonus from a quailty retailer. 



The J3 supports full bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP functionality. This means you can connect the player to bluetooth devices like headphones without a plug-in dongle and even use any buttons the headphones have to control the player.


Picture Viewer

Love clear, high quality pictures? The J3 AMOLED screen handles them perfectly. Exchange high quality pictures with friends or even from highest resolution camera phones and the J3 will take them happily and kick back an unbelieveable crisp image.


FM Radio

Simple and easy access to the radio through your J3. It effectively uses your headphone cord as a radio antenna and delivers a great signal.


Document Viewer

Great use of the crisp screen, you can load text files (and a lot of classic books are available free online as text files) and read them comfortably on the widescreen display - with the benefit of the Zoom UI if you need to make the text larger.


Flash Player

The flash player, allows you to download flash games and utilities from the internet and integrate them with your player



Already included is a handy calculator and this is indicative of the sort of accessory programs that Cowon tend to include with firmware updates for free!


Voice Recorder

Feel free to record your voice to your J3. Use the handy record function and your set to record you and your friends at the touch of a button.



Like drawing or free writing? Use your handy notepad! Draw or write by simply touching the screen, an exceelent feature to an excellent device.

Experience the Award Winning Cowon J3…


.Jon Bentley has a closer look at the J3 in this review on the Gadget Show.

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