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Cowon Plenue 1 (P1) High Resolution 'World's Finest DAC' 128GB Music Player

Cowon Plenue 1 (P1) High Resolution \'World\'s Finest DAC\' 128GB Music Player
  • Cowon Plenue 1 (P1) High Resolution 'World's Finest DAC' 128GB Music Player
  • Cowon Plenue 1 (P1) High Resolution 'World's Finest DAC' 128GB M
  • Cowon Plenue 1 (P1) High Resolution 'World's Finest DAC' 128GB M
  • Cowon Plenue 1 (P1) High Resolution 'World's Finest DAC' 128GB M
  • Cowon Plenue 1 (P1) High Resolution 'World's Finest DAC' 128GB M

Cowon Plenue 1 (P1) High Resolution 'World's Finest DAC' 128GB Music Player

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Customers Reviews

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Paul mills
Date Added: Monday 06 June, 2016
4 of 5 Stars!
I bought the P1 as an upgrade to my Cowon J3. That has served me very well for many years despite the initial impression that the unit was flimsy, especially the flap at the bottom covering the expansion socket. The J3 is now struggling with very the...Read more latest FLAC files and can't play 96khz or .dsf files.
So I am used to Cowon, I liked the sound of the J3 hence going for the P1.My initial impression of the construction was wow! Its a lot heavier than the J3 and the brushed metal case makes a clear statement for quality.
I like that Cowon have moved the power button from the side of the J3 to the top of the P1 and its design, no more fiddlying along the side.
The Italian leather case fits too well, it makes it difficult to remove the unit to show off how well made it is! All the buttons and sockets are easy to get to, including the flap on the bottom,Shame the case doesn't cover the screen as well.
I am used to the Cowon interface, so loading tracks and flicking through the various options came quickly to me. I have used JetEffect before, so again it was only the increased number of options that I had to get used to. I usually listen on headphones so use BBE headphones as my main option, but play around for yourselves, there are plenty to choose from.
Loading tracks was easy, I have already filled the main memory of 128gb with a wide variety of file types including mp3, wma, FLAC and .dsf.Its pretty much 'drag and drop'. The P1 handles all of them with ease.
Sound quality is where it gets interesting. The J3 had a 'warm ambience'. The P1 is more 'neutral'. I am using the same headphones on both.I have noticed greater separation in instruments and even backing singers (!) on various tracks. I have also noticed a wider range of instruments in the background as well. The difference is more noticeable on the better quality tracks and this is where the P1 shows that it is a thoroughbred machine. The P1 prefers the better quality tracks, on the lesser quality ones it becomes clear that it is putting up with them for your sake. On the better quality FLAC and .dsf files, wow this is what the P1 likes to eat!, the depth and range of instruments brought to your attention is phemonenal, the vocals have more soul and the overall sound is more lifelike.
The battery charge has not caused me any problems, although there is no way it can compare to how long the J3 could last on a single charge!
Overall, I am pleased I bought the P1, the change in depth and ambience will take getting used to, the unit works flawlessly and I am in the process of accquiring more hd files anyway. I am just worried that after listening to this unit for a while, my senses will become too jaded to tolerate anything less.
4 of 5 Stars!
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Billy Bob
Date Added: Thursday 28 January, 2016
3 of 5 Stars!
Didn't do it for me sounded ok but just lacking something, went for the ibasso dx80 instead and was more than happy with that dap.
3 of 5 Stars!
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Harley Allman
Date Added: Thursday 28 January, 2016
5 of 5 Stars!
Having been disappointed with Apple removing the CLASSIC from their product - and no, I do not consider it a 'High End' player, but it was an icon, and had/has an almost cult standing, and it played reasonably well. My 160gb had almost 18,000 songs o...Read moren and accompanied me pretty much everywhere. I work abroad so travel is a big part of my life, plus where I work the access to media/music etc (Kazakhstan) is very limited to say the least, so my CLASSIC and my Seagate Wireless HD - for movies on Ipad, are a godsend.

The P1 - has been something of a revelation, the quality, composure and detail that flows through my Westone W2 Consumer IE buds is quite remarkable. The only issue I have is that it was a bit if a challenge in getting my libraries from Itunes on it. It still is but it has worked so I guess the answer is perseverence.

I am blown away with the P1 - and I am considering upping the buds to something a tad more 'upmarket'.

Thank you AdvancedMP3 for your smooth services and a stunning product. You and the P1 have been recommended.

Harley Allman
5 of 5 Stars!
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Date Added: Monday 23 November, 2015
5 of 5 Stars!
The sound from the P1 is amazing. This is the sound quality I have been looking for but was not sure it was attainable.
Compared to the Fiio X5 II it is so far ahead in terms of sound quality and the ability to shape the sound.
FLAC sounds gr...Read moreeat, and the software really enhances the sound of MP3 files
For me the price is a lot of money to spend on a music player but I am so glad I did : )
5 of 5 Stars!
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Johnny Law
Date Added: Monday 27 April, 2015
5 of 5 Stars!
Iíve yet to find anything I donít like about this device. Yes, itís a financial commitment, but as someone who wanted to carry (almost) all my CD library on one device, itís a wee stunner.
(First, I should say my point of comparison is with the cla...Read moressic iPod.)
Cowon very much market the Plenue 1 as a high-end (and expensive) product for top quality audio files, but Iíve been blown away with how MP3s also sound on this little wonder.
With a high number of pre-programmed settings, a graphic equaliser for personal preferences, and volume 200 levels, youíre not short of options to optimise your listening pleasure.
The external design is smart and unfussy, and the onscreen (touchscreen) look is great with a number of options for your preferred skin.
Creating playlists is simple and more adaptable than on a classic iPod (you can move selections up and down your list). I also havenít yet found any of the Ďrandomí track selection glitches which occasionally marred on-the-go iPod playlists.
And given that battery life is not perhaps the Plenueís strongest feature, itís very handy being able to use a 5V/2A mobile charger as an alternative.
The Plenue has completely reinvigorated music on the move for me. Recommended.
Also great, and responsive, service/ delivery from AMP3.
5 of 5 Stars!
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Andrew Kirkby
Date Added: Sunday 25 January, 2015
5 of 5 Stars!
My jaw remains on the floor. If sound quality is your single priority in a player, this is the player for you. It lays aside extras like video playback etc to create a player designed exactly for someone like me who wants the best possible portable a...Read moreudio solution. A few things to highlight are the fact it has a powerful headphone amp. I'm a professional audio engineer and frequently drive high impedence headphones. Put simply most other players don't have the wattage required to drive them at a comfortable listening position. I'd say this player runs around 65 to 70% of its amp capacity running some of my less energy efficient drivers. A big plus seeing as you don't therefore need an amp. The converter speaks for itself. It's warm, clear and carries a very analog sound like listening to a finished master on a professional 2 track Studer tape recorder only clearer with less environmental artefact from the heads. I don't consider myself an audiophile, which by all accounts is mainly a marketing ploy, but I do have a set of very accurate ears and they're not deceiving me on this one. This player's worth the money if audio's your life. I hope it lasts several years..
5 of 5 Stars!
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Thomas Wilson
Date Added: Wednesday 26 November, 2014
5 of 5 Stars!
I have had my Cowon Plenue P1 for just under a week and have to say first my iBasso DX50 is now obsolete.

Now to the review, tested with ciem's Unique Melody Miracles and Minerva Pro silicones. Over ear I tested with AKG 545's and my old trusty...Read more Sony MDR-V7's. Firstly if you are used to Cowon products then the menus are very easy to follow (I loved my Cowon J3 when it came out and still plays 16 Bit flac and bluetooth to my amp). If you are new to cowon then there is a bit of a learning curve. Settings only appear when actually playing a album.

Sound: I would say warm (I have left on normal setting) Typical cowon sound but clear, spacious and almost vinyl sounding. There are a plethora of sound settings a la cowon but I do not need them. There are no gain settings but you can switch between iem and headphone (kind of like a gain switch but software driven and works very well) I have listened to Folk, Progressive Rock,Jazz, Metal and I cannot fault this dap in the least

Design: A beautiful metal block with a power button on top and volume, pause/play and skip forward-back all which can be done on the touch screen (which is a joy to behold) The free case that comes with it is a brown leather that fits very well. The 3.5 mm headphone jack also doubles up as an optical out ( which I have tried via a Cambridge Audio Dac100 to a Roksan Kandy K2 to Roth Audio OLi RA4 Floorstanders, absolutely outstanding! )
5 of 5 Stars!
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Anthony Herring
Date Added: Friday 21 November, 2014
5 of 5 Stars!
Cowon return to form, matching the other big boys with Hi-Def 24-bit support. About time methinks, and the results really pay off! Even with older/more compressed files the sound quality is top notch. Nice one Cowon!
5 of 5 Stars!
7 of 10 people found the following review helpful:
John Gardner
Date Added: Tuesday 11 November, 2014
5 of 5 Stars!
As an existing COWON owner (having previously purchased the S9 and Z2) I was looking forward to this newer 'high resolution' model. Could they once again improve on the excellent performance of the aforementioned models and would it be worth the prem...Read moreium price? Suffice to say, the Plenue P1 gets as solid 5 star recommendation from me. This model takes Cowon confidently into the high end portable player sector.

Build Quality: Excellent. You can see where some of the price is justified. Solid chuck of metal that has been machined to give a very smooth finish which is comfortable and a heavier presence in the hand. Large on/off button on the top with coloured LED indicator to indicate status of charge/play. Decent quality AMOLED screen (no need for any better as itís an audio device not a multimedia player). Good tactile buttons on the side to control play, skip and volume. The unit also comes with its own 'Italian Designer Leather Case' which is essentially a sleeve the player slots into. The cut-out for the control buttons actually seems to serve a purpose as the buttons do not protrude from the sleeve meaning if you rest the player on its side you wonít inadvertently trigger an action on the player. The output 3.5mm port on the bottom serves as both headphone and optical output should you wish to hook the device to an external amp etc. Micro USB and MicroSD are hidden behind a flap which is relatively easy to access and pull back even when in the case. (The flap is more substantial in quality that the rather flimsy version on the Z2)

Interface: This is has been a bit of an Achilles heel in the past for COWON as their software tended to be a little quirky in terms of functionally and ease of use. The switch to Android (Gingerbread) on later devices solved some problems but introduced others especially some media library/SD card recognition and the odd system crash, coupled with slow boot time. Itís just as well the sonic performance (the Z2 in my case) outweighed the glitches in the implementation of the OS which I had no problems with on other Android devices I own. So, what about the P1? COWON have gone back to their own proprietary Linux based software and it appears they have finally listened to their customers and produced an interface thatís faster (thanks to an ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor), intuitive to use and solves all the issues Iíd previously experienced. Media library recognised perfectly, multiple playlists can be easily programmed and the user experience is leaps and bounds better than anything previously produced by the company.

Sound quality: Ultimately this is why one would purchase a dedicated music player. Youíll appreciate that this is very subjective, however, in my humble opinion? Simply stunning. 99% of my audio is FLAC 16/24 bit and finally Cowon have built a player that can handle up to 24bit/192khz FLAC/WAV/AIFF & ALAC. All handled by the Burr-Brown PCM1792A DAC, the resulting sound is quite astonishing. My preferred choice of head gear are IEMís , currently favour my Westone UM3X RC over my Shure SE535ís and the P1 effortless drives them and brings a level of detail and presence I thought not possible at this price point. The clarity of midrange and high end is further enhanced with a much larger soundstage than previously heard with other devices. Another tangible improvement was the bass levels, lower, fuller & richer but controlled. Iíve had pleasure in revisiting many of my favourite tracks and had the wonderful experience of uncovering more detail unheard or previously hidden/lost in the mix, fabulous. In summary it has a wonderfully clear but almost analog smoothness to its delivery, not Ďwarmí exactlyÖjust more Ďnaturalí. Highly recommend this device although it does present me with one problem. Iíll need to hear it with some newer improved IEMís that are out there!
5 of 5 Stars!
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Gideon Morley
Date Added: Thursday 25 September, 2014
5 of 5 Stars!
I have owned a Cowon J3 since it was launched and it has been a fantastic player however, I have noticed the arrival of the DAC PMP. After a lot of research, I was left wondering when Cowon were going to launch their own DAC PMP and now they have - t...Read morehe Plenue 1! When I took it out of the box the player felt very solid and was much heavier than my J3. After charging it, I got both my headphones out, a set of Dennon over ear one's and my Sony MDR EX700's. Played a few of my MP3 tracks first and then on to the four high resolution tracks supplied by Cowon. What a difference!! You can tell straight away the difference between the two format, not that the mp3 sounds bad you understand but that the clarity of the high resolution just shines through. I am looking forward to downloading some high resolution albums from the internet.
The Plenue is a lot of money, but I think well worth it.


5 of 5 Stars!
9 of 17 people found the following review helpful:

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What Hi-Fi?
Date Added: Friday 12 August, 2016
"We love its refinement and articulate nature, and even though the richness tends towards excess, particularly at low frequencies, the side effects of this are rarely less than enjoyable."

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