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JayBird Endorphin Rush Earphones

JayBird Endorphin Rush Earphones
  • JayBird Endorphin Rush Earphones

JayBird Endorphin Rush Earphones

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Rich Smith
Date Added: Friday 21 October, 2011
5 of 5 Stars!
Fantastic headphones, ive gone through about 8 different pairs of headphones in 2 years and have never found a good pair till now. Sound is fantastic dont fall out of your ear running on the roads or in the gym. Buy these headphones you wont be disap...Read morepointed
5 of 5 Stars!
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Timothy Warner
Date Added: Friday 22 July, 2011
3 of 5 Stars!
A mixed bag.

First, the good. They sound great (tons of bass, lovely big soundstage), the noise isolation is top-notch, they come with a nice range of ear-pieces so most people will be able to find a pair that fit, the cord is durable and thick, a...Read morend the lifetime warranty against sweat offers peace of mind and should, hopefully, make these a sound, long-term investment (i was getting through ordinary sets of in-ear cans at a rate of one pair every six weeks or so).

But then, unfortunately, the not-so good. The over-the-ear-and-behind-the-head design is a nice idea, and you can see what they were trying to achieve with it, but the one problem it solves is out-weighed comprehensively by the myriad extra problems this way of doing things creates.

Doing bench-presses, for example, requires you to lie on top of the cable and have the adjustable slider-type thing digging into the back of your head. Although not exactly unbearable, the level of discomfort it causes is, however, just enough to break your concentration at the time when you need 100% focus for lifting those extra-heavy weights.

That's not the least of the problems, either.

As already noted, the cord is thick; it's also heavy, so heavy, in fact, that when running on the treadmill, the weight of impact from each stride causes the cord to pull down, snag round your ear, and yank the earphone out of place. I'm pushing them back in every two or three strides. More than that, the heavy cord doesn't allow any slack, meaning that the earphones are pulled out of place if you move your head by even a few centimetres (literally). (The sensation of /pulling/ is almost constant whilst wearing them.)

They are supposed to be designed for wearing during work-outs. I find them ill-suited for using even whilst walking; the idea of running with them is almost inconceivable. That's how bad the problem is. If you are looking for a pair of great-sounding headphones for using whilst sitting extremely still and barely moving a muscle for hours at a time, then i can recommend these without hesitation.

The left bud has (or, rather, had) a Jay Bird logo printed on it. That didn't last three days. I was pushing the blasted things back into place so many times and so often, the logo had soon rubbed off. Even under normal circumstances, the fact that they demand such constant ministrations would hardly constitute an endearing quality, but when the cord is running behind your head and you are going flat-out on the treadmill and trying to adjust something that is lying precisely between your should blades, it's extremely annoying, not to mention entirely impractical (try it yourself the next time you're on the treadmill).

It soon became clear - unless i could solve these problems, it was going to prove a deal-breaker. What was i going to do, pause my cardio work-out every three seconds to adjust the blinking cord? I don't think so. The work-around that seems to be doing the trick at the moment (touch wood!) is to have the cord running over my shoulder and down my side into the pocket of my shorts, and clipping the cord to my shirt with a 19mm bull-dog clip, fixed around chest-height, which takes the strain from the impact of each stride, meaning the cord won't snag on your ears and pull the buds out of place, whilst also leaving the cord with enough slack so that you can actually move your head.

These phones are listed at an RRP of near enough 100 GBP but, without a bulldog clip that costs mere pennies, i found them almost unusable, all on account of what i consider to be this fundamental design flaw.

What i said before still holds true - they have a heck of a lot of good things going for them and they sound fantastic after being properly burned in, but i can't begin to describe the amount of grief they have caused me.

Overall, 3 out of 5.
3 of 5 Stars!
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Dave the box
Date Added: Monday 16 May, 2011
5 of 5 Stars!
I've now had these headphones for a few weeks now.

I go to the gym a lot and use weights, run and row so I needed a pair that would stay in my ears. I also wanted a pair that would not necessitate excessive volume to hear it. So - on a whim I bou...Read moreght these.

Initial verdict - very nice box (expensive !!) - inside were a number of different sizes of ear buds and a nice carry case.

As wih other reviews, it took a a few wearings to get the best fit but when I now go to the gym I have my MP3 play are 60% of the original settings for the same sound output. This is saving my hearing!!!

Noise isolation is excellent and I literally can't hear much external noise at all.

I've been on a few outside runs - be VERY wary of traffic. On a cycle - I wouldn't risk it at all.

The concept of having the cable run down the back is really good, it avoids noise transmission. Running still causes some feedback but nothing excessive and better than continually feeding other earphones in.

Overall - love them!!!
5 of 5 Stars!
2 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
Date Added: Tuesday 18 May, 2010
5 of 5 Stars!
Top end sound from what is essentially a mid range priced set of earphones. Great in the gym and no concern about damage due to sweat. Highly recommended!
5 of 5 Stars!
7 of 9 people found the following review helpful:

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