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Cowon EH2 Audiophile Earphones

Cowon EH2 Audiophile Earphones
  • Cowon EH2 Audiophile Earphones
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Cowon EH2 Audiophile Earphones

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Date Added: Wednesday 06 May, 2015
"Precise and detailed, Good build and ear tips, Bright & sparkly sound signature, Can handle high instrument density, Wide soundstage"
Date Added: Wednesday 06 May, 2015
"The EH2 shows supreme flexibility, when it comes to switching from a bass-heavy sound to softer numbers. The vocals also sound extremely clear and crisp, not suffering from any peak noises."
Date Added: Wednesday 06 May, 2015
"Bass, its pretty epic. Great detailed highs with a good crisp/delicate balance"


Every single subtle sound is alive

With exceptional clarity and resolution, the Cowon EH2s are unrivaled in their class. Cowon's attention to detail lets listeners experience the subtle tremor of a snare drum and even the performers breathing for the highest standards in auditory enjoyment.

Exquisite Balance - from Bass to Treble

The EH2s strike the optimum balance between firm and dense bass response and clear high and medium tones. Both vocals and musical performaces are artfully achieved through Cowon's acoustic tuning technology that ensures distortion free sound.

Refreshingly Clear Treble and Vocal Sounds

The reference-level sound is ideal for quiet classical pieces and delicate jazz. Clear vocals get rid of any stuffiness and the stunning resolution delivers a whole new level of sound when listening to band or orchestral music.

Distortion Free - Flat Shape Frequency Response

The EH2s feature 2 drivers in each bud, a balanced armature driver and a dynamic driver a setup that produces both great sound quality and range. The harmony between a balanced armature driver and a dynamic driver delivers flat and undistorted sound in a wide range of frequencies from 20Hz to 20,00Hz. Allowing you to enjoy the best in all genres of music!

The sound produced by the Dynamic driver is expertly tuned for a natural sounding range with robust and majestic mid-bass.

Luxurious Metal Body & Housing

For accurate transmission of true-to-life Hi-Fi sound the EH2s emply a metal housing to dampen vibration and an internal environment that is acoustically designed and engineered for the utmost in sound production. The luxuriously smooth, eye-catching metal body is incredably durable ensuring a long life for your precious earphones.


The Cowon EH2 earphones feature twin drivers, a balanced armature driver for detailed highs and a dynamic driver for magnificent bassy lows. The headphones are designed in a way to emulate the tweeter and woofer structure seen in high end stereo speakers. The woven cable protects the A metal body caps it off in a stylish and durable casing.


  • Twin Driver - Balanced Armature driver & Dynamic Driver
  • 24K Gold Plated stereo plug
  • 1.2m braided cable
  • Large selection of silicon tips
  • Luxurious metal body

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