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JayBird Sprint Bluetooth Sports Headphones

JayBird Sprint Bluetooth Sports Headphones
  • JayBird Sprint Bluetooth Sports Headphones
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  • JayBird Sprint Bluetooth Sports Headphones
  • JayBird Sprint Bluetooth Sports Headphones

JayBird Sprint Bluetooth Sports Headphones

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Men's Fitness
Date Added: Tuesday 02 October, 2012
'Crucially, the Freedom Sprints also deliver crisp, punchy sound to confidently cement their position as one of the best pairs of earphones currently available for running.' Men's Fitness
Huffington Post
Date Added: Wednesday 24 October, 2012
'Whether it's actual exercise or running away from an angry bear, these are the headphones designed to fit most securely and not get in your way.' Huff Post


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Jaybird Freedom JF4, Smaller, lighter, generally better!

Jaybird Freedom, the smallest, lightest bluetooth headset in the world has just got smaller, 40% smaller. Step up the Jaybird Freedom Sprint JF4, almost everything in Freedom Sprint has been enhanced from the original Freedom JF3. Taking the highly effective secure fit and high performance audio system from Freedom, Jaybird have improved on practically every other factor. If you've enjoyed Freedom, you are going to love Freedom Sprint!


  • High performance drivers specially designed for warm bass, balanced highs with low mids to reduce listener fatigue.
  • 40% smaller than the original Jaybird Freedom
  • Softer cord for free movement
  • Enhanced Microphone for clearer voice calls
  • Control your music from your headset
  • Take calls on the go, wirelessly
  • Compatible with any A2DP Bluetooth stereo device
  • Jaybird adapter avaialable for non-Bluetooth devices
  • Sweat proof, lifetime warranty against sweat
  • Up to 5 Hours of talk time/4.5hrs audio playback
  • Up to 100hrs Stand by time
  • Weigh only 10g!
Jaybird JF3 Vs JF4.jpg

Jaybird Freedom - Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones

In this day and age everbody seems to carrying an MP3 player of some sort. Walking up the street we see people hunting for their players to change tracks or fiddling with their headphones, tucking them down their top or into their jacket or even pointlessly flapping around in front of their chest, we see runners accidently yanking out earphones during a push to break through the wall! Why live in the dark when you could live in the light, with Jaybird Freedom, you are given a new opportunity, the opportunity to be free from wires!

Athletes, are you ready?

The all new Jaybird Freedom Sprint JF4 are designed with athletes in mind as such they come with a lifetime guarantee against sweat, but truth be told even the day-to-day audio enthusiast will benefit from the hands-free & wire free capabilities the Freedom Sprint headphones deliver!

Problem: Jaybird wanted to shift the Freedom's multi-funtion button from the front surface to the top surface for improved usability. This presented a problem. How to seal the electronics from sweat with a button on the top side?

Solution: A specialized gasket seal under full-time compression from the housing provides water-tight buttons and seal, allowing a more user friendly top-located button while ensuring sweat stays out, and music keeps playing from within.

The guys and gals at JayBird are not a group of engineers confined to computer screens under fluorescent lights. they're actually athletes with a passion, a passion for getting products right, creating a product designed to suit they're collective needs and desires!

Snug and comfortable, just like a brand new pair of running shoes

Besides being the most secure fitting earphones on the market the Freedom Sprint is also among the most comfortable and snug fitting. 3 sizes of secure fit ear cushion fins, and 3 sizes of sound isolating eartips offers 9 custom fitting options ensuring that there is a fit for every ear.


Eliminate listener fatigue, music should be a motivation, not a distraction!

Freedom Sprint is tuned with emphasis on sub-bass, while reducing the listener fatigue ranges of mids and extreme treble. The result, warm thumpy beats that let you crank up the music without experiencing listener fatigue common in extended headphone use during lengthy workout sessions at higher volume levels. Keep your music motivating you, not distracting you. Eliminate listener fatigue.

JF4 Ear Hook.jpg
Jaybird have given you the freedom, excuse the pun, to take calls anywhere and everywhere and anywhere that you have a signal for your mobile! The Jaybird Freedom Sprint offers an enhanced microphone and microphone chamber design for even clearer calls. JF4 Ear Hook.jpg
Having on-ear music and call controls is significant. Controls on a cord can result in fumbling and dislodging of your earbud, rather distracting to your workout. On-ear controls offer quick, confident commands so you can focus and get the most from your workout. JF4 Ear Hook.jpg

Simply connect up your Freedom Spint headphones via Bluetooth to your mobile and you can take and receive calls! With a battery life of up to 4.5 Hours of audio or call time the Freedom Sprint headphones will last beyond even the most strenuous workouts or daily commutes.

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