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JayBird Endorphin Rush Earphones

JayBird Endorphin Rush Earphones
  • JayBird Endorphin Rush Earphones

JayBird Endorphin Rush Earphones

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iProng Mag Review
Date Added: Wednesday 28 April, 2010
“They sound phenomenal. JayBird throws caution to the wind, cranks the bass ratio up about as high they possibly can, and are apparently willing to go ahead and accept the fact that anyone who doesn’t care for a large heaping of bass isn’t going to b...Read moree interested in their product. With that big of a bass sound coming from earbuds, you’d expect there to be a metaphorical crack in the audio architecture once you crank up the volume even a little, but that’s not the case. The bass sounds brilliant at any volume, as does the treble."
Buymeaniphone Review
Date Added: Wednesday 28 April, 2010
“The sound quality was awesome with nice deep bass and adequate highs and lows; perfect for listening to upbeat music while you work out”
Cnet Review
Date Added: Wednesday 28 April, 2010
“A good choice for active people, Bass-addicts will be extremely pleased by the amount of oomph offered. They also offer superthumpy and encompassing bass. The deepness of the low-end is truly stunning for earphones of this size.”
ZDnet Review
Date Added: Wednesday 28 April, 2010
I am not an audiophile, but I can hear differences in treble, bass, and basic sound quality. I found the Endorphins to be good at maintaining very good levels of bass, even at the highest volume level on my Zune (device with best sound quality I have...Read more available) without any sound distortion. I prefer a bit more bass than treble and was very pleased with the Endorphins.



Endorphin Rush Earphones

Jaybird's dedication to sports enthusiasts and improving athletes performaces through music is unlike any others.

4 Reasons to pick up the Endorphin Rush Earphones...

First reason to pick them up
The audio experience an athlete needs

Step up the bass and audio experience with 10mm high performance neodymium drivers. JayBird pushed the limits of acoustics to produce the balance of sound an athlete needs to push through the next barrier. Great bass, crystal clear clarity and presence of sound you'll swear your listening live.

Engineered for those who enjoy rich, true to life sound with exceptionally warm bass. Surround yourself with your favourite music and experience it like never before. Turn it up and work-out with perfect sound isolation.

Second reason to pick them up
Cord disappearing act

The Endorphin Rush Earphones are the ultimate wired workout headphones enabling you to make those wires disappear over your ear and down the back of your shirt.

The Endos feature a zipper-like secure point to tighten the cable behind your head. Drop your music device down the back of your shirt then neatly into your side pocket. Wires gone! Are you looking to free yourself and get that post-work out endorphin rush? We've got double the dosage right here.


Third reason to pick them up

"Spare no expense" was the mantra for the Endorphin Rush athletic earphones. They feature a special titanium coating over the speaker diaphragms. The result? ... you've just got to witness them to be a believer of how astounding and true to life the sound reproduction really is. The titanium coating contributes to a clear, crisp, true to life experience.

Additionally, regular speaker diaphragms deteriorate over time and get muffled just like the standard speaker diaphragms in a car. This becomes even more pronounced with personal audio products used for sports with sweat and moisture exposure. Most athletes don't realize the deterioration over time. Titanium protection mean they keep pumping out the bass year after year without distortion. The Endos may very well be the last earphones you'll ever buy


Fourth reason to pick them up

LIFETIME warranty against sweat

JayBird extends a LIFETIME warranty against sweat on all products. JayBird backs your commitment to fitness so use them as you like.

Run in the rain, what ever, we've got you covered.

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