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iBasso DC01 USB-C DAC Adapter with 2.5mm Output

iBasso DC01 USB-C DAC Adapter with 2.5mm Output
  • iBasso DC01 USB-C DAC Adapter with 2.5mm Output
  • iBasso DC01 USB-C DAC Adapter with 2.5mm Output Additional Image
  • iBasso DC01 USB-C DAC Adapter with 2.5mm Output Additional Image
  • iBasso DC01 USB-C DAC Adapter with 2.5mm Output Additional Image

iBasso DC01 USB-C DAC Adapter with 2.5mm Output

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iBasso DC01 USB-C DAC Adapter with 2.5mm Output

The DC01 is equipped with an AK4493 digital-to-analogue conversion chip normally used in high-end sedentary DACs and integrating AKM Velvet Soundô technology. The signal-to-noise ratio of this chip has been significantly improved compared to the previous model, the AK4490, which allows the DC01 to support high sampling rates up to 32bit 384kHz in PCM and up to native DSD256, while providing a THD+N of less than 0.001%. A design that will allow you to enjoy your music to the fullest, whether for use at home or on the move.


Balanced headphone amplifier

iBasso imports the concept of balanced amplification, normally reserved for high-end audio equipment, into this portable DAC adapter. The DC01 uses a fully balanced circuit with ultra-low distortion dual LDO to create a balanced amplifier, providing high output power while improving dynamics and overall reproduction quality.

High-end cable

In order to ensure optimal signal conductivity for excellent audio reproduction but also very good durability, iBasso carried out numerous tests before selecting a premium hybrid cable made of 8 braided wires (4 pure copper and 4 SPC conductors).


From smartphone to computer: USB UAC2.0 Soundcard

The DC01 is equipped with a USB-C connector and uses the USB UAC2.0 reception standard. It is compatible with the vast majority of Android smartphones and tablets on the market. It is also able to connect to a computer under Mac OS or Windows using the supplied USB-C to USB-A high quality adapter. This allows it to work exactly like a sound card, and in an extremely simple way since the system is Plug & Play

On some Android devices it might be necessary to manually turn on the OTG function in the system settings.

*For computers running Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8, download and install the driver available on iBassoís website.

Volume control app

Windows 10 and Android 5.0 (or higher) support the UAC2.0 protocol by default. However, for compatibility reasons, Android smartphone manufacturers still use the SRC protocol on the audio output. When the DC01 is connected, the volume is set to the maximum by default and the device's software algorithm is used to reduce the volume. While this method does reduce the volume, it does not reduce the noise threshold. Thus, iBasso has developed a volume control application using the UAC2.0 protocol to allow 64 steps of hardware volume control while reducing the noise threshold and offering much better audio performance.

*The DC01 has compatibility issues with Samsung S9 and S10 smartphones but works perfectly with other models on the market.



  • AKM4493 Premium 32-bit Stereo DAC with Velvet Soundô technology
  • Supports PCM up to 32bit/384kHz and Native DSD up to and including 256x
  • True balanced amplifier with 2.5mm balanced output port
  • USB C connector for better compatibility with Android smartphones & tablets
  • USB-DAC function for use with computers (Mac, Windows and Linux)
  • Dual ultra-low noise LDOs to ensure a high-performance audio
  • 8-wire braided audiophile cable

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