Cowon iAudio U7 32GB Digital Audio Player

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  • USB all-in-one product
  • 32GB
  • Available in two colors, black and gold.
  • Slim and ultra-light weight (17g)
  • Supports a wide range of file formats

In the Box

In the Box

  • Cowon iAudio U7 32GB Digital Audio Player
  • Users Guide

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Cowon iAudio U7 32GB Digital Audio Player


Cowon System announced the launch of the all-in-one MP3 'iAUDIO U7' (U7), which includes USB memory, MP3 player, voice recording and FM radio.

U7 is a USB all-in-one product. It does not require a cable, so USB can be plugged into a PC for charging and data transfer. Provides up to 32GB of free storage space, and drag and drop to easily move and manage files without using a separate program. Easily select music, pictures, photos, text, etc. You can move and delete it.

The U7 supports a wide range of file formats MP3, WMA, OGG, as well as WAV, FLAC lossless. There is also 6 genre optimized equalizers. You can enjoy your favorite music with User friendly EQ.

With built-in microphone, you can record voice easily anywhere and anytime. In addition to FM radio function that can easily pick up signal, it also allows you to record and play back your favorite music from the radio.


The 'U7' adopts an OLED display with low glare, resulting in a brighter and clearer image from any angle. The Diamond Facet Design with a diamond face motif is made of a polyhedron structure, which adds to the charm of light reflection that varies with viewing angles.

The U7 is also slim and ultra-light weight (17g)

In addition, there are various additional useful functions such as section repeat function which can be vital during learning such as listening to a language or memorizing, and a sleep timer function that will save you on battery.

iAUDIO U7 is available in two colors, black and gold.


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