Cayin N3 Pro Hi-Res DAP (Cosmetic scratches on back panel)

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  • Dual AK4493 DAC
  • Fully balanced design with 4.4mm and 3.5mm phone out
  • Powerful 800mW@32Ω Balanced Headphone output
  • Tube and Solid Dual Timbre (3.5mm single-ended only)
  • Triode and Ultra-linear Mode (3.5mm Tube only)
  • 2 line out, 2 digital out, USB DAC
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with LDSC streaming support as well as UAT, LDAC, AAC and SBC codec
  • Supports micro SD card up to 1TB
  • Playback time up to 11 hours (standard usage) or 9 hours (balanced)

In the Box

In the Box

  • Cayin N3 Pro Master Quality Digital Audio Player
  • Type-C USB cable
  • 1 x Protective Screen
  • Silicon Protective case
  • User Guide


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This clearance item comes with light scratches on the back panel, see photo, the front screen is fine and with no marks.


Cayin N3 Pro Hi-Res DAP

Since Cayin joined our portfolio it has been a success especially with their introduction of both the N8 and the N6ii portable players. In August 2020 they launched the next evolution of their portable player range in the form of the N3 Pro.

Featuring exquisite engineering, the N3 Pro has enabled Cayin to bring to market a more budget-friendly music player with built-in tube output. A similar design also features in their flagship N8 portable player. It features a max output of 800mW and both solid-state and tube output using the 3.5mm output depending on your listening preference.

The N3 Pro has a micro SD card slot for expandable storage of up to 1TB, ensuring you can carry with you your favourite music. It also uses bidirectional LDAC Bluetooth streaming from your LDAC enabled device, enabling you to use your favourite streaming providers such as Tidal or Spotify and benefit from the DAC and audio output of the N3 Pro.

With approximately 11 hrs playback, the N3 Pro will be great for long listening sessions and with a smaller form factor than the Cayin N6ii makes it ideal as a portable music system.


Fully Balanced Design

N3 Pro is designed around the latest 32Bit DAC chipset AK4493EQ from AKM. The player can natively decode up to DSD256 and 32 Bit/384kHz and can playback all popular file formats including direct handling of SACD-ISO disc image. It is very convenient to see the ISO file break down into track right in front of you.

To implement the fully balanced design all the way through, N3 Pro has incorporated two AK4493EQ instead of one. Each DAC chipset is operated in Mono mode taking care of one stereo channel. The DAC will deliver better dynamic range, signal-to-noise ratio and channel separation in mono mode.

When you plug in a 3.5mm headphone, the pull-down menu will enable the Timbre selection option and you can select Tube Timbre or Solid-State Timbre. This selection is disabled if you were using 4.4mm headphones or if you did not plug in any headphones (The vacuum tube requires 5 seconds to warm up and takes around 15 seconds to arrive at the optimum condition).


Differential Headphone Amplification

The DAC outputs the hot and cold signal streams identically except for the polarity. These two-signal streams will go through LPF (Low Pass Filter) and headphone amplifier in parallel, completing a fully balanced audio circuit.

When L+, L-, R+ and R- signal streams are transmitted and processed independently, common-mode noise and crosstalk reduction will be cancelled out. The differential headphone amplifier outputs the difference between the hot and cold signals, and this will increase the output power and channel separation significantly. In the case of N3Pro, the 4.4mm balanced headphone output will deliver 800mW, 220mW and 110mW at 32Ω, 150Ω and 300Ω respectively, these are very respectable output at loaded condition from a player at this size and price.

The usability of the DAP is also an important factor in the product design. For this reason, Cayin packed a custom design and built 4100 mAH (3.7V) Lithium battery into N3 Pro. This will provide 11 hours of continuous playback on 3.5mm single-ended headphones when Solid State Timbre is selected. The battery duration will drop to 9 hours continuous playback when you select Tube Timbre, or switch to 4.4mm balanced headphone output.

Flexible Input/Outputs Options

S/PDIF Coaxial Digital Out

USB Audio In/Out

3.5mm single-ended line out

4.4mm balanced line out

Multipurpose Hi-Res Bluetooth

Cayin N3 Pro supports UAT, LDAC, AAC and SBC codec at BT v5.0 standard in both receive and transmits connections. This will enable the N3 Pro to serve as a wireless player (to Bluetooth headphones and speaker) and wireless DAC with your mobile phone as music source. Since UAT (up to 192kHz) and LDAC (up to 96kHz) are Hi-Res ready, you can enjoy their streaming app such as Tidal and Qobuz on mobile and playback through N3 Pro in UAT, LDAC or AAC. The UAT codec is developed by HiBy and it transmits up to 1.2Mbps audio signals from an Android mobile device to UAT compatible DAP, support up to 192kHz sampling frequency.

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