IKKO OH7 Flagship Dynamic In-Ear Monitor

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  • 10mm Nano-Carbon dynamic driver
  • 90DD Single moving coil ultimate tuning
  • Hand-carved Copper shell
  • Oval nozzle design, to follow the shape of the ear canal
  • Sensitivity: 105dB
  • Impedance: 90ohm
  • Frequency response: 20-40kHz
  • Harmonic Distortion: 0.1%
  • Minimize noise and distortion with copper cables

In the Box

  • IKKO OH7 Dynamic In-Ear Monitors
  • MMCX to 3.5mm single-ended cable
  • MMCX to 4.4mm balanced cable
  • 4.4mm to 2.5mm adapter cable
  • Leather carry case
  • 3 pairs of foam eartips
  • 6 pairs of silicone eartips

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IKKO's OH7 in-ear earphones are a real gem in terms of their design and finesse, as well as the integrated components and the incredible sound quality they deliver. Each earphone conceals under its hand-carved Copper shell an all-new 10mm Nano-Carbon dynamic driver. A particularly complex design, resulting in an ultra-thin membrane capable of moving easily. As a result, the OH7 delivers rich, detailed, natural sound, while providing a vast sound stage for total immersion in the heart of your music.

The new 90Ω 10mm deposited nano-carbon dynamic driver, the ultra-difficult deposition process makes nano-carbon better than the traditional coating process, so that the diaphragm is ultra-thin and maintains sufficient steel. Even at 90Ω in the case of impedance, it is still easy to push.

Hand-carved pattern

Each pair of headphones is unique, with a unique number on the cable, the shell was carefully carved by hand sculptors, as delicate as jewellery. And the interior of the acoustic cavity has also been polished to make it smooth to prevent the sound from changing due to imperfections in the acoustic cavity.

Light to wear

The net weight of a single earphone is 9g, and the wearing experience is light and comfortable, oval nozzle design, more in line with the shape of the ear canal, so that you can wear no foreign body feeling, easily enjoy high quality music.

Immersive feeling

No matter where you are, OH7 can let you enjoy a breathtakingly sound experience. The tuning of OH7 is biased towards classical music and heavy bass. When you wear it, you will feel like you are in the centre of the stage and feel surrounded by instruments from all directions. Around you, you can clearly distinguish the sound and position of each instrument.

Hear details never heard before

If deep bass, grand headroom, and emo highs are the types of your taste, this little piece of in-ear instruments will be your must-have.OH7 thoroughly brews the sound with its deep, cleanly resonant bass response, followed up with water-like, neutral, and delicate upper ends.

Clean thick bass

With a warm tone, this thick and dark colouring continues from the very bottom of the ultra lows to the upper lows where listening to the clean, thick bass grooves becomes one of OH7's charms.


The EMIs are connected in MMCX and are delivered with 2 cables, the first with an unbalanced 3.5mm jack connector, the second with a balanced 4.4mm jack. A 4.4mm female to 2.5mm male jack adapter is also provided. In addition, the OH7 also comes with a beautiful leather carrying pouch as well as 3 pairs of foam ear tips and 6 pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes to fit all ears and provide optimal comfort.

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