Dunu DK-2001 4-Driver Hybrid Earphones

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  • Dynamic Driver: 13 mm Beryllium-coated dynamic driver
  • BA Drivers: Three Custom-Spec Knowles BA Drivers (1 mid-high, 2 ultra-high)
  • Impedance: 13Ω
  • Sensitivity: 109±2 dB at 1 kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5% at 1 kHz
  • Cable: High-Purity Silver-Plated OCC Copper (Litz Type 1)
  • Connector: Catch-Hold MMCX Connector
  • Cable Length: 1.2 mm

In the Box

In the Box

  • Dunu DK-2001 4-Driver Hybrid Earphones
  • High-Purity Silver-Plated OCC Copper Litz (Type 1) Cable
  • Modular 3.5 mm Single-Ended Plug
  • 3.5mm to 1/4-inch (6.3 mm) Adapter
  • Cleaning Brush & Loop
  • Balanced Silicone Ear Tips (4 Pairs)
  • Transparency Silicone Ear Tips (3 Pairs)
  • Vocal Silicone Ear Tips (3 Pairs)
  • Memory Foam Tips (1 Pair)
  • Cerulean Blue Leather Zip-Up Carry Case

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With three custom-spec Knowles balanced armature drivers (1 for mid-highs, 2 for highs and super-highs), and a 13 mm dynamic driver for the lows, the DK-2001 follows a similar acoustic design structure to the flagship DK-4001, versatile DK-3001 PRO, and DK-3001.

The 13-millimetre dynamic driver is coated on both sides with Beryllium via an advanced process that allows Dunu to retain proprietary control of the thickness and grain pattern of the PVD coating. Doing so allows them to tailor the low-end driver to their tuning goals.

Ergonomic design and upgraded shell materials

DUNU have focused on comfort with their new range of earphones. The shells are designed for all-day wear and utilize second-generation DK ergonomics, which debuted with their flagship DK-4001 and was carried over to the DK-3001 PRO. The tip stems are machined with a lip so that tips don't slide off easily, and the insertion angles have been optimized for a wide variety of ear shapes via a computerized database. The shells are also machined entirely from 316 stainless steel, it is more wear and corrosion-resistant than the stainless steel used in the DN-2000 series. The removable cable connectors are DUNU’s own Catch-Hold® variety, which is their proprietary take on the MMCX connector that is compatible with all other MMCX cable interfaces out there.



Cable & Accessories

DUNU have long prided themselves on providing users with a rich set of accessories for every product we release. The DK-2001 is no exception. The highlight is the included cable, which features our patented Quick-Switch modular plug cable system. Users will be able to switch between 3.5 mm single-ended, 2.5 mm balanced, 3.5 mm 'PRO' balanced, and 4.4 mm unbalanced/balanced connections with the simple pull of a highly secure circular latch. By default, the 3.5 mm single-ended plug is included with the DK-2001.

The cable is composed of individually enamelled strands of high-purity silver-plated OCC copper. Each conductor is covered with an insulation coating that effectively improves the sound purity.

A bold-looking cerulean blue leather zip-up case and multiple pairs of ear tips are also included in the package as well as colour matching silicone ear-tips.