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Speedo Aquabeat Troubleshooting



Speedo Aquabeat Troubleshooting

The Speedo Aquabeat is a fantastic compact waterproof MP3 player, perfect for listening to your favourite music while swimming. Available in both 1GB and 2GB sizes this allows an average of 250 or 500 music tracks to be stored.

Music Files

This article is a quick guide to troubleshooting any problems that may be encountered when using the Aquabeat.

By far the most common problem that we have had reported with the Speedo Aquabeat is that it fails to turn on properly and play any music. In the vast majority of cases it has been due to unsupported types of music being copied to the player.

The Speedo Aquabeat has limited file type support and can only play back music in MP3 or WMA (DRM free) files. The most common culprit for the player not functioning are iTunes music files. As iTunes music files are in Apple’s ‘.m4a’ or ‘.aac’ they are incompatible with the Speedo.

If the player fails to play music check the contents of the Aquabeat to ensure only MP3 and WMA files are on the player.



In the above example, even one .m4a or other unsupported file will prevent the Speedo Aquabeat from starting correctly as it will not be able to understand the file.

With regards to Windows Media Audio (WMA) files, the Speedo Aquabeat will only be able to play back files which are not copyright protected. If protected WMA files are copied across to the Aquabeat it may result in the player being able to play any music.

To check the protection status of a WMA file right-click the file in Windows Explorer then select ‘Properties’ from the drop down menu. On the pop up window select the ‘Summary’ tab and press the ‘Advanced’ button. The full properties of the file will be shown and the option to check is ‘Origin – Protected’. If this shows No, then the file is not copyright protected and can be played back by the Aquabeat.



Free Memory

It’s also important not to fill the entire memory of the Speedo Aquabeat with music. The player will require a very small amount of free memory left for it to be able to process and play back music. At least 10MB should be left free on the player.

You can check the free memory left on the player by right-clicking on the Aquabeat in Windows Explorer and selecting ‘Properties’



Turning On

To turn on the player, insert the headphones and press and hold the Play button for several seconds until the light on the front of the player turns green.

After turning on the player it starts to check through the music which is stored in the memory. The light will flash orange while the files are being checked. Depending on the amount of music stored on the player this can take up to one minute. If any problems are encountered by the player; such as music being in the wrong file format or there is not enough free then the light will stay on as orange or red to denote a problem and the player will freeze at this point.

If everything is fine and all the files have been checked successfully you will hear a double beep through the earphones then the first music track will start to play, with the light on the player flashing green.
With the correct type of music on the Speedo Aquabeat and a small amount of memory left free the player should give trouble free operation, ready for your next time at the pool!


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