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Cowon iAudio S9 16GB MP3 Player
  • Cowon iAudio S9 16GB MP3 Player
  • Cowon iAudio S9 16GB MP3 Player

Cowon iAudio S9 16GB MP3 Player

£199.99 £99.00
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Customer Review

John Flegg

(13th January 2011)
when I first started using My Cowon S9 I was i little confused besause i was comparing it with my sony Walkman MP3 player. The sound quality is very goodthe
Cowon iAudio S9 16GB MP3 Player
Cowon iAudio S9 16GB MP3 Player
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In the box

  • Cowon S9 16GB MP3 Player
  • USB Cable
  • Earphones
  • Quick start guide
  • Software/Manual CD

Customers Reviews

Average customers review
5 of 5 Stars! (102 customer reviews)

Jamie Flanagan(Date Added: Wednesday 25 January, 2012)
5 of 5 Stars!

Great product, but I'm going to focus this review on the AMAZING customer service I received. Bought the B grade version of this product. Arrived swiftly but was unfortunately the 8gb rather than the 16gb version. Contacted customer support via email, and on the same day I was told that a courier would arrive with a brand new s9 16gb and collect the b grade 8gb model... THE VERY NEXT DAY!

Wow, customer service like this cannot be forgotten. Speechless!

As for the product itself. Ok functonality, but as for sound quality, Ipod isn't even in the same ballpark!

One very happy customer!!

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Martin Ansdell-Smith(Date Added: Thursday 29 December, 2011)
5 of 5 Stars!

Bought for its support of OGG format, not just proprietary MP3 format. Even for a first touchscreen device for an oldie it is easy to use. The sound quality is ideal for what I need and the long battery life simplifies use.

Bill Freeman(Date Added: Saturday 12 November, 2011)
4 of 5 Stars!

Great so far! Have only had my MP3 player a couple of weeks but I am very pleased with it.

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
thomas corcoran(Date Added: Monday 04 April, 2011)
5 of 5 Stars!

having just purchased my cowon S9 player i am very happy with this amazing product, im no expert but have had a few mp3 players in my time,my recent players were the i pod classic and creative zen until they both gave up the ghost, i decided to do bit of reserching before i bought one,so going on the reviews i went for this little beut.
Once you get the hang of the settings for your own personal use it really comes into its own, the sound is just superb,i downloaded a few movies and the quality is excellant too. i would recommend this to my friends..

1 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
John Flegg(Date Added: Thursday 13 January, 2011)
3 of 5 Stars!

when I first started using My Cowon S9 I was i little confused besause i was comparing it with my sony Walkman MP3 player. The sound quality is very goodthe Volume does leave a little to bve desired but that is more of preference. the drag and drop features are not as good as the Sony as ease of use over all but i think it is a bit over priced.

0 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Jay Dobie(Date Added: Wednesday 05 January, 2011)
5 of 5 Stars!

Upon opening my S9 on xmas day I had a minor problem which led me to believe I had a faulty unit... So over the xmas break I sent AdvancedMP3 a ticket requesting some guidance. Within 24 hours I had recieved a reply with advise on dealing with the problem. My S9 sprang into life !!!

What an awesome player... believe the hype !!

I would also say 10/10 to advanced MP3 for impeccable service over the holiday period.

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
dave innes(Date Added: Sunday 10 October, 2010)
5 of 5 Stars!

I was looking for an mp3 player specifically. Not that interested in video capabilities, audio quality was the deciding factor. After much research I decided to go with the Cowon S9. I wasn't disappointed. It's good with the supplied earphones but have trouble getting them to stay in my ears whilst working with them so may replace these but sound quality is good, so not an immediate concern. Where the player really shows it's class is when I play it through my old Akai the house.Awesome. Sure, as some reviewers have said, the interface can be a bit awkward to use at first, the supplied instructions are crap,but it doesn't take too long to figure it out. Anyway, half the fun of a new 'toy' is playing with it! Would I buy one again? Oh yes. Would I recommend it? Well for audio, OH YES!!, video I don't know, haven't tried it but I suspect it won't disappoint. Regrets, yes I should have bought the 32gb.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Steven Whittall(Date Added: Thursday 26 August, 2010)
5 of 5 Stars!

Quite simply the best sound quality of any personal media player on today's market. The design/weight/size are also excellent, and the screen is magnificent
The native User Interface is somewhat awkward at first, but easy to get used to - however there are many flash developers who have scripted alternative versions for this superb player if you fancy a change
Ipod touch? - don't make me laugh! Get a REAL player, get a Cowon S9
10 out of 10

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
Chris Morris(Date Added: Tuesday 03 August, 2010)
4 of 5 Stars!

As a Linux user I was looking for something to replace my last player and as the S9 had the ability to play ogg vorbis files as well as its aesthetic qualities it seemed the one for me. I found a few problems in set up: First I was unable to delete any file I had put in the player without first re formatting the device, obviously saving the necessary files to return afterwards. Also since the last firmware upgrade to 2.52 the S9 doesn't seem to want to tag ogg vorbis files even thought my personal ones have been ID3 tagged, a bit a nuisance when all you see is unknown by unknown from unknown.
The actual thing itself has a very good quality of sound, easy to use and looks good, the amoled screen is very responsive too. One thing I wish Cowon and other companies would do is supply better quality earphones then we can fully appreciate the superior sound quality of such a music player.

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
Istvan Hetesi(Date Added: Friday 23 July, 2010)
5 of 5 Stars!

This player should get 6 star instead of 5.

I was searching for a good mp3 player,so I checked all available things on the internet and shops.
The cowon s9 was the one which got high points and stars nearly every review I found.
So I decided to buy it few weeks ago. Before I purchased I borrowed an Ipod touch, an Iphone and also a new sony mp3 player, just to try them and compare with the cowon when it arrived. When the day came, I opened the box and thought 'looks great, very lightweight and very nice shape.' Then straight away connected to my laptop without reading the manual. I was so delighted to see how easy to transfer music to the device. Previously for my sony I needed software which sometimes made me crazy, same with the Ipod. Cowon S9 doesnt need any software. Simply copy and paste,thats it.

As soon as I pressed play, it was a different world. The sound quality is just unbelieveble. There are so many effects choices ,BBE,Rock ,Jazz,Wide,Hall ,Techno,Maestro,custom and many, many more. I personaly like the "maestro" effect. It suits most of the music I like and enjoy listening to. Im an amateur Dj so I mainly listening House,techno,electronic music but also have place some good old Shade,Depeche mode etc. It all sounds amaizing on this gem.

Picture quality and the video player are just as good as the sound. It's crystal clear ,details are very clean and sharp ,no trouble with fast action movies as well.Touch screen is responding well, it's easy to navigate in the menu. One thing I dont like is if I want to bookmark a music as my favourite and I do it twice then in the favorits folder it will be twice as well. Would be nice if it says this music is already in your selection or something.
And thats all the negative thing I can say and think of.I did not try using the radio and other suff so I cant say anything about that.

If you love music and important the sound quality then dont have to search anymore.This is the device for you.
From now on I will stick this Brand for sure.Buying the S9 was the best decision I ever made.

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
David Strachan(Date Added: Wednesday 16 June, 2010)
5 of 5 Stars!

My needs were fairly simple, a high quality MP3 player that had drag and drop functionality and Bluetooth. Straight away that limited my options. The special offer from advancedMP3 swung me and it arrived a couple of days after ordering. The player exceeds my expectations, the video out facility is now one of the main things I use, loading the player up with several films (easily resized with the supplied software). The quality of the video output is excellent, as is the battery life. Perfect for on the plane, or for the nights when you are on holiday but just want to stop in with a Pizza and a beer, instant films on the telly. I found the navigation around the screens a little confusing and the poor documentation is probably the worst aspect of the overall package. My recommendation is to persevere as it is well worth it. Bye the way, it satisfied what I thought were my initial needs and now all my mates want one.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
David Bartlett(Date Added: Friday 07 May, 2010)
5 of 5 Stars!

This is a really good player, great sound if you fiddle with the eq and obviously use good headphones, it has plenty of attack, detail, weight and control. It is nicely built but it is made from plastic , however it more than makes up for it in sound quality, and the video quality is great too, actually quite enjoyable to watch.

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
FRANK HASSALL(Date Added: Tuesday 04 May, 2010)
5 of 5 Stars!


3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Paul Busby(Date Added: Wednesday 14 April, 2010)
5 of 5 Stars!

I needed something to use so that i dont drain my phone batteries every day and after reading reviews i found this.
I have been using this player for a few weeks now and ahve found it to be apsolutely fantastic. It plays any audio you throw at it with stunning qualtiy and a massive range of setting to tweak to your preference.
The batteries last forever and take no time at all to charge to full.
Iv not tested out the video properly yet as i have been quite busy but you can tell the screen is fantastic qualty just from the demo video.
The service from Advanced MP3 players was also great, thanks a lot guys you where really helpful!

2 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Michael Silvia(Date Added: Tuesday 13 April, 2010)
5 of 5 Stars!

I bought it ,and it's really nice!!

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
Timothy Bainbridge(Date Added: Thursday 18 March, 2010)
5 of 5 Stars!

Having bought my daughter an iPod Touch I was looking for something that I could use on the family computer without having to go through a proprietory and shared iTunes interface. And having my browsing needs taken care of by my Blackberry, I wanted a portable player that delivered market leading sound and vision.

I believe I have found such a player in the Cowon S9. Simply put, with a pair of decent headphones attached, this little player delivers a fantastic quality of sound and vision. I particularly like the ease and variety with which it supports lossless formats, and the quality of the screen puts the iPod Touch to shame.

The only complaint I have heard about this player is the interface. Many of the reviews you will find on the internet are based on relatively early firmware releases. Do not let this criticism put you off. I am using version 2.52 at the time of writing this review. I have found the player easy and intuitive to use, and suggest that after you have taken a few minutes to understand the principles by which the menu works, you will also find it a breeze.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Paul Stirrat(Date Added: Tuesday 09 March, 2010)
5 of 5 Stars!

A great bit of kit worth every penny. I made the dreaded mistake of buying a decent mobile phone thinking it could perform an ‘all in one’ role but how wrong was I.

The S9 is dedicated to sound. The sound quality is of the highest I have ever heard from such a device, so please ensure you buy decent headphones to compliment it.

On the downside, if any, the touch screen is not as sensitive as others so requires a firmer tap, not a major issue. Otherwise it’s a breeze to use.

The drop and drag, and logic order the S9 works in, means synchronising is a breeze.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Antony Joyce(Date Added: Wednesday 17 February, 2010)
5 of 5 Stars!

This is an excellent player, the audio quality is fantastic and the screen is truly stunning. It is miles ahead of the ipod touch in these respects and the batter life + variety of formats supported such as FLAC and OGG lossless audio. On the down side the interface is clunky and I have had to use the reset button on the back a couple of times after the player has frozen. The easy of adding media by attaching the device like a USB drive to my computer is something that I appreciate. I miss the wireless function/web browser & email and slick GUI that I have on my touch but if it’s a audio / video device you want look no further this looks and sounds awesome you will not be disapointed.

Stephen Whitelock(Date Added: Wednesday 20 January, 2010)
5 of 5 Stars!

I love my new S9 I am so pleased with the quality and the look of it.
The sound quality from the S9 is brilliant even with the earphones that come with it.
For watching movies on this has got to be the best on the market my sister / nephew and a load of my mates have ipod touches its not in the same league the picture quality from this little player will blow you away. OK it has a smaller screen on it than the ipod but after about 30 seconds you will not care because you know you are watching a superior screen.
Very easy to use drag drop play enjoy (simple)
Only one small thing it would of been nice if cowon had fitted a small speaker into the S9 even a basic one would have done if you want to share a bit of video with a couple of friends its pass the earphones back and forward time or carry a portable speaker around just in case.
Thanks advanced mp3 what a great deal I got from you I will be back to spend my money again. Happy New Year

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
adrian bennett(Date Added: Friday 15 January, 2010)
5 of 5 Stars!

I enjoy virtually all kinds of music and have a decent "proper" HiFi setup so have never considered digital music before. The Cowon S9 is, therefor, my first venture into this new fangeled gadgetry but I must say how impressed I have been with it. No it doesn't have the same audio quality but is does a damn good job and at a fraction of the cost. After reading various reviews I've gone for the Ogg Vorbis codecs and it sounded pretty good then I used my Grados cans, WOW, what an impressive little bit of kit the S9 is. Now all I've got to fathom out is how to use the interface.
ps. forgot to mention, don't set the region to europe, it will really stifle the volume level, if you've have done so already the only way I could find to reset it is to delete the params file in the sys folder. It will rebuild it on power up and give the regions option again.

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Cowon iAudio S9 16GB MP3 Player


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