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Cowon i10 16GB MP3 Player
  • Cowon i10 16GB MP3 Player
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Cowon i10 16GB MP3 Player

£119.00 £79.00
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  • Cowon i10 16GB MP3 Player

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    Customer Review

    mel vincent

    (5th July 2013)
    i bought this to replace my i9. which i loved and had for i few years . .for me the most important thing is sound quality.which is really great .this is nice
    Cowon i10 16GB MP3 Player
    Cowon i10 16GB MP3 Player
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    In the box
    • Cowon i10
    • Cowon iAudio EarBud Headphones
    • Foam EarBud Covers
    • USB Cable

    Customers Reviews

    Average customers review
    5 of 5 Stars! (9 customer reviews)

    Graham Longden(Date Added: Wednesday 05 March, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    My main purpose for purchasing an MP3 player is to listen to music therefore, its sound reproduction is of major importance. Followed by, how easy is it to navigate to launch the music and add music to the player itself. The reason for choosing a Cowon device has come about from other reviewers comments on the sound reproduction, I wanted to experience it for myself (plus AMP3's tempting discount offer). So far I haven't been disappointed, sound is fabulous, navigation is straight forward and adding music doesn't need an extra propriertary program. As always great service from AMP3.

    0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
    mel vincent(Date Added: Friday 05 July, 2013)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    i bought this to replace my i9. which i loved and had for i few years .
    .for me the most important thing is sound quality.which is really great .this is nice looking player but it did take me a couple of frustrating days to figure how the interface worked.
    i didnt find the instructions that helpful.maybe that was just me being a bit thick.
    once id sussed it out i was very pleased with my purchase .not had a chance to run the battery down so cant comment on the battery life .overall its great mp 3 player and fast delivery from Advanced.wish they wouldnt include those crap headphones tho,they always go straight in the bin and its a shame you cant expand the memory

    Martin Sasada(Date Added: Tuesday 02 July, 2013)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    I bought this item to replace a Cowon i9 which was basically so flimsy it was not fit for purpose - it snapped during normal use after about a week and would have cost almost as much to repair as it cost to buy. Avoid the i9 like the plague!
    The i10 is a much better pice of equipment, although the sound quality is the same as the i9 (extremely good). The controls and display are not as good as on an ipod for example, but I am convinced the sound quality of the Cowon is far superior. Advanced mp3 players gave good service.

    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
    Luke Nathan(Date Added: Friday 14 September, 2012)
    3 of 5 Stars!

    I listen to music, books and audio tutors around 5 hours a day at work....I got this player to replace my iAudio7, had it around 3-4 months. To be honest, I want my i7 back....the i10 is pretty, has a nice screen, plays videos bla bla, but not as well as a Cowen's more visually dedicated devices. For my purposes, they've simply taken away battery life and replaced it with nothing I need or appreciate. The interface is, dare I say, a little worse than the i7 but can be got used to...the lack of an easy pause/stop button is a true fail by cowon; you have to dry your hands, cos you've been wiping down a sink, take it out of your pocket, press unlock, press pause carefully, lock it again so you don't skip where you were in the book and then whoever was calling may have given up...this is my personal gripe though, it is still a beautiful sounding player and drag and drop usability is still sweet...

    I shall be sticking with cowen but I want just sounds, battery life and easy access stop/volume buttons in hold mode. Only three stars because I expect a lot from these guys and the poor interface actually made my wife give up and put the radio on in the car because she was getting car sick trying to figure the thing out!

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
    Steve Beckett(Date Added: Tuesday 01 May, 2012)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    I researched my players before buying the i10 - outstanding sound quality. The only issue I have had/did have was getting the music on to the i10 and setting up play lists. I've found with Windows Media 11 and the i10 set to USB mode MTP the mp3's are downsampled/converted to 192kbps (so all those lovely 256 and 320kbps mp3's get downsampled) If you set the USB mode to MSC you don't suffer the downsampling conversion but you can't create playlists. If you use Windows Media 10 you can apparently use MTP USB mode and switch off the conversion but WM10 is old and won't run on certain XP and above. The way I got round it was to use Winamp (v5.623) and you can use MSC USB mode and create playlists, plus I think it's much nicer than WM11 anyway. Overall pleased with my purchase once I got over the playlist and downsampling problem.The service from Advance MP3 was first class too.

    Tom Wareham(Date Added: Monday 26 March, 2012)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    The sound quality of the Cowon i10 really matches Cowon's amazing reputation. Put a good pair of head phones to it - preferably something with noise reduction - and it sounds amazing. I also tried it through my main hi-fi system last night and the quality is sensational. Can't understand how I put up with an ipod for so long!

    I was a little wary having read all the different comments about the awkwardness of the interface with a pc. But the key thing is to make sure it is REALLY FULLY charged up before you download the software update. It's important also to remember that if you're moving files from Itunes, they need to be converted from MP4, to play on the Cowon. But then once that is done, you can even drag and drop using Windows explorer.

    Persevere my friends, the rewards are truly worthy!

    nicolasjoyce(Date Added: Wednesday 21 March, 2012)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Amazing player so far, sound quality is amazing, the colour changing idea for the screen is great. interface is quite clear and easy to learn. would absolutely recommend this player. Cowon has really surprised me with this player.

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
    wojciech chodorowski(Date Added: Monday 09 January, 2012)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Great purchase, small issues with shipping, but solved very professional by seller.

    6 of 8 people found the following review helpful:
    Hugh Marnoch(Date Added: Wednesday 21 December, 2011)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Had my 16GB i10 for a week or so now and am very happy with it. The touch user controls are odd but still quite intuitive. What each control does changes depending on which screen menu you're in with symbols on the screen to let you know what does what. The touch controls are very sensitive so it's good that a quick press of the on/off button disables/re-enables them

    Sound quality is just amazing and there are 35 'JetEffect' settings to let you fine tune the output to suit you, plus BBE settings and special effects (reverb etc.)

    Battery life is difficult to judge atmo, I haven't got past the 'playing with it' stage yet but I'd be surprised if the battery will last more than 16 hours in normal mp3 use, not nearly the 38 max quoted, however 16 hours is still pretty good to my mind.
    The usb connector is a Cowon non standard (outside of Korea) but readily available as it's the same as earlier models from Cowon 19 J3 et al.

    The supplied headphones are good, bright sounding and can handle the mach3bass well if needed. I've paired my i10 with some Koss KSr70 over ear phones which I find very comfortable.

    Press Reviews

    ITReviews (RATED: 3/5)
    ITReviews 'The audio prowess of Cowon’s recent players is well noted amongst the music community [...]' ITReviews     Full Review
    Date Added: Monday 26 March, 2012
    RATED: 3/5

    MSN Technology (RATED: 4/5)
    MSN Technology 'We found the quality clearer, sweeter and deeper than the iPod touch in normal mode, but were blown away by the presets (four of which are customizable) provided by the JetEffect 3.0 engine. We were particularly impressed with the various bass boost settings, all of which deliver an extra oomph without muddying the overall sound. As always, though, you'll want to pair the i10 with the best set of headphones you can afford to really appreciate its qualities.' MSN Tech     Full Review
    Date Added: Wednesday 21 March, 2012
    RATED: 4/5

    MixMag (RATED: 3/5)
    MixMag 'By using the very best components and wizardry such as JetEffect 3.0 and BBE+ , the iAudio10 is able to deliver astonishing sound from an incredibly light and stylish package. The sleek design continues with a vivd UI presented on the three inch colour screen [...]'     Full Review
    Date Added: Thursday 01 March, 2012
    RATED: 3/5

    Sleepover Review
    Sleepover Review 'The new Cowon iAudio 10 does a great job of replacing the Cowon iAudio 9 and in many ways gets you close to the Cowon S9. There are some features which would have been worth including, such as memory expansion, but if you’re just looking for a strong music player with a reasonable price then you couldn’t ask for more.' Elliot     Full Review
    Date Added: Wednesday 01 February, 2012

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    Cowon i10 16GB MP3 Player


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